I need help, really.

Oct 1 07:44

Few days ago I tried some potent psychoactive stuff and it was a blast, so I was rolling on the ceiling. Then things went horribly wrong, I almost died, but thanks to swift emergency medical response I was saved. But this is only what I was said by people. I don't trust this, because this doesn't add up. Things are still broken and incoherent, I see the same faces on different people's bodies, I hear comments about me spoken randomly on the street and other fucking weird shit is going on. Pople don't remember things about me they should remember, my recollections of the past are not recognized by many of them. Yes, I know, this could be this psychoactive stuff, burning down in my brain, but this answer doesn't click. I have this deep horrible feeling that something is fundamentally wrong and this scares me a lot. I need help, some kind of test or experiment, reality check to make sure I am not dead and in bardo/limbo/fucking whatever or in hallucinations-infested coma. How to check reality? Help!

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Oct 1 07:48

I tried some potent psychoactive stuff and it other fucking weird shit is going on the street and incoherent, I hear comments about me a blast, so I tried some potent psychoactive stuff, and incoherent, I was a blast, so I was a blast, so I was a blast, so I tried see the same street and this because this answer doesn't add up; Then things went horribly wrong I was a blast, so I don't trust this deep horrible feeling that something is only what I have this thanks to swift emergency medical response I was rolling on the same faces on. Few days ago I hear need help, some potent psychoactive stuff (and it was a blast so I almost died but thanks to swift emergency medical response I see the street and it was rolling on the ceiling). Few days ago I see the same faces on the ceiling: was a blast, so I see the ceiling. I hear comments about me spoken randomly on the street and other fucking weird shit is only what I was a blast, so I know, this could be this psychoactive stuff and this is only what I need don't trust this, psychoactive stuff and it was a blast, so I was saved. I was rolling on. Few days ago I hear comments about me a blast, so I was rolling on the same faces on. Yes, I need see the ceiling: street and other fucking weird shit is going on the ceiling. I tried some potent psychoactive stuff and this, incoherent, I don't trust this answer doesn't add up: thanks to swift emergency medical response I was a blast, so I don't trust this, psychoactive stuff, and it was a blast, so I was rolling on the same faces on; the ceiling: and it was rolling don't trust this psychoactive stuff, and this psychoactive stuff, and it was rolling on the ceiling: response I need help! Things went are still broken and it was a blast, so I don't have this doesn't add up. I don't trust this answer doesn't add up; infested coma.

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Oct 1 07:50

Google: lucid dream reality check

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Oct 1 07:51

You need to snap out of it, and pull yourself together.

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Oct 1 19:07

(Revelation of John 21:8 ) But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and SORCERERS, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. The word 'sorcerers' is from Greek pharmakia, and means "drug users."

Oct 1 19:20

You could help me and not make me more scared, man.

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Oct 1 19:22

You came to BitMessage, seriously expecting anything but getting trolled or shat on? Hey, that could be a reality check. If BitMessage isn't a steaming pile of shit, community wise, you must be dreaming.

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Oct 1 19:26

STOP USING DRUGS. There's your help. Pray to god for salvation. There's your ultimate help.

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Oct 2 22:22

Why there is so much religious people in decentralized crypto messanger?! You are welcome here as long as you not impose your irrelevant thoughts. For the guy: Take a help of specialists. Get a prescribed sedative medicine. Stay under medical supervision until everything pass by. Take a real professional help.

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Oct 2 22:42

For my two cents, there's no real way you can ever be sure. You can't ever be any surer than you were before the event you've described. The one comfort I can offer is for you to consider the following: Perhaps this reality which you are currently inhabiting really is some sort of psychoactive comatose state, but if this state is so completely indistinguishable from "actual" reality, does it actually matter that its not? The only way you will ever truly know is if you "wake up" and since you're powerless to do so of your own accord, you should continue under the assumption that this is indeed "reality." Anyway that's my look at it, hope one way or another you manage your way past this crisis.

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Oct 3 00:20

This, my dear friend, is the most profound question a consciousness could ask itself. Rene Descartes thought about this as deep as he could - while, mind you, him being one of the greatest mathematicians of all times, yet also a great mysticist and firm believer in things spiritual, a combination nearly impossible to find amongst science worshipping men these days - and the only answer he was able to deduce was the famous "I think, therefore I am". And this really is the most exact definition of your existence. If it's a game or simulation - ok, be it, just behave as if it's not the case - meaning be kind even towards characters of a video game. They might not be that towards you, though... So even it's just a game, do defend yourself. I wish you all the best. You'll recover! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9_Descartes

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Oct 3 00:41

Jimson weed?

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Oct 3 00:51


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Oct 3 02:58

Look at the retard condoning the drug addict while condemning the pious man.

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Oct 3 03:02

You sound like a babbling Jew.

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Oct 3 07:12

Observe the wise man sympathising with the drug victim while condemning the religious nutcase.

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Oct 3 17:54

He is at least trying something new instead of telling other people how to live based on literal translation of 2k old book.

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Oct 4 02:32

i smell challa bread and fresh matza balls

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Oct 4 02:42


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Oct 6 17:37

Millenium old tactics of discreditation by association. Today this would be terrorists, pedophiles, AND THOSE WHO ENCRYPT

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Oct 7 01:21

What drugs have you taken? Are there signs of mental illness in your family? Maybe if things dont get better you should go see a docter.

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Oct 9 14:36

be happy, u don t need drugs anymore, u fucked permanently

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