All the Snowden documents released so far

Nov 9 16:19 [raw] All the Snowden documents released so far:

Nov 10 03:58 [raw]

snowden is a FSB cutout

Nov 10 09:09 [raw]

More SVR cutout.

Nov 11 03:10 [raw]

> More SVR cutout. Yes, point taken. I was using FSB reflexively. All the checkist agencies were pitched to recruits as one unified agency in spirit. My firm belief is that the Soviet Union never fell. The SU served its purpose and was dismantled to further the checkist aims of the Tsarist regime of the shadows. I believe there still is a Tsar of Russia, who is behind Putin and his real master. He moves around somewhere in the bowels of the Russian Orthodox church and the intel agencies. I also believe there is still an operating aristocracy of the Holy Roman Empire and they are the power behind "enlightenment democracy." They move around in the bowels of the Roman Catholic Church and the DoD at Fort Fumble. Their cousins run incognito the same way in the innards of the Anglican Church, GCHQ and London Square Finance. By staying out of sight and behind several compartmentalized layers of front men, their positions of rulership remain secure. You can't fight what you can't see. They use constant distraction in the news cycle with non-stop fake news and 4th grade level thinking to keep people confused and misdirected. As for SVR cutouts in the American open, we need look no further than the so-called "alt-right" or "white nationalism." We see obvious SVR cutouts like Matthew Raphael Johnson, Matthew Heimbach, Richard Spencer and his Russian (ex) wife. We see a mixture of SVR, GCGQ, and SJ cutouts in the late Dr. William Pierce, Professor Kevin MacDonald, Don Black, former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, Georgetown Jesuit John Denugent, William Raymond Finck, the late Harold Armstead Covington, neo-Nazi party leaders and the British Israel / Christian Identity community. These actors all have ties to the Roman / Russian / English intelligence cooperative which keeps the Holy Roman Empire empowered. The KKK was officially called "The INVISIBLE Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan." We know that knights are a position in the Roman regime and its sister regimes in London and Moscow. The KKK pointed hood and robes are identical to those worn by Vatican priests during their Samhain rituals. The burning cross symbolizes the human sacrifice necessary to appease the Emperor and the gods. The KKK was founded by Nathan Bedford Forest and other southern Papists after their bid to fracture and destroy America with their southern succession. Their modern protoges in the alt-right and identity movements are using the same agenda: "balkanize" America along racial lines. They use deception and racial animus to foment popular unrest to bring about "fascist" (read: Roman, orthodox) revolt against the protestant culture off this nation. Fascism and socialism are the installation of a dictatorship to cure poisoning by the dictator's thugs. Why hasn't the NSA rounded them up and prosecuted them? They are conspiring to subjugate and destroy the united states of America. That makes them traitors and murderers in their hearts.

Nov 12 09:50 [raw]

Any coordinates of some web sources of interesting knowledge you spread here? I want to read about it.

Nov 12 11:22 [raw]

