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CAROL Carol Martin was 33 years old and a widow with three daughters - Rachel, 12 and a half, Claire, 11 and Katie, nine. Carol had a part-time office job which fitted in when the children were at school and, with a small widow's pension from her late husband's firm, they could just about manage, although there was little left over for luxuries. However, they were a happy family and Carol tried her best to make sure that the girls were raised properly, with lots of love, and had every chance to make a success of their lives. Rachel had moved up to a comprehensive from junior school a year ago and Carol was not very happy about the standards being set. Rachel never brought any homework home and, when asked, said that they had a free period each day when they did their homework. Her behaviour was deteriorating too. She was become lazy and lacking interest in things, as well as being quite cheeky at times. Since her husband died Carol had treated the girls rather like friends and had an understanding attitude when they misbehaved. She did, however, punish occasionally if they were very naughty by giving them a mild spanking. The girls quickly learned to cry and shout in pain as soon as a spanking started, which made Carol think that she was really hurting them, and so she would stop after three or four ineffective slaps. Her mother told her that she would have to be stricter with them, especially as the two elder girls were approaching their teens, a time when she would need to keep a tight grip on them. Carol could well remember her mother's way of dealing with her at that age and her bottom tingled at the memory. She had determined that she would be much more lenient with her children. It was nearing the end of the school year and Carol attended the open evening to discuss Rachel's progress. She entered the classroom and enquired of a young, mini-skirted girl who was chewing gum and whom Carol took to be an older girl, where the form teacher Miss Smith was. "I am Miss Smith," replied the girl, "Can I help you?" Carol was almost speechless. Was this the person whose job it was to educate her daughter? She managed to introduce herself and ask how Rachel was doing. "Rachel? Oh, she's doing all right," came the brief reply as the chewing gum was changed over to the other side of the mouth. Carol protested that there was never any homework and that Rachel's spelling and simple arithmetic seemed poor. "It will come in time. We must not push these girls, Mrs Martin, the stress is not good for them at this age. The important thing is that they are happy." Carol could not believe her ears. She stormed out. Something would have to be done, but she had no idea what. Further down the road lived a family with twin 14-year-old girls, Kim and Victoria. They seemed to be quite well off. Carol had exchanged greetings with their mother when they passed and she seemed very pleasant. The twins had called once or twice when playing with her daughters and they seemed to be very intelligent, pleasant and polite. They had obviously been very well brought up and Carol wished that her girls were more like them. During the summer vacation she saw more of them and decided that she would pluck up courage to have a talk with their mother, Mrs Willis. She greeted Carol in a very friendly manner, inviting her in and insisting on making a pot of tea. "And call me Molly." Carol soon felt at home and found herself complimenting Molly on her children and pouring out her worries about Rachel's school and the fact that Claire would also have to go there next term. Mrs Willis said that she understood completely. The twins had gone there but after a term it was clear the school was poor and the twins had been moved to St Margaret's school for girls, which had only recently opened. 'The fees are a bit steep but it is worth it," she said. Then she added: "Look, I know the headmistress there quite well. I'll have a word with her to see if she can take Claire and Rachel. I like your girls and it would be nice if they could go to school with Victoria and Kim." Carol was horrified. "Oh but I could never afford to pay school fees for one, let alone two," she protested. "Don't worry about that," responded Molly. "An industrialist left an absolute fortune in his will for the foundation of the school. He made a number of conditions, such as only the best teachers should be employed and strict discipline enforced, to ensure that the girls eventually leave with the highest standards of ability and behaviour. "He also insisted that 30 per cent of the pupils should come from suitable families who had insufficient income to meet the fees. I think we pay extra to make up for them, but it is worth it. As a fee-paying parent I am entitled to recommend suitable girls, which your two are. But there is a big demand so you will have to make a quick decision." Carol was amazed. This was too good a chance to miss and without further thought said that she would be interested. Without further ado, Molly left the room to telephone the school, returning five minutes later. "Right, that's arranged, then. You have an interview with Mrs Woodstock, the headmistress, at 10 o'clock next Tuesday morning. Take Claire and Rachel with you. Katie can stay here with me if you like." Arriving home as if in a dream, Carol was soon brought down to earth. Rachel and Claire had been told to look after Katie but had become engrossed in a television programme. Meanwhile, Katie had been amusing herself by drawing pictures with a felt tip pen on the walls. Carol had tried to impose strict rules about the use of the pens to avoid such an occurrence. Then her mother telephoned and, on hearing about the incident, gave her advice in no uncertain terms regarding what needed to be done. Carol first tried reasoning with Katie and asked why she had done such a thing when she knew it was not allowed. "Because I wanted to," was the reply. "You know that I shall have to punish you," Carol warned. "I'm not bothered," answered Katie, "It doesn't hurt." This response stunned Carol. It seemed that her