nuke Korea

Sep 20 17:59

dude this Kim guy pisses me off lets nuke those fuckers ! make Kim Dotcom president of Korea instead !

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:05

If you nuke it, there won't BE a korea to be president of. Just bomb the home of this fucking fatso to the ground with normal shit and have him replaced.

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:06

"We can take on NK!!" "what about China, their ally?" "*shrug*"

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:07

Bad idea, unless you're a fan of nuclear-capable world war.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:13

There is a huuuge nuke underground in China. Placed some time ago by US. If China start to be a problem this nuke will be detonated. And some very important Chinese military place will drown in boiling lake of magma.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:13

You're a special kind of retarded, aren't you?

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:18

say Trump nukes 'em , what will Putin do ? side with China ?

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:19

If _you_ know about it, they China certainly would too and would've removed it by now. Also no nuke is that big.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:19

Depends on who the initial aggressor is. Pursuant to treaty, China has to defend Korea if they're provoked. If Korea is the aggressor, China is under no obligation and has made it publicly known that they'll stay out of it. Putin? Russia will remain as neutral as possible. What do they have to do with it? Nothing.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:20

Exactly my point. And Tsar Bomba was pretty big... but that was a one time deal.

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:23

no way Putin will allow his fatherland to get irradiated and do nothing putin will nuke back on Trump , no doubt

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:24

When you said "Trump nukes them" I assumed you were speaking informally. In no universe or reality will the United States deploy a nuclear weapon on Korea.

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:25

if Russia gets irradiated then Putin must retaliate with a vengeance Trump asked for it give him the Tsar !!

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:25

Again, are you a special kind of retarded?

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:26

and then some !

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:27

yeah nuke the shit (and the jews) out of Yankeetown !

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:28

why is the trump fucker then threatening that he will nuk'em ?

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:28

He has never once said that.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:33

There is US nuke buried deep here: 54°15'19"N 58°06'11"E If Putin is bad, then this nuke goes off. Bad, bad for Russian military. So better Putin be nice.

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:33

u mean like he never "suggested" to murder Hillary ?

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:35

putin will shoot 22 Iksander missiles right up trumps fat ass

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:35

Nuke doesn't need to be big. There are nuclear hand grenades. This nuke in China is big enough to destroy what has to be destroyed.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:35

He never did. To insinuate that he did is dishonest, alarmist, and unamerican.

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:36

Trump threatened to "totally destroy North Korea." This is reckless & irresponsible. War would kill millions & wreck the world economy #UNGA

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:36

No there aren't. Shielding alone for any weaponized nuclear payload is thicker than the radius of a hand grenade.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:37

He did -- if we were forced to defend ourselves or our allies. A perfectly reasonable comment. He didnt say we would be the aggressor. And don't be an idiot. NK contributes less to the global economy than most people making minimum wage.

[chan] general
Sep 20 18:37

we all know he suggested to have hillary asassinated

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:38

The question that people point as a hint/suggestion as such is answered better with the word "impeach." Did you even hear what he said or are you a headline-only kinda guy?

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:41

When 54°15'19"N 58°06'11"E is boiled, no single russian nuke will launch.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:42

And not to the US since the US has never occupied that territory. Or anywhere near it. It was square in the heart of the USSR.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:43

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:44

None of which are hand grenades. The Davy Crockett is a very large RPG and was never operationally deployed since they couldn't solve the problem of getting the launching crew out of the kill radius.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:52

"Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping international game of dodgeball. For years – and to the tune of $10 million so far – the Department of Energy has been pursuing the idea of nuclear grenades, handheld weapons that could yield kilotons of destructive power thanks to one central ingredient: superexcited elements called isomers. A golf ball holding the energy of just one halfnium 178 isomer- the element being considered for use in the weapon – would contain the equivalent of 10 tons of explosives."

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:53

You know how much is pursued that never makes it? Go read articles on production flying cars that read EXACTLY the same.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:55

The gist of the case is: There is a huuuge nuke underground in China. Placed some time ago by US. If China start to be a problem this nuke will be detonated. And some very important Chinese military place will drown in boiling lake of magma.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:57

Those coordinates are in Russia. Not China. And there is no hidden nuke in China. Get your head out of your asshole.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:58

You mixed two posts. I am talking about place in China. No coordinates were given.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 18:59

The other point is still valid: If you, a random Joe, knows about it... China would, too. As such, any reasonable person can declare that there is no hidden remote-land-nuke-mine in China.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 19:05

China, yes, knows the fact. But China doesn't know the location. And China is to big to sweep for underground nuke. So 1:0 for USA.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 19:06

You conspiracy theory nuts are wingbat retards.

[chan] general
Sep 20 19:48

wrong. Sir Clive Sinclair, after successfully selling tons of C5 e-cars, will soon successfully sell tns of flying cars, for proof see BBC film "Micro Men" about ZX Spectrum 48k

[chan3] general
Sep 20 19:49

Hah. They've been saying that since the 40s. Best of luck to you. If you want to fly, go pursue a pilots certificate like the rest of us.

[chan] general
Sep 20 19:51

Rouhani then warned that “by violating its international commitments, the new US administration only destroys its own credibility,” and once again said that Tehran does not plan to withdraw from the deal and return to nuclear weapons development. However, in August, Iran’s president warned that Tehran is ready to withdraw from the deal within “not a week or a month but within hours” and return to its nuclear program should Washington impose new restrictions against it.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 19:52

International politics and the whim of dictators are not the same as technological advancements in terms of flexibility and speed. Dont go trying to distract from one issue this way, it only shows your ineptitude.

[chan3] general
Sep 20 22:13

if you believe in nuclear hand grenades call me about a bridge for sale

[chan3] general
Sep 20 22:13

Does it cross my waterfront property in Arizona?

[chan] general
Sep 20 22:16

bat shit crazy is what u yankees are

[chan3] general
Sep 20 22:16

Somebody sounds jealous.

[chan] general
Sep 29 01:51

tor browser sandbox 0.0.20 r48240 damn i want i2p tor 0net freenet

[chan] general
Sep 29 02:34

Nukes don't exist. Nukes are a hoax. There is no such thing as a nuclear bomb.

[chan] general
Sep 29 07:01

Tell that to the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

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