> Any coordinates of some web sources of interesting knowledge you spread here? I want to read about it. Youtube ---> "the pharaoh show" is a good start. I will post more in coming months. The rulers put a Jesus suit on Satan and everyone bows down to it. There is one name under heaven whereby men may be saved from eternal death: Jesus Christ. To keep you from Jesus they provide you a substitute. They get you to worship a demon while in your confused mind you think you are worshipping your maker. A mass of people this confused can't rebel against their masters. A mass of people who truly find Jesus Christ and believe on Him (not on religion) can't be ruled by man at all, because they love God and will not submit to man, desiring nothing that man has to offer. The original edition of "Morals and Dogma" by Grand Master Mason, Albert Pike, lays it all out. The Jesus of the modern Church is not the Jesus of Holy Writ. Here is the difficulty with what you ask. Nobody in academia will touch the subject because they fear man more than they fear God. Anyone talking about "universal consciousness" or "universal brotherhood" or "global community" ad nauseum is either a devil or a rube. God made the nations (ethnos) and set the bounds of their habitations. Trying to bring all nations under one political power and system (democracy) is rebellion against the Creator. The whole world is to be assimilated into the image of Jesus by faith, not into the image of Nimrod by strategem. This knowledge is the result of a lifetime of study + inspiration. The blind cannot see without help from above. You have to seek God's help. Man cannot illuminate your understanding. To know the enemy, begin by studying: mystery babylon { Romanism, Judaism, Freemasonry } mithraism { Roman catholicism and Orthodox Christianity } occult { Judaism } kabbalah { Judaism } gnosticism { Judaism and Greco-Romanism } sun worship { all of the above } moon worship { all of the above } ancestor worship (racialism) { all of the above } druidism (bohemian grove) { hybrid of all the above } ....... all forms of the same cult, worshipping the sun, moon, stars, creatures, and corruptible man, just as the apostles warned us would happen. all the secret societies are all controlled by the same international group of "illuminati." the lay members are retards and tools. the leaders are sociopaths, rapists, child molestors, and murderers. they are crafty liars and manipulators and murder and slander anyone who stands in their way. But before you try to understand the enemy, go and understand your only friend and advocate. First go find Jesus Christ, then you will see right through the fog and smoke of mystery Babylon. No matter how much of this you learn, without faith in christ you're going to suffer the same fate of death as your oppressors. The way to Jesus is illustrated beginning in John 1:1. He is the only true light. The chimera of the religious institutions is a devil, propped up by demonic power. When you find true faith in Jesus Christ, Christ makes you equal with himself. This is called "justification by faith." You are accounted worthy of god through the merit of Christ Jesus and the work that he did. Human religion denies all of this and teaches "apotheosis" which is utter nonsense. Man does not become a god. By faith in Christ, man becomes united with the One God, who provides him a new body of light. God is still God, and man is still man, but he is transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, full of light, full of beautiful thoughts and beautiful desires and virtue, patience, kindness and bliss. Jesus worked this out for us, and no municipal heaven built by perverted, mortal men will ever succeed. It burned once (70 a.d.) and it will burn again. The religion of Babylon is the religion of the "aristocrats." All of the religions of the world are bullshit, manufactured by the same group of illuminists, to enslave mankind. The only faith that is real is the faith of Jesus, which has nothing to do with organized "churches." The real body of Christ is in the wilderness: "one to a country and two to a city..." Those who believe on Him are the Saints ... not those who profess or practice religion. Religion is death. Jesus Christ is life. Those who refuse to understand this are dead and will be made twice dead in the end. All the religions worship the same devil (the eagle with its stars, crowns, heads, etc. This is not an opinion, centuries of utterances of their filth prove it and convict them. The symbol of their imaginary lucifer is the eagle, and all the other occult trappings we see in flags and national seals. They re-organized the political landscape with "democracy" as a multi-layered shield to hide their power. They instinctively sense their time is short. When Jesus comes to visit again, there will be hell to pay. The demons know it. The demons are furious to destroy faith in Jesus so they can drag souls down with themselves. Misery loves company.

Nov 12 13:17 [raw]

Is the story of Counts of Tusculum somehowe related to the real background of papacy?

Nov 16 21:39 [raw]

> To know the enemy, begin by studying: let me add sabbateo-frankism, the blueprint for marxism lenin trotsky > they fear man more than they fear God isnt 'humanity' their god? or better: the majority, the collective, the empire to me, a big problem is majority vote trying to replace quality with quantity

Nov 17 10:44 [raw]