mother might be right after all, at least on this occasion. "Go to your room at once and stay there until I come," she ordered in such a stern voice that Katie promptly obeyed. Carol then tackled the other two girls. Why had they allowed Katie to misbehave like that when they were supposed to be looking after her? "It's not our fault," came the reply. "We were watching TV and anyway you shouldn't have left her here, it's your fault." That was the last straw for Carol. Praying that they would be able to go to St Margaret's, if only to get some discipline, she sent them both to their bedroom to wait there for her. They all warranted a spanking but her mother had told her that her hand was not enough. She searched the desk drawers and came across a thin wooden ruler. It was one that her mother had passed on to her some years ago and it was the same one which had performed on her bottom when she was Katie's age. She remembered how it felt as if it was only yesterday. Her earlier principles faded as she resolved that, on this occasion, the girls were going to feel the same. Carol went into Katie's room first. She was sprawled on the bed playing with a doll. "Stand up," ordered Carol sharply. Surprised, Katie obeyed. "Now young lady, you have been a very naughty girl and it's time for your punishment." Katie shrugged her shoulders. Carol pulled out a chair, sat on it and told Katie to lie across her knees. Katie just stood and stared at her. Carol grabbed hold of her arm and dragged her across her knees. The youngster had not seen the ruler which Carol had managed to conceal behind her back. Holding her young daughter firmly with her left hand, she pulled her dress up and her panties down to her ankles. This surprised Katie, as her panties had provided some protection in the past. Carol looked down at the little bare bottom, two quite small firm globes above trim thighs and slim legs, bare apart from the white ankle socks and black shoes. This must have been how she had looked when she was Katie's age, waiting for the dreaded punishment to start. Katie, expecting the usual brief hand spanking, lay there unconcerned and waiting to start the pretence of crying as soon as the first slap arrived. Carol picked up the ruler, measured it briefly across her daughter's bottom and brought it down with a sharp crack. Katie felt a stinging sensation build up and burrow into her bottom. This time she was not pretending as she let out a surprised cry of real pain, which was redoubled as the second stroke arrived. By the time that the sixth and last stroke came she was kicking wildly, crying and promising never to do it again, all at the same time. Carol held her for a minute or so before releasing her with instructions to go to bed. Then she left to deal with the other two. The two older girls had heard a little of Katie's spanking and commented to each other that their sister was putting on an Oscar winning performance this time. Then their mother arrived with one hand behind her back, gave them a brief lecture about their behaviour and told them that they were now going to be punished for not doing as they had been told and for being cheeky. "You first, Claire. Rachel, go and stand in that corner, face the wall and don't look round or you will get double." This instruction was new to Rachel but there was something in her mother's voice which told her that she meant what she said, so the girl obeyed. Realising that she could not get a sufficient swing with the ruler if she had the older girls over her knee, Carol decided that she would follow the same routine which her mother had used so effectively with her. She placed an upright chair in the middle of a clear area and told Claire to stand behind it and, with her legs kept straight, bend over the back of the chair, reaching down with both hands to grasp the chair's front legs firmly. Puzzled by this strange new position, Claire nevertheless did as she was told as she realised that her mother would stand no nonsense this time. Carol made sure that Claire was bent right over, so that her bottom was tightly stretched, and warned her that if she moved she would get an extra spanking. Then she lifted up the back of Claire's dress, tucking it in firmly at the waist, and slipped her white panties down below her knees, revealing a smooth white bottom - larger than Katie's, of course, with thicker thighs. Carol produced the ruler and laid it gently across the middle of the waiting bottom in order to position herself and take careful aim. The touch of the ruler was a surprise to Claire, who had been expecting to feel a hand there. She looked round just as the ruler came down hard exactly on to the aiming spot and followed through to leave a burning, stinging sensation that bored its way in to the firm flesh, leaving its sharp imprint behind. Claire had never experienced such intense pain in her bottom before and shouted "Ow, that hurts mum!" "It's meant to, young lady. Keep still - plenty more to come." The unusual sound of the ruler sharply meeting flesh and Claire's reaction caused Rachel covertly to try to look round but Carol, expecting such a reaction, promptly reminded her that she would get a double dose if she tried that again. Rachel was left to wonder what was happening but the sounds were enough to prevent her from risking a further look. The next three strokes made their gradual way down Claire's bottom, followed by a particularly hard slash across her thighs. By this time she was crying and pleading for the punishment to stop, with promises to be a good girl in future. At the same time she was squirming and wriggling to try to shake off the burning coals which seemed to have been laid on her seat. The next stroke landed on top of a previous one and her legs kicked up, restricted only by the little knickers, now at her ankles, holding her legs together. Adding a final two strokes, Carol left her for a while to calm down before telling her to get up and stand with her hands straight down at her side. Tears streaming down her cheeks and sobbing, she stood there declaring: 'I-I'm s-sorr-ry mum. I w-won't be n-naughty