Trump’s threat akin to ‘sound of a dog barking’ – N. Korea

[chan] linux
Sep 21 13:00

Trump’s threat akin to ‘sound of a dog barking’ – N. Korea shoot him like a dog in the street

[chan3] general
Sep 21 19:22

You should learn to respect the office even if you didn't vote for the man.

[chan] general
Sep 21 19:28

He hasn't earned it.

[chan3] general
Sep 21 19:30

You may want to retake your history lessons and brush up on how the President of the United States is elected. He was elected by the electoral college, pursuant to the Constitution and the laws of the land. Just because you don't like him doesn't change the rules or the laws.

[chan] general
Sep 21 19:31

He earned a position, nothing more. There is no law demanding I respect him.

[chan3] general
Sep 21 19:32

Common sense and respect for your country (and Constitution) would dictate that you respect the office.

[chan] general
Sep 21 19:46

It's a job (a very important one at that), and _we_ are his boss, not the other way around. I will not respect someone who does not respect his own people just because he has a certain position. The divine right of kings is long in the past.

[chan3] general
Sep 21 19:47

You are correct. *WE* are his boss. *WE* elected him, *WE* hired him. Just because you didn't doesn't mean *WE* didn't. Get that through your head.

[chan] general
Sep 21 20:04

The whole reason people with significant positions of power earn respect is because they have promised to perform certain tasks and uphold certain values--*that* is the thing that is being respected, not the text next to their name on the placard. If they fail to uphold what they promised, they have broken the trust of their peers. What you're saying sounds dangerously close to a blanket exemption from criticisim.

[chan3] general
Sep