you are right in your additions to the list all of them are forms of human worship: ancestor worship (racialism, minority rights, two sides of the same devil coin) collective worship (humanism) big bang worship (cosmic mind collective, nihilism) "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever." Romans 1:22-25 frankism and leninism are just continuations of the same "earth, sky, ancestor" cult from Babylon, the steppes, the Etruscans, the Cilicians, the Romans, the Khazars, etc... yes the majority, collective, empire is their false god. Paul tells us in Romans and several other places that God the father created the concept of empire, planted it in the heart of man for man to do good and glorify Him. Instead, men began to worship the empire as a concept or "light" (Rome is a burning flame), then they began to worship the Emperor as a god (apotheosis of Caesar, apotheosis of George Washington on the capital rotunda), then they moved to worshipping their individual races (ancestor worship), then they move to the collective worship of humanity and the "will to power." the empire is the creature, but they demand we fear it as if it were the creator. Jesus Christ established a new empire based on different principles. That's the new heaven and new earth. God is Sovereign, full stop. Man does not, and never has had free will. A goldfish in a fishbowl has "free will" to swim anywhere in his prison. When preachers talk about man's free will, they should be laughed out of the pulpit. To become a citizen of the empire of Jesus, one must reject this current world order and separate himself from its lies and wickedness, and endure. This whole world is designed to drag you down, to tempt you and overcome you and make you hard, make you give up on the gentleness of spirit required to ascend to the clouds to meet Him in the air. One must die to himself: "I die daily." -Paul Trying to reform this world is a fool's errand and a trap. We are to come out of it, have our hearts set in the opposite direction of the "mass." A mass is a dead body. The body of Christ is a body of living stones. When you see clowns denying that Jesus Christ is God, you are seeing a dead body emanate fart noises that mimic human speech. Christ is a quickening spirit. He can appear as a man anytime, anywhere, and may have appeared to you without you even knowing it. He already appeared to the old world in the fury of Titus upon Jerusalem. That was his second coming. John the Revelator said that after he came and destroyed the city, he would cast the false prophet into a crucible of refiner's fire (lake of fire in KJV) for an age of ages of testing and pruning (punishment in KJV). We are in that age of ages of punishment and testing. The Saints are being chastised and tested to be perfected by their suffering, and the wicked are being proven to the Saints just what they are. You are in the lake of fire and brimstone, in the jaws of hell, the valley of Gehenna. This world, this age, is hell. Salvation is our escape from it, never to return: "To him that overcometh, will I make a pillar in my temple, NO MORE TO GO OUT." God allowed this evil to grow up and develop to exercise his sons, to teach them. This world is just a school. The law is a schoolmaster. All men are brought under sin so that God may show mercy to all. A day will come when Jesus will say, "enough!" and he will draw all men to himself and write his law in their hearts and raise them all from the dead. Even those who murdered him, he forgave: "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." The father is his totality in heaven, in spirit. The Son is his expressed personality to other personalities. Jesus Christ is God. He created the concept of a federal imperium under the rule of law. Read all about it in the book of Isaiah. That order of human government is just a shadow of the real empire in the realm above. The dead know nothing, it is written. But what is it to be dead? Trotsky was born dead. Lenin was born dead. The Windsors were all born dead. The bluebloods, the Bilderbergs, they were all born dead. They are the dead--the walking dead, the zombies. > to me, a big problem is majority vote "Voting" is a scam. It is satanic. Put your wish in the magic box, and the priests will tell you the will of the gods. There is no way to verify a secret ballot: "It's not those who vote that count; it's who counts the votes that count." -Stalinist proverb If you want to escape this hell upon your death, and rise above, you must find faith in Jesus. Not in Yahweh, or Yahoowah, or Hebrew roots, or church, or ordinances, or rituals, or Mohammed, or Mary -- you must find that mustard seed of faith in one named Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus is the only name whereby men may be saved. There is no mystery about the identity of Jesus. He is God made man. The wicked rulers of this world think they can turn man into a god. They are batshit crazy. God will turn them into compost and ashes. God does not want to punish the wicked. He waits, and waits, and sends messengers to warn them to change their ways. They persecute the messengers and deny the savior who bought them with his blood. Because God is true to his word, he can only withhold wrath for a limited time then he must execute wrath on the unrepentant. When the hammer falls, these NWO clowns won't know what is coming at them until they're struck.

Nov 17 12:01 [raw]

Reading your post, you are suffering from the mental illness of religious mania.