again, I p-p-promise." Carol sent her to stand in the opposite corner to Rachel, facing the wall, with her dress still up and knickers at her feet, displaying her bottom covered in the burning ruler marks. She was warned not to look round or she would get some more. By this time Rachel had realised that this was not going to be the usual spanking and that Claire could not have been pretending. She was scared and was trembling when Carol called her over to the chair. She could not see Claire because Carol deliberately stood in the way until Rachel was in place over the chair. The same procedure took place and as the panties were taken down a chubby, young bottom was revealed above firm thighs and sturdy legs. By this time Carol had got well into the rhythm of applying the ruler and surprised herself that she derived some satisfaction from cracking the ruler down on to the bare flesh and the responses of her naughty children, which indicated that the punishment was doing its work. Rachel's response to her rulering was almost identical to Claire's, although being older she got ten. Quite unable to keep still for the last stroke she reared up, legs kicking and one hand reaching back to her stinging bottom. Carol waited a while, then made her get back into position for the extra stroke she had thus earned. As she lifted the ruler a hand came back again, palm up, to try to protect the burning bottom. Carol told Rachel to take it away, which she did briefly, only to return it again. "Very well, young lady - if you want your hand to have its share, then you may." With that remark Carol held Rachel's arm firmly to keep the hand where it was and laid on six hard and rapid strokes across the palm. Then she told Rachel to grasp the chair legs again and not to move unless she wanted more. Difficult as it now was, Rachel obeyed. Carol cracked two more strokes down on to Rachel's red and striped bottom to complete the additional punishment. Like Claire, Rachel stood with streaming tears, an overwhelming but forbidden desire to rub her intensely stinging bottom, and babbling promises to be good through her sobs. She was then sent back to her corner and both girls were warned not to move, look round or move their hands from their sides until they were given permission. Failure to obey would result in another spanking. Satisfied that they would not dare to disobey, Carol went to check on Katie. She moved quietly to the other bedroom and saw Katie, who did not hear her coming, still dressed, looking in the wardrobe mirror and rubbing her smarting bottom. "I told you to go to bed, Katie. Why are you still dressed?" asked Carol, crossly. Taken by surprise, Katie jumped and turned her tear-stained face up to look at Carol, not able to think of an excuse. "I'm sorry, mum, I didn't mean to. I'm going to bed now." Sitting down on the chair again, Carol looked at her young daughter. "Katie, when I tell you to do something you must do it. It seems the spanking you just had was not sufficient. As long as you continue to be a naughty girl you will continue to be punished. Now, get across my knee." Carol pulled the protesting Katie back across her knee, again lifting her dress and pulling her knickers down. The little bottom displayed a neat row of dark red weals from the ruler running across both buttocks and thighs. Putting her left arm around the small wriggling body, which she held firmly to avoid any chance of escape, Carol now administered about 15 sharp slaps. On top of the effects of the rulering, Katie now felt her bottom smarting more than she could ever have imagined. Tears and sobbing came afresh and she really meant it this time when she promised always to be good. Carol left her to get into bed and went back to her other daughters. They were standing exactly as they had been left, still with some tears running down their faces and sobbing. Their bottoms were replicas of Katie's, except on a slightly larger scale. "Come here," ordered Carol. They both promptly obeyed, standing straight in front of her and managing not to touch their bottoms, much as they wanted to. Carol was pleased to see that her discipline was having an effect. She warned them that she was going to be much more strict and that the ruler would be waiting for them when they were naughty in the future. Bending each one over in turn, she examined the results of her work, then she told them to go straight to bed. Checking half an hour later she found all three daughters, in their pyjamas, lying face down on their beds and still giving an occasional sob. She kissed each of them and told them that she loved them. Downstairs she made herself a drink and thought over the events of the evening. She knew how the girls would be feeling, as she had received very similar spankings and knew what it was like. She felt very satisfied that she had achieved something that evening . . . but felt rather guilty that she had felt some excitement inside while administering the punishments. Following their introduction to the ruler and the surprising discovery that their mother could be very strict, Katie, Claire and Rachel behaved impeccably over the next few days. They were pleasant and polite, even to each other and treated Carol with a new respect. Carol rewarded them with whatever treats she could afford and plenty of cuddles and love. She was beginning to realise the advantages that a touch of discipline could bring. Tuesday morning came round. Katie was left with Molly and promptly at 10am, Carol, Rachel and Claire found themselves being welcomed into the headmistress's office at St Margaret's. Mrs Woodstock was a motherly type, although there was something in the way she looked which indicated that she would not stand any nonsense. Carol found it surprisingly easy to talk to her and was soon expressing her concern for the proper education of her daughters. The headmistress then told Rachel and Claire that she wanted them to take some tests so that she could tell what levels they had reached and took them to an adjoining office where they were handed over to another teacher. "Now we can have a proper chat," she said to