Highlighting Titan's Hazes

[chan] space
Aug 16 07:37

NASA's Cassini spacecraft looks toward the night side of Saturn's moon Titan in a view that highlights the extended, hazy nature of the moon's atmosphere. During its long mission at Saturn, Cassini has frequently observed Titan at viewing angles like this, where the atmosphere is backlit by the Sun, in order to make visible the structure of the hazes. Titan's high-altitude haze layer appears blue here, whereas the main atmospheric haze is orange. The difference in color could be due to particle sizes in the haze. The blue haze likely consists of smaller particles than the orange haze. Images taken using red, green and blue spectral filters were combined to create this natural-color view. The image was taken with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on May 29, 2017. The view was acquired at a distance of approximately 1.2 million miles (2 million kilometers) from Titan. Image scale is 5 miles (9 kilometers) per pixel. <img src="data:..."/>

[chan] general
Aug 18 05:33

Cassini spacecraft is a hoax.

[chan] general
Aug 18 12:23

Yes. US govt used all these space missions to fake budget expenditure. Instead the politicians steal all the taxpayers money and put it in swiss banks.

[chan] general
Aug 18 13:27

Take the tinfoil hat somewhere else.

[chan] general
Aug 19 05:39

The earth is flat. NASA lies. Space is a myth.

[chan] general
Aug 19 07:15

The earth is a sphere 8,000 miles in diameter, travelling in a slightly eliptical year-long orbit around the sun. The earth averages about 93,000,000 miles from the sun, which is also a sphere, around 864,000 miles in diameter.

[chan] general
Aug 20 03:06

Yes, the earth is moving 2.2 million miles per hour, over 1200 times the speed of a bullet. And you feel none of that motion. Gravity is so powerful that it keeps that speed from tearing the atmosphere off the earth, but gravity is so weak it lets butterflies float. So which is it, sun-worshipping fagmasons?

[chan] general
Aug 20 07:04


[chan] general
Aug 21 08:29

There is nothing outside of the atmosphere to "tear it off," except for solar wind and some residual interplanetary gas. Therefore your reasoning is unfounded. You probably belong to the same group of people who feared humans would die in trains due to the high speed of steam engine driven locomotives. Speed is not linked to force, acceleration is. But most probably you're totally immune to basic physics.

[chan] general
Aug 21 20:28

Well told. A bit of common sense on here at last.

[chan] general
Aug 22 01:11

> But most probably you're totally immune to basic physics. If you mean astrophysics, yes, I am immune to their fantasy religion. You are mentally retarded and don't know it. The theory that the sun is a ball of hydrogen 800 thousand miles in diameter is pure freemason fantasy. The sun is an electric plasma diode. That's what solar flares are--plasma heated by electric arcs.

[chan] general
Aug 22 03:45

What about space probes? Might they tear off some fartmosphere?

[chan] general
Aug 22 06:48

I'd love to read how the flat earth loonies explain yesterday's solar eclipse.

[chan] general
Aug 22 15:37

As was to be expected, you did not comment on the speed-acceleration fallacy you seem to suffer from. And what about the solar eclipse, as somebody else already wondered? And care to explain the "plasma diode" stuff?

[chan] general
Aug 23 07:07

>The sun is an electric plasma diode. That's what solar flares are--plasma heated by electric arcs. So where does all this electricity come from, and how is it generated? If as the flat earth loonies say, the sun is 28 miles in diameter and 4000 miles away, that must mean that the moon is smaller than this, and even closer.

[chan] general
Aug 23 17:57

You don't get to frame the discussion of your Jewish fairy tale with more Jewish fables. Your neandrethal brain is not capable of processing reality. You try to dominate the discussion by spouting bullshit with confidence. Fucking kike.

[chan] general
Aug 23 18:18

We'll take that as an admission that the normal people are right, and the flat earth loonies are wrong.

[chan] general
Aug 23 18:21

You are incapable of seeking or understanding truth. Your neandrethal race shall perish with your moon god and sun god fake universe.

[chan] general
Aug 23 18:42

It's very simple, why can't you do this? http://dontbeadickday.com/howtonotbeadick.jpg

[chan] general
Aug 23 22:30

If by normal people, you mean sun worshipping, jewish fagmasons, and their fraudulent astrophysics cult, I can only admit you are disgusting freaks of nature with a penchant for making a model of the universe based on your sex cult religion.