Nov 17 14:28 [raw]

> When the hammer falls, these NWO clowns won't know what is coming at them until they're struck. as i see it, that is exactly what they are hoping for. to meet their maker. to summon the next messiah. ----> messianic endtime sects, chabad lubawitch, etc. always dreaming of unity, and if we cannot live together, we can at least die together ----> global suicide cos death is less painful, when everybody else must die too. what makes most sense to me is racism, ethnic religions, limited to small states. but you also need large states = empires, to keep small states small and separate. ----> restoration of balance oh and ... what would jesus do, to fight human overpopulation? overpopulation as a symptom of racketeering. sterilize africans like bill gates does? poison poor man's bodies like big pharma does? reduce life expectancy with electric noise? destroy families and children? or rather evacuate 'the best ones' and kill the rest with chem bombs? the problem with humans: they always think they have time ... this global ponzi-scheme must finally collapse better late than never

Nov 17 17:54 [raw]

> to summon the next messiah. The Father in heaven is not a genie in a bottle. Nobody summons him. He issues the summons. I know. I tried to summon him. He laughed at me and sent me troubles. If you try to summon the Almighty, he may teach you some manners. God does not need anybody's help and he is not a concierge. > messianic endtime sects, chabad lubawitch, etc. These retards all think humanity is a "collective god." God is above all their religious opium. > always dreaming of unity, "... one Lord, one faith, one baptism and hope of your calling ..." There is no unity outside of the one named Jesus. Just animals with powers of speech competing for resources. > when everybody else must die too. "The Jesus saith unto her, He that liveth and believeth on me shall never die. Believest thou this? > what makes most sense to me is racism, ethnic religions, limited to small states. "The Lord established the nations, and SET THE BOUNDS of their habitation." You are getting warm. You need to slow down with the philosophizing about things and get into the word of the scriptures. All the answers are in there. Hidden. > but you also need large states = empires, to keep small states small and separate. "Go ye into all the world and make DISCIPLES (obedient followers) of all the nations..." Make the NATIONS obey. There's your empire. That's why he is called: KING of kings and LORD of lords. > what would jesus do, to fight human overpopulation? He would do what he's always done ... cause people to grow old and die, or get sick, then bring them to heaven when they've served their purpose here in hell. > or rather evacuate 'the best ones' Jesus did evacuate 'the best ones' in 70 a.d. He called them out of Jerusalem just before Rome laid siege to it, and the rest (1.2 million) got slaughtered. He called his elect (the best ones) out and rescued them. They heard the call by the spirit and fled into the mountains. Then Rome killed everyone who didn't hear the call. > this global ponzi-scheme must finally collapse "Babylon, Babylon, the great is fallen, is fallen ..."

Nov 18 22:29 [raw]

> you are suffering from the mental illness of religious mania. you are suffering from the mental illness of self-worship your atheist drivel slides out of your orifice like shit from a duck atheism violates the laws of thermodynamics oil is abiotic earth is flat outer space does not exist satellites are a hoax gps existed and was in operation before Sputnik international space station is a movie set man never went to the moon dinosaurs are a hoax nuclear weapons are a hoax the fake reality created by kike liars in darpa is about to come crashing down you are a kike faggot and the sleeping giants are stirring your time is short, motherfucker we are many, and we are rising

Nov 19 04:13 [raw]

Don't waste your breath. This faggot, as you say, has a mental illness.

Nov 19 09:24 [raw]

>we are many, and we are rising The mental hospitals are being filled up with people like you that have Down's Syndrome.

Nov 19 11:13 [raw]

> gps existed and was in operation before Sputnik LORAN. GPS is updated version. True, LORAN was fully operational before fake satellites existed. Little atheist DARPA jew probably had to google LORAN.

Nov 19 12:01 [raw]

Hell is being filled up with people like you that have Christ-denier syndrome.

Nov 19 12:01 [raw]

your atheist drivel slides out of your orifice like shit from a duck

Nov 19 12:06 [raw]

You are suffering from the mental illness of fagnostic syndrome.

Nov 20 00:12 [raw]

It's faggotry of the 1st order.

Nov 20 01:10 [raw]

I'm rubber. You're glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to Jew.

Nov 20 01:13 [raw]

Fagnostic mania is faggotry of the 33st order. It is spread by contact with master fagmasons.

Nov 21 00:51 [raw]

"Fagmasons"! You were lucky!

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