Carol on returning. Gradually she coaxed out of Carol a complete background of the family. She explained how the school was run and her expectations of the pupils. The girls would have to work hard and be expected to achieve rather more than they thought they were capable. As well as academic success it was also important that they should go out into the world as disciplined and well-behaved young ladies. Very strict discipline was applied in the school, Mrs Woodstock explained. She then asked Carol for her views. Carol replied that she fully agreed and this was one of the reasons why she wished to change Rachel's school. The headmistress enquired how Carol dealt with the girls at home and what were her views on corporal punishment. She replied that she agreed with corporal punishment although she had been very reluctant to use it, "at least until a few days ago". She related the events which resulted in the girls getting their first really thorough spankings, adding that she would not now be reluctant to repeat them in the future when the need arose. "Good," responded Mrs Woodstock, "we must all unite with a similar approach so that the girls will have the security of knowing where they stand and what the result of misbehaviour will be." The headmistress then explained the school system of discipline. All misdemeanours, however small, were punished. For minor misdeeds, an hour's detention after school and/or extra homework. Beyond this, the teachers might use a strap across the palms of the hands or buttocks. For more serious naughtiness they would be sent to miss Woodstock at the end of the day, when she would apply the strap or cane to the girl's bottom. During the first term, while the girls were getting used to the strict system, there would be some leniency with regard to corporal punishment. However, in the second term, known as the disciplinary term, the staff would be particularly severe. The girls would be told that, in addition to normal punishable offences, unknown to them a record of demerit marks would be kept with regard to their general behaviour. Just glancing out of the window during a lesson would earn a demerit. Each Friday afternoon, at the end of the last lesson, the headmistress would enter the classroom, call out the names of those who had earned 20 or more demerits during the week and take them to her room, where they would be caned. "During the term we make sure that every girl has at least one taste of the cane so that they know what it is like. This brings about a remarkably high standard of discipline during the remainder of their time at the school!" commented Mrs Woodstock with a smile. Telling Carol that she would show her the implements which she used, the headmistress opened a cupboard and produced a strap, about 18 inches long and split at the end into two tails. She handed it to the mother for inspection. "My mother had one of these," Carol said quietly, a long forgotten sensation flooding through her body, "it really made me smart." Smiling, Mrs Woodstock returned the strap to the cupboard and produced a very slim and pliable cane, about 2ft long and barely a quarter of an inch thick. As Carol handled it, flexing it between her fingers, her bottom tingled at the memory of the sting that eight strokes of a similar cane had implanted in her bottom at school when she was about 14. Part of her felt sorry for her daughters and what was in store for them. The other part felt that they would only get what they deserved and it was part of the growing-up process. "The time will soon come when your girls will require something more than the ruler at home. The cane which I use is also very suitable for home use. I will supply one when you come to need one," remarked Mrs Woodstock. Carol did not think that it would become necessary. Eventually, Rachel and Claire returned having completed the tests. Mrs Woodstock invited Carol to go into the secretary's office to complete the application forms for assistance with the school fees, books and clothing. Meanwhile, she would have a talk with the two girls. Eventually they left and returned home. The girls seemed to have been favourably impressed with the school and thought that the headmistress and teacher they had met were nice and kind. Carol thought that no-one could have mentioned the school's form of discipline to them. Perhaps it would be best to let them find out for themselves, if and when the time came. That night, in bed, Carol's thoughts turned to the day's events. Her mind kept returning to the headmistress's study and her own vivid memory of being bent over the desk, navy knickers pulled right up and her bottom tautly stretched, as the cane bit into her flesh sending an almost unbearable stinging deep inside. Although she had felt the application of the cane in the past, today was the first time that she had actually held one in her hands and been able to examine it closely. She imagined using the cane herself and felt a bit guilty that she might like the idea. While she was having these thoughts, unconsciously one hand had started to rub her naked bottom while the other was gently caressing her clitoris. She began to experience feelings which she had not encountered since her husband was alive. It was a week later when a large envelope arrived through the post. It contained a brochure about the school and a letter confirming that the girls had been accepted as pupils and that their fees would automatically be paid. All books would be provided free and vouchers were also enclosed for the purchase of school uniforms from the school's appointed outfitters. The uniform included a navy blue blazer (with badge), navy blue gym slip, white blouse, white cotton panties and socks and navy blue buckled shoes. PE kit was a white tee-shirt and very brief thin white shorts and socks, with white lace-up plimsolls. There was great excitement at this news and a big shopping trip was immediately planned. Katie was not forgotten and new school clothes for her were included - she was growing out of her old ones anyway. Carol could not wait to tell Molly, who was delighted at the news. A