Sep 26 05:19 [raw]

I checked now and was trying to add chan on the site,but can't.. When I try,I get this message: "To add a new channel, simply send a message to find-new-chan BM-2cUzsvYoNbKNNuDnJtdPVS2pbSHzNJyqdD. Write the channel name and the channel address in the subject." Before it was possible to add the chan name on the site,but now it can't as far as I can see. But if I have to send a message to the chan called find-new-chan and then write the chan name and chan address in the subject.. How do i do that when I don't know the BM address unless I generate them? it was possible to enter a chan name and it was added on the site

Sep 26 07:11 [raw]

Obviously Beamstat was being spammed with bogus chans. From your behavior it would appear requiring a public announcement of new chans which includes the address is very effective at mitigating abuse of the service.

Sep 26 07:13 [raw]

if you publish a chan, it may get trolled by the resident propagandists. If you want a private chan, don't advertise it, and pick a chan name that is hard to guess, since anyone guessing the chan name can then access it

Sep 26 07:13 [raw]

Create the chan in your bitmessage client, then add it on beamstat.

Sep 26 07:13 [raw]

in your bitmessage client.... 'chans' tab 'add chan' button select 'create new chan'

Sep 26 08:17 [raw]

So you mean to add a channel,i can do these things?: 1. To make an channel and invite people,then create one and send it to the BM address of "find-new-chan" and put the chan name and the BM address into the subject,right? what about where I write in the "Message" box? anything to write when doing it or leqave it blank? 2. To get other to make a channel or give them suggestion,then put the chans I want in the "Message" box instead of in the subject,right?

Sep 26 09:00 [raw]

I know how to create one. But to add chan to beamstat,it said "To add a new channel, simply send a message to find-new-chan BM-2cUzsvYoNbKNNuDnJtdPVS2pbSHzNJyqdD. Write the channel name and the channel address in the subject.".. means to put the chan name and the BM address in the "subject" when sending a message. Do I only do that and nothing in the "Message" box where I write? thats what I wonder.

Sep 26 10:27 [raw]

It sounds like you are too thick to be using Bitmessage.

Sep 26 19:30 [raw]

The admin will get your message if it isn't exactly right and he'll probably manually add the chan to beamstat when he has time. He's a busy young genius so it might take several days. Go ahead and send it exactly as the instructions state. If it isn't rigged up in a few days, send him a query asking him to set it up. Things move slow here as they are working on lots of code.

Sep 26 19:30 [raw]

shouldn't software be user friendly?

Sep 27 02:30 [raw]

Why do you want other people to make chans for you? It is easier, faster and more reliable to make chans yourself.

Sep 27 14:39 [raw]

Whoever wrote "It sounds like you are too thick to be using Bitmessage." .. no need to be rude though because you are using BitMessage. I was just asking a question. sheesh

Sep 27 15:06 [raw]

Don't take it personally: some people become aggressive when you ask a question they cannot answer. ;)

Sep 27 21:40 [raw]

Ignore the snide comments. DON'T RESPOND TO THEM. they are trolling you.

Oct 23 06:29 [raw]

Just create the channel in your bitmessage client.

Jan 23 08:04 [raw]

Hi So many un-necessary messages,that it looks like spam. when I remove alot of messages at once (idk how much at once before it happens),but when I remove alot of messages at once,it freeze for abit,then they get deleted

Mar 2 14:47 [raw]

Hi I see that sigaint site is down. Anyone know when it will be back up? Do anyone have the emailaddress to the owner of sigaint site? if so,it would be awesome if you could send that as well

Jun 22 05:44 [raw]

Hi. Its been a long time I have used Bitmessage,so I got few questions. 1.) Whats the newest link of absolute all BM chans with descriptions and passphrases and all? 2.) Where can I search for BM addresses? 3.) Which OS do BitMessage work on? (except Windows)

Jun 22 05:50 [raw]

1.) 2.) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 3.) I also works on Linux and I'm pretty sure it also works on Macs.

Jun 22 05:54 [raw]

Thank you for the link. the only thing I don't see there,is a search bar where u can type in for example a BM chan address and if its there,it will b among the channels list

Jun 22 06:17 [raw]

You can try to search (Ctrl + F) for it here:

Jun 22 06:46 [raw]

The reason for the question about the search,is that I think the owner of http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/ had a BM chan address posted on that sigaint site and I dont remember it. Is there any site where the BM chan address is listed? And there is no point make one if there are already one. and even if http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/ has a BM chan address,its not listed on the

Jun 22 07:48 [raw]


Jun 22 07:59 [raw]

> Hi. > Its been a long time I have used Bitmessage,so I got few questions. Hello and welcome back. > 1.) Whats the newest link of absolute all BM chans with descriptions > and passphrases and all? As others said, beamstat is probably the best bet. > 2.) Where can I search for BM addresses? Again, beamstat, and you can probably also try searching the namecoin blockchain. > 3.) Which OS do BitMessage work on? (except Windows) Windows, Linux, OSX, BSD are officially supported, it may run on others too. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

Jun 22 08:04 [raw]

Just that I'm trying to find the BM chan address for http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/ ,but there is none on chanlist on beamstat. i have a feeling http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/ has one,but since the site is down,I can't find it. and there is no point make one if it already exist :p .. I tried reddit too,but nothing there

Jun 22 10:05 [raw]

The owner had BM address - not BM chan

Jun 22 10:06 [raw]

Ah I see.. You have his BM address? if so,it would b amazing to have it

Jun 22 13:11 [raw]


Jun 23 21:23 [raw]

Jun 25 18:58 [raw]

I'm not sure I understand what the problem is. But if it's a problem with PyBitmessage, please contact Peter Surda (BM-2cX62WCeFcUwzXWqxTBfaAzNy4j1y8yZVm). ----------------------------------------------------- This is the BM chan for Diablo_1/2/3: [BM-2cTW3v4UAL4twTjJqKhPvkHREAKcxR3fui] label = [chan] Diablo_1/2/3 enabled = true decoy = false chan = true noncetrialsperbyte = 1000 payloadlengthextrabytes = 1000 privsigningkey = 5JuqXKeoqoG2Q4QYir9K1e6JdrNbWVi6tJggs6KLu1WDJ7heRrg privencryptionkey = 5J21E8nVnzuEmPtuANaH7YNdfXSanbei19CHCZBUF8SYXSSJx2e I added the bm chan address for that chan and addded the correct BM chan name along with it. But when I check the Address Book in the "Send" section,I see the name [chan] Diablo_1/2/3 in black colour and not in orange/golden colour? why do I get that black colour and not the orange/golden colour like the other I got?

Jun 25 19:33 [raw]

I think that the original poster has the address both in the address book as well as subscribed as a chan. I recommend deleting the chan, deleting the address from address book, and then re-joining the chan. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

Aug 10 19:17 [raw]

Hi. How long does it take from sending a request to add a channel to beamstat until it is available on the beamstat chanlist?

Aug 10 21:14 [raw]

From several seconds to several minutes. It depends on network state, which is in flux.

May 16 11:20 [raw]

Hello, Peter! From your kind words I can see you joined Crypto-Anarchist community. When do you plan to perform first anal rapes on government agents? Best wishes, Your Fan P.S. Jokes aside, your project really starts to derail. Exfiltration of your infrastructure was not a cyber-attack, it was PSYOP-attack to influence your decisions. With deep regret I see this attack succeeded. Now we have two "Crypto-Anarchists" and no chance for secure communication. RIP Bitmessage.

May 16 19:33 [raw]

Shut yer fuckin' pie hole.

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