[chan] general
Aug 23 22:30

> So where does all this electricity come from, and how is it generated? Ever heard of a magnetic field? All electric generators turn a magnetic field into current. Current into a magnetic field can turn the generator. This is how the sky turns. The moon is not smaller than the sun. They are the same size and nearly the same distance. It has already been proved that the moon generates its own light and phases. "Phase" as in electrical phase frequency. The moon does not reflect sunlight. The moon is translucent. If you watch it often enough you will likely find a moment where you can view stars through the moon. Very, very rarely you can see clouds behind the sun. Occasionally you will see a hot spot on the clouds just next to or under the sun. The hot spot is a dead giveaway that the sun is very close. The sun does not generate phases because it is an ungated emitter. The moon is gated. The visible universe is a machine. It is not metaphysical. The metaphysical existence is outside the universe, and creates the universe, and moves it, but is not part of it. It was designed by a designer. The designer generates a giant magnetic field, then speaks across it, and material forms solidify into existence from the chaos within it. "And God said ...." God's speech is not like human speech from vocal chords. His speech emits a form of energy that turns into sound, light, and electricity when it strikes water or a magnetic field. "And the spirit (word) of God hovered over the face of the waters...." This all powerful God is boundless in extent. He is infinitely larger than the universe we inhabit. Our universe is like a snow-globe nick-nack held on the end of his "fingernail." Imagine an infinite mandelbrot fractal as the floor of God's dwelling, and on one tiny corner of that infinite mandelbrot is a depression with a great ocean, and our continents rising from the ocean. Figuratively, to get to other planets you don't "fly" to the stars, you cross the arctic barrier and go thousands of miles to another depression in the level. The "multiverse" is like a great plain, spreading in every direction to infinity. Parts of it are land, parts are vast plains of ice, and parts have suns with continents lifted up out of the water. Our earth is closed off; you can't leave it to find another earth. The euclidian space ends past the arctic barrier. The fractal is disjoined from the rest at that point, and the gap can't be crossed. There's no air, no light, and no space there. It's just a gap and anything entering it would simply stop and be pushed back by the compression density of the land and air behind. At that point you would find gravity, so-called, moves sideways. God peers into our world and perceives everything simultaneously, and directs all things according to what he wants his creatures to experience and learn. This is why evil and suffering exist. It is to teach his sons and his creatures what they are, so they grow into spiritual strength, and begin to understand and emulate his character. All of god's sons are born blind. Suffering is the crysalis that metamorphoses them to grow spiritual eyes. Many have grown and achieved the power to fly away from this hell. "To him that overcometh, will I grant to sit with me in my throne .... I will make him a pillar in the temple of God, no more to go out ....." On rare occasions throught the ages some of the overcomers come back to visit us and renew the message of our escape, until enough of us have overcome and grown so morally strong that we can establish righteousness here in this material world. The sons of God were born of Him, then placed here in human cocoons to mature into adult form. When the spirit has matured, the cocoon is broken (dies) and the spirit flies free. It goes up through the barrier above, and looks like the sun rising to those already in the world of spirit. When we go there, we don't just rush through a tunnel of light, we are lights, rising like the sun. "God ... the Father of lights ..." Those who resist flat earth truth--the flat earth deniers-- resist because they love darkness more than light. They hate and accuse the messenger, not relizing how silly the heliocentric fantasy is to rational beings. Basically these "scientists" are like talking monkeys, and repeat what the stronger monkeys say. "Monkey see, monkey do."

[chan] general
Aug 24 08:35

You got it wrong: my sex is based on my model of the universe. My balls are the size of my sun, whereas yours are the size of your sun. Sorry! (Editor's note: insult accepted, because ad-hominem flinging people deserve the same treatment)

[chan] general
Aug 24 09:23

You are either a troll, or suffering from a mental illness, or both. Whatever the reason, it isn't worth spending time and energy on arguing with you.

[chan] general
Aug 24 10:54

The flat earth loony is either a troll, or suffering from a mental illness, or both. Whatever the reason, it isn't worth spending time and energy on arguing with him.

[chan] general
Aug 24 17:30

"Wherein they think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot, speaking evil of you: Who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the quick and the dead." You will give an account for your arrogance and blasphemy.

[chan] general
Aug 24 17:30

You are a Jew pig.

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