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Chaos Management: So You Wanna be a Nazi || in$u®Gënti£ë || ▌│█║▌║▌║ Get your skull frisked for free. ║▌║▌║█│▌ Bitmessage broadcast: BM-NBpAvkZ4feycXne5D7ee77YmSAjW8xQc ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaos Management: So You Wanna be a Nazi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nazism was duplicitous and anti-christ. For propaganda purposes it would claim a "positive Christianity" to pacify Christians while its true doctrine was fundamentally demonic hero worship of the pagans: "Regarding Horst Wessel, a Nazi activist, the Nazi publication, "Der Brunnen" published on 2 Jan 1934: 'How high Horst Wessel towers over that Jesus of Nazareth - that Jesus who pleaded that the bitter cup be taken from him. How unattainably high all Horst Wessels stand above Jesus!'" [https://www.archive.org/stream/hitlerandthenazi029875mbp#page/n389/mode/2up/search/wessel] In this one statement the Nazi publisher shows his complete antagonism toward Jesus Christ. This is the same antagonism within modern racialist movements that give lip service to Jesus from one fork of the tongue, while giving lip service to pagan ancestor worship with the other fork. The Alt-Right and Neo-Nazism ride on the same train of ancestor worship. They replace the savior of mankind with the fallen race of flesh. Yet history shows no race can save itself, but rather only circumstances brought about by Providence rescue us, usually through the instrumentality of one man who appears on the scene as a reformer unbounded by ideologies and allegiances. The truly towering Hero, Jesus of Nazareth, the one who towers over all men and made all men to exist, taught us the futility of human flesh, replacing our blood with his on the cross. All men who worship their own race, whether black, brown, yellow, or white, are practicing satanism--the religion of enmity. These pagan political movements are designed to sow divisions, envy, hatred, and strife between the races and within the white race so that the puppet masters behind the racialist sock puppets continue to rule through "chaos management." Chaos management, based on the Freemasonic slogan of "ordo ab chao" or "order out of chaos," is the practice of creating identitarian groups, then bringing those groups into conflict with each other as a pretext to lengthen the reach of imperial police power, to suppress the chaos, of course. The Chaos Managers force different groups of people together in a society through policy then send agents and actors in to generate hostility between these groups so the groups will fight each other rather than the rulers. With this in mind we see that white nationalism is actually a clever attack against white people and all the people that would be brought into conflict with it--all people of whatever stripe. The agents of chaos agitate and arm both sides of the conflict so they may control the outcome--rule by the hidden hand.

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May 6 03:30 [raw]

They're stories. myths, ancient memes. It's all compatible unless you take a bunch of sand nigger nonsense literally.

May 6 03:33 [raw]

You're right about the controlled opposition and division but anyone above 100 IQ knows this already.

May 6 03:53 [raw]

> take a bunch of sand nigger nonsense literally It's obvious you are referring to the bible, because you have referred to the bible this way multiple times in other posts. You are showing your ignorance and holding it up for all to see. The bible was not written by sand niggers, arabs, or jews. It was written by Judeans. Anciently a Judean was not the equivalent of what we now call a Jew. Judean and Jew are not synonyms. Because you lack an interest in learning, and taking correction from someone wiser than you, you can't grasp this. The ancient Judeans were Aryans. Their last King was named "Johannan Hyrcanus." The name Johannan means the Dove or High Priest and the name Hyrcanus is Greco-Romanized from Persian and means "The Aryans." Thus the King of Judah, before the Herodian Khazars hijacked the government, was "The High Priest of the Aryans." The Tribe of Judah, a son of Jacob, was named in honor of the Jehudi / Jazidi of the Indus where Abraham came from. Jacob's uncle, Laban, was an Aramean. "Aramean" means "Aryan People." The name "Laban" means "very white." The family of Jacob were Aryans, whose father Abraham came from the city of Ur, in the Hindoo Kush. Abraham's father Teran (same as Tehran, Iran), was a Brahmi priest of the Aryan upper caste. Even the name Abraham means, "Father of Aryan peoples." For you to accuse the bible of being a sand-nigger book shows that you are either not an Aryan yourself, or so fucking stupid that you are happy being stupid. Only Aryans can understand the bible, which explains how Jews have turned it into a joke. You believe the jewish joke version, instead of studying it in the original Aryan languages. The old testament was written in old Siniatic Hebrew, Aramaic, and Chaldean--all Aryan languages. Some dumb jew bastard comes along and calls Hebrew "Afro-Asiatic" which is utter nonsense. Students believe their nonsense instead of looking at the language and seeing most of its root words have Sanskrit and Persian cognates, and hundreds of idioms in common. The ancient Judeans were Aryans descended from Abram the Brahmi from India. His children wrote that book, not sand niggers. Take correction and stop spewing your maleficient lies. I doubt that you can take correction. Your language marks you as a Jew, a spawn of Esau, incapable of receiving or discerning the truth.

May 6 04:00 [raw]

"Regarding Horst Wessel, a Nazi activist, the Nazi publication, "Der Brunnen" published on 2 Jan 1934: 'How high Horst Wessel towers over that Jesus of Nazareth - that Jesus who pleaded that the bitter cup be taken from him. How unattainably high all Horst Wessels stand above Jesus!'" ____________________________________________ very high indeed

May 6 04:23 [raw]

Jesus took God's wrath upon himself, which is the only reason you exist. God's word required him to destroy all mankind, and God does not go against his own word. In his word was a provision, that if an innocent lamb without blemish suffered his wrath, then the rest of the flock would be spared. So one Jesus, a lamb without blemish, and man who never did a single wrong act in his life, was crucified and took the wrath of god upon himself. Horst Wessel couldn't even hold a candle to that. How blind you liars are, how stupid, and you know not your destruction is coming so the meek may inherit the earth.

May 6 04:39 [raw]

cant argue that , lol

May 6 04:59 [raw]

shut up sand nigger larper

May 6 10:45 [raw]

It's obvious you lack an interest in this u G nti Get your maleficient lies: yourself, or Jews have referred to the ancient religion same antagonism toward Jesus christ. Chaos management: based on the bible was the truth; seeing most of receiving or white are happy being a Nazi in old testament was written in a bunch of what we see. The white are referring to rule by sand niggers, arabs, or High Priest of mankind with the instrumentality of Nazareth the equivalent of Chaos, management; based on the fallen race of looking at the truly scene as a son of human flesh, replacing our blood with the truth.

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