separate note from Mrs Woodstock had told Carol that the tests had showed that Rachel had fallen behind as a result of the poor quality of her previous school. She would, therefore be starting in the first year, as would Claire. However they would be in separate classes and there was every chance that Rachel would soon catch up with the others of her age. The remainder of the holiday soon passed and the first day at the new school arrived. The morning was taken up being organised in their classes, being introduced to the teachers, sorting out their timetables and being given a general idea of the routine. In the afternoon they were addressed by the headmistress who spoke at length about discipline and what awaited naughty girls. This had a sobering effect on the newcomers, most of whom had not anticipated or previously experienced such a regime. On arriving home that afternoon, the two girls could not wait indignantly to complain, wide-eyed. "Mum, it's not fair! They use a strap or cane to punish us!" "Well, you will just have to behave yourselves, won't you? Perhaps you will not think me so awful in the future when I use a ruler to smack your bottoms for being naughty." The revelations about the kind of punishment to expect had a remarkable effect on the first year classes and it was more than three weeks before detentions started occasionally to be awarded. Each girl had at least one and a half hours homework each evening and Carol insisted that this was always done between having a drink on arriving home and the evening meal at 7pm. There were loud complaints that some TV programmes would be missed but when Carol produced the ruler and asked if they wanted reminding what it felt like, there were no more problems. Carol always inspected their homework when they had finished and made them redo any slipshod work. Gradually they settled down into the new routines both at home and at school. As the term went on and the teachers deliberately became more strict, both Claire and Rachel earned the occasional detention, usually for whispering in class. As the end of term approached the pupils were becoming more confident and the time inevitably came when a classmate deserved a firmer punishment. In Rachel's class it was Sally Whitaker, a small, slim, pretty girl. She was caught whispering and given an hour's detention. Twenty minutes later in the same class she was talking again. "Sally Whitaker, stand up," called out the teacher, miss Rispin. "Talking in class again. It seems that detention is not enough to make you behave. We will have to try something else. Come out here." Sally suddenly realised that she had gone too far. Too late she remembered what other punishments there were. As she arrived in front of the mistress's desk she pleaded: "I'm sorry, miss, I didn't mean to. I won't do it again." "What are the punishments for misbehaviour, Sally?" asked miss Rispin. "Detention, miss." 'You already have got that, Sally. What else?" "Th-the strap, miss.' answered Sally hesitantly, turning white. Miss Rispin lifted the lid of her desk and took out her strap. This one was made of stiff leather, only about three-eighths of an inch thick and about one and a half inches wide, the last four inches split into two tails. It was only intended as a first introduction to the strap as a form of punishment, yet it had a deceptive power to make naughty young girls very sorry. "Hold your right hand straight out in front of you, palm stretched tight. Now keep quite still. If you move your hand before I give you permission you will get more. Do you understand?" "Yes, miss," replied Sally, who by now was almost in tears. She was frequently spanked by her mother, often with a hairbrush, but this was going to be much worse, particularly as she would be watching as the strap came down. Miss Rispin took her time. She laid the tails of the strap across Sally's palm and adjusted her position so that she would hit the centre of her target. Then she bent her arm at the elbow taking the strap up and back over her right shoulder. There was a pause as Sally watched, terrified, then the strap flew down and cracked through her palm. A terrible pain bore into her hand and although she tried to be brave in front of her classmates, she could not help loudly shouting. Her hand twitched involuntarily, but she quickly remembered to keep it in place. There was an audible gasp from the rest of the class. None of them had seen a strap in action, at least from this angle. A second stroke arrived, the twin tails biting into Sally's palm. This brought tears. A third had her really struggling to keep her hand in place and tears were pouring down her cheeks. There was a lengthy pause, then Miss Rispin told her to put her hand down at her side. Much as she wanted to blow on her hand or put it under her armpit to ease the awful hurt, Sally did as she was told. Next minute she, and the rest of the class, were amazed to hear Miss Rispin say quietly, "Now the other hand, Sally." "Oh no! Please, miss, no more, please! I'll be good, I promise. It really hurts miss, please, I'm sorry,'' wailed Sally, sobbing. "Do as you are told at once, Sally, unless you want extra," snapped miss Rispin. Sally's left hand shot out and it received the same treatment as had the right. The punishment over, Miss Rispin told her that she had done quite well to manage to keep her hands in place and that, on this occasion, her detention would be cancelled. Sally returned to her seat but could not stifle her sobs for the rest of the lesson. Her punishment made a lasting impression on the rest of the class, who were remarkably well behaved for the rest of the term. A few days later, Claire's class had a PE lesson in the gymnasium. After about 20 minutes, Miss Partridge blew her whistle to bring everyone to a stop. "Where is Valerie Brown?" she asked. There was no reply. For some reason Valerie did not like PE, although she was quite good at it. She said that she found it boring. Miss Partridge went quietly into the toilets and discovered Valerie sitting in a cubicle, reading a magazine. She hauled her out and took her into the gym. "Playing truant from class is a very serious offence, Valerie, and one that is dealt with by the headmistress. I should send you to her for punishment. On this occasion only, however, I will give you the choice of being punished by either me or the headmistress. Which is it to be?" Valerie was not keen on either choice but a session with the headmistress sounded as though it might be more painful so she chose to be punished by Miss Partridge, in the faint hope that it might only be a double detention. It was not her lucky day. Miss Partridge instructed four girls to remove the top section of the padded vaulting box and place it on the ground. Then she took Valerie to the left hand end of the box and told her to stand there. She went to her personal holdall and took out the strap. Valerie, seeing the strap for the first time, went white and opened her mouth to beg for it not to be used this time, but no words would come out. She had never encountered corporal punishment, her parents relying on an occasional grounding or loss of pocket money in a forlorn attempt to keep her in order. As a result she did not have much regard for rules and was gradually becoming somewhat unpopular. Miss Partridge knew something of this. The strap might be just the medicine she needed. "Bend over the box, Valerie. Reach right over and take hold of the handles on the far side." Miss Partridge took hold of her and moved her further over so that only her toes were touching the floor. Then she took hold of the thin shorts and pulled them up tightly. This left an almost entirely bare, plump young bottom in an excellent position to receive the kiss of the strap. The class, having been warned to stand still and quiet, were mesmerised by the sight. Taking her time, Miss Partridge measured the strap across the meatiest part of the tender spheres, lifted it high, paused, then lashed it down. It curved across, seeming to go right through the white flesh. Immediately twin imprints of the strap's tails appeared right across the pert bottom. Valerie felt an awful burning sensation burrow deep into her buttocks, at the same time seeming to intensify on the surface. Her voice rapidly returned and she let out a loud "ow" and her feet started a brief tattoo on the base of the box. "Keep still, Valerie, or you will get extra for moving. I won't tell you again." Miss Partridge promptly administered a second, quite vicious stroke. A third and fourth rapidly followed, by which time Valerie was having great difficulty in hanging on with her hands at one end and keeping her feet still at the other. In between her bottom was wriggling and gyrating wildly. She was babbling regrets and promises although her sobbing and tears made them unintelligible. Four more hard strokes were applied before the punishment came to an end. A chastened class were silent for the rest of the lesson and were very, very careful how they behaved. The term ended without any more incidents. Claire and Rachel were being very wary indeed. They would have a good Christmas and forget about school for a while. Next term was going to be the disciplinary term, but they did not yet know what was in store for them. On the first day at school, at the start of their second term at St Margaret's, the first year girls were told that this was their disciplinary term. They would continue to be punished in the normal way for the usual misdemeanours, but, in addition there would be a system of demerits for the most minor things, such as momentary lack of attention, lack of neatness in themselves and their work etc. No indication would be given that a demerit had been awarded. At the end of the last lesson each Friday any girl who had collected 20 or more demerits would be taken by the headmistress for punishment. As a result of this announcement, the standard of concentration increased enormously. Schoolwork and behaviour almost reached perfection as each girl desperately tried to avoid reaching the dreaded figure. It was only after four weeks that the headmistress appeared in Claire's classroom, read out the names of three girls and took them away with her. The remainder heaved a great sigh of relief that they had escaped, for that week at least. A similar scene was enacted in Rachel's class where two girls were called out. So it went on. Some weeks no girls were chosen, other weeks several. Two weeks before the end of term only Claire and two other girls, Lucy and Sarah, out of her class had been spared. In Rachel's class only she and Sally Whitaker survived. Sally had been the one to receive the strap during the previous term and that had taught her the need to be particularly careful. Claire and Rachel were confident that they would be able to finish the term unscathed. They did not, of course, appreciate that the purpose of the disciplinary term was to introduce all the first year girls to the cane in order to ensure their best behaviour during the rest of their time at the school. After a taste of the cane they were unlikely to be anxious for a second dose. The following Friday the headmistress arrived in the class room, read out the names of Lucy and Sarah, paused, and then added "Claire Martin". Claire was horrified. She could not understand how it had happened, as she had been so careful. Feeling weak at the knees, she forced herself to step out to the front and follow the headmistress. On the way they called at Rachel's classroom and Sally, together with Rachel, looking equally stupefied, joined them. The procession wound its way to the corridor outside Mrs Woodstock's study where they were told to stand up straight, keep still and no talking. They stood there for some 10 minutes, feeling increasingly frightened, before the door opened and Mrs Woodstock called in Sarah, closing the door behind her. It was not possible to hear anything through the solid door and walls. It was nearly 10 minutes, although it seemed like an hour to those waiting their turn, before the door opened and Sarah rushed out, sobbing and with tears pouring down her cheeks and disappeared walking awkwardly down the corridor, trying to get far away as soon as possible. The sight of Sarah evaporated any remaining confidence the others had left. Sally was next. Again a seemingly interminable time elapsed before Sally emerged, a replica of Sarah, walking quickly but awkwardly with one hand rubbing her bottom. Little Lucy went in next, leaving Claire and Rachel, white faced and trembling, to await their turn. Each was praying that they would be next to get it over with. Eventually Lucy came out, crying incessantly, both hands rubbing her bottom and her tears sprinkling the floor as she went. "Rachel Martin, you're next," came Mrs Woodstock's voice. Rachel jumped as she heard her name, took a deep breath and entered the room. She was told to stand in front of the desk and Mrs Woodstock addressed her, not unkindly. "Now, Rachel. Since you joined the school your work and behaviour have been excellent. This term has been a testing time for you all and you have come through very well. However, this week you have collected a total of 20 demerits, so I'm afraid that you have to punished. "Stand up against the desk. Now - feet together, legs straight and bend over the desk gripping the far edge with both hands. Stretch right over. Now, keep quite still otherwise I shall have to give you extra." Mrs Woodstock picked up the cane from a shelf behind the desk and stood flexing it for a few moments making sure that Rachel, although bent over the desk, could see it. Then she moved behind Rachel and, took the hem of her gymslip fastening it securely under the waistband. She pulled up the thin white cotton panties so that they fitted tightly and stepped to the side to lay the cane lightly across the mainly exposed chubby but firm buttocks. She lifted the cane, paused then swished it down hard cutting deep into the flesh and was rewarded with a thin weal appearing right across both trembling cheeks. Rachel felt the scorching pain burning deep into her defenceless bottom while, at the same time, red hot coals lay burning on the surface as if glued there permanently. A second stroke was followed by a third stinging cut. The stinging was now so intense that Rachel did not know how she was going to be able to stay in position, yet she must because it would be impossible to stand up to extra strokes. The fourth stroke, as Mrs Woodstock knew, was the one which finally breaks down the resistance of the naughty child and so it was with Rachel. Tears were pouring down her cheeks and her bottom was writhing about as she pleaded that the caning should stop and that she would be a good girl. Mrs Woodstock was used to this reaction and lashed down a fifth stroke across the top of the thighs, which brought renewed wailing and squirming. She paused for a moment before delivering a sixth and final sharp cut to the fleshy middle of the bottom. She returned to her chair behind the desk briefly, leaving Rachel in position to calm down for a while. Then she told her to get up, released her gymslip and told her that, as a further part of her punishment she must write a detailed essay about her caning and how it felt to her. This must be handed in first thing on Monday morning. Now she could go, taking with her a sealed note to hand to her mother immediately she got home. Like all the others she rushed past her sister in her hurry to get away.. Finally it was Claire's turn. It was virtually a repeat of Rachel's punishment, with the same reactions. Although Mrs Woodstock realised that she was younger and her trim, pert, firm young bottom smaller than her sister's, she was determined that it would sting just as much and by the end Claire was wriggling and crying even more than Rachel. She felt that a swarm of bees had settled on her bottom and were stinging her incessantly. As she fled down the corridor she was trying to grab them off with both hands but without any success. As soon as her two daughters arrived home late, Carol realised what had happened. Both of them turned their tear-stained faces towards her and complained indignantly that it was not fair and that they hadn't done anything. Carol merely responded that they must have been naughty 20 times to get that number of demerits and that they had deserved all that they got. The notes from the headmistress praised the girls for their general work and behaviour and gave reasons for and details of their punishments, mentioning the essays which must be done over the weekend and handed in on Monday morning. She finished by expressing the hope that Carol would complement the school discipline by applying equivalent discipline at home. Carol sent them both up to their bedroom and followed. Telling them that she wished to check on the effects of the caning, she made them bend over the sides of their beds with their knickers down. Lifting each of their gymslips in turn she saw, on each bottom, a series of six pairs of very narrow tramlines of raised white skin, each enclosing deep vivid dark red marks where the cane had bitten into the tender young flesh. Carol could imagine that the stinging in the weals must have been almost intolerable. She could not help admiring the precision with which the cane had been applied. Each stroke had been applied evenly right across both cheeks and regularly spaced, from the top of the soft fleshy part of the bottom to the tops of the thighs, and they were identical on both girls. Carol felt sorry that her daughters had to suffer so much but, although they certainly would not agree, it would be a good experience for them. Now it was her job to continue the discipline. "Wash your hands and faces, then come downstairs and do your homework," she instructed them. This brought an immediate protest from both of them. "Oh, mum! We can do it tomorrow. We can't possibly sit down to do our homework now." Carol knew that she must not relent. "You may have a cushion each to sit on and you can start with the essay for Mrs Woodstock while your bottoms are reminding you what it was like. Come along, get on with it or you won't have time for your meal before bedtime." This brought further pleading, in answer to which Carol told them: "Very well - you may have a choice. Either do your homework now or leave it until tomorrow and I will give you each a dose of the ruler instead." The thought of the burning coals being stoked up further by the ruler swiftly persuaded the girls that perhaps they would be able to do the homework after all. As their mother had recommended, they wrote the essays for the headmistress first, still occasionally sniffling and sobbing, and constantly wriggling and squirming as the red hot bars on which they were sitting vividly reminded them of every detail. When they had finished Carol took the essays away to read while they tackled their maths, English and science homework. There was enough to keep them going for a long time yet. All this time Katie was staying at her friend's house for tea. Carol took the opportunity to go upstairs and lie on her bed to read the girl's accounts of their punishments. Rachel's was quite factual. It gave a clear step by step account of the procedure, the fact that it hurt, how hard it was to keep still, That she never wanted to get the cane again and that she would be a good girl. However it was quite impersonal. Claire's, on the other hand, was very descriptive and personal. Her feeling of being vulnerable as she bent over the desk, the sight of the cane being flexed in front of her and the unbelievable sting of the first stroke. She was not ashamed to say how much she cried, how hard it was to stop her legs kicking up and her bottom gyrating to try in vain to avoid the mounting fire. Strangely she did not mention trying to avoid the cane in the future, nor did she promise to be a good girl. For some reason Carol found it to be very erotic and felt guilty about such feelings. Once again she was reminded of the times she had similarly been caned and wondered what it would be like to feel it now. She started to caress herself as her imagination worked. After a while she abruptly pulled herself together. What was she doing? She was a mother. Her children had just had a severe punishment. She should not be using this as a basis for her own pleasure. Promptly she denied this. She would never use children for such a purpose. It was merely that their experience that day had resurrected old memories of her own. She checked on the girls. Still squirming from time to time, they had plenty to keep them occupied for some time. There was still three quarters of an hour to go before she needed to collect Katie. She would go to see Molly. At this moment she needed a friend to confide in. Arriving at Molly's, she was warmly welcomed and provided with a cup of tea. "I've really come for a bit of advice, but it's a bit embarrassing," said Carol. "Take your time," said Molly, "Kim will be out for some time and Vicky is up in her room waiting until I go up to her. There's no hurry, she will wait." Hesitantly, Carol told Molly of Rachel and Claire's canings at school and the feelings which had subsequently swept over her. How part of her wanted to be reminded of what the kiss of the cane felt like and her curiosity about what it would be like actually to cane a naughty girl. "There is no need to be embarrassed, Carol," Molly assured her kindly. "They are perfectly normal thoughts. I have had them - still do from time to time. That's where my husband, Bill, comes in useful." The last remark puzzled Carol but Molly did not explain, and continued with her advice. "Dealing with the last part of your problem first, I would get one of the special, flexible rattan school canes from Mrs Woodstock. It won't be long before Claire and Rachel will need something rather more effective than the ruler. They are growing up and, now that they have tasted the cane, the ruler will never feel quite so bad again." Carol thought that she could see the logic in that and resolved to pay a visit to the headmistress early in the new term. Molly continued: "As for wanting to be reminded what it is like, you couldn't have come at a more opportune time. "Vicky came home in a bad mood today. She accidentally dropped her books and school papers needed for her homework went all over the floor. She swore like a trooper, "Bugger the fucking bloody things," I believe was the phrase she used. When I remonstrated with her, she told me that was what other girls said and there was nothing wrong with it. I reminded her that swearing was not allowed but she insisted that she was nearly 15 and could say what she liked. That is why she is in her bedroom now waiting for me to go to her." Molly stood up and, addressing Carol, told her to follow upstairs. "Let me go into the bedroom first to get Vicky ready. I will leave the door slightly ajar and when I have got her into position she will not be able to see the doorway. You can then look round the door and watch. When I have finished, go and wait for me in my bedroom." Carol was bemused by this turn of events and followed as if in a trance. Outside Vicky's bedroom door Carol could hear Molly delivering a lecture about swearing. Vicky's bravado had swiftly evaporated at the sight of a cane being flexed in her mother's hands and she was starting to whimper and plead like a little girl. Molly gestured to Carol, who peered round the door. Vicky was bent tightly over the back of a chair, hands grasping the rung between the chair legs Her own legs were straight and braced. Her thin white school panties were down, covering her black shoes and white ankle socks. Above, the stocky bare legs rose to spread into chunky thighs, continuing upwards to form the ample, but neat, firm spheres which formed her bottom. The skin was white and pure with a velvety sheen. The school gymslip was fastened securely above her waist so that it could not interfere in the proceedings. To Carol, this was the epitome of the naughty schoolgirl awaiting punishment. Taking her time, Molly raised the cane and suddenly, reaching up almost on her toes, she brought it down hard with a loud swish, following through so that the cane bent almost double as it cut into, and slid across, the virgin flesh. Carol was amazed that the only reaction from Vicky was a grunt and a trembling

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