Lets look at the name more closely in columns of 4

Apr 16 17:42 [raw]

LOL….the creator of BitCoin’s Name is: SATOSHI NAKAMOTO….which means in Japanese: INTELLIGENCE COLLECTIVE Lets look at the name more closely in columns of 4 SATO SHIN AKAM OTO OTO is obvious…..but the others need their own additions to see the group that comprises the 5+1 Eyes Group that created this monster. Adding the letters AN L’BET (for Lilbet, the Queen of England’s Nickname) we get the phrase SATAN SHIN BET LAKAM OTO The first line combines the AN over the O for the Alpha and Omega Themes or the Anarchist symbol that it forms…. The second line is face value…..SHIN BET….the Israeli Secret Service The third line is also face value…….LAKAM is the Israeli Mossad’s Financial Division involved in many criminal enterprises like this one, used to skim off the top of the largest hedge funds ever created, and also to disappear numerous accounts at their own will, while they bankroll on it in their own accounts, until they then replace the coin’s traces from where they stole it from. Mt Gox was one of many thefts that were clearly orchestrated by this group, as even ciphers have revealed the name of one of the group that was later murdered on Mt. Hood….Jared Townsley from Swan Labs in Tigurd, Oregon. LAKAM is basically the worst of the worst and have embedded into almost every country’s infrastructure through their network of businesses. OTO is the Order Templi Orientis….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordo_Templi_Orientis They are somewhat of an occult based, and pseudo religious order that is set up to appear as if they are a wing of the Jesuit order, and that it is supported by the Vatican, but I am not so sure that it is even recognized, being so new. They have connections through New England based banks and other collegiate associations, mostly centered in the Harvard/Yale student body and graduates that are networked into their ponzi structure of banking practices. So why would the addition of AN L BET to the specific locations all be triggered by the plain sight of the OTO? To me they are saying basically to Add Lilbet, the Queen, to cash in on these group’s efforts and to deposit their funds through the Bank of London. It is not surprising that the German Chancellor recently spoke AGAINST the use of these Cyber Currencies as a Monetary Standard, and that they would not be honored in Germany. I also know that these funds are a front for a paperless transaction system that can become a source for terrorists and criminals alike, as there is a reason that these funds are created to satisfy two interests : 1) To corral currencies into a single fund, to reap interest as a return, and 2) to be able to transfer funds and make payments for services without any documentation in physical form, whereas the law also mandates these records in order to be legally able to manage finances as a business entity. There are also many other ethical reasons behind Germany’s ban on the crypto currencies. Like the fact that Bit Coin is a non-entity, meaning there is no physical output of a product from the time spent in managing the services…..and there is no commodity to trade, therefore there is no value in their eyes.

Apr 17 00:07 [raw]

There was a time when I would have thought you were a conspiracy nut, but after what I've seen with Bitcoin requiring SSN on all major exchanges, and now the call to force EVERYTHING on the blockchain - I believe. It's being used as a way to control us. FVEY is very happy.

Apr 17 02:48 [raw]

> I've seen with Bitcoin requiring SSN on all major exchanges This is not a Bitcoin problem, it's a problem of the statist economy (so called "First Realm") in which some major exchanges operate. You have no such problem in the people economy (OTC traders, Localbitcoins, Localmonero, BISQ, the DNMs etc). The line between the people and the state is getting thicker and soon you may have to choose a side. "Bitcoin vs fiat" is just the entree, the main course is yet to come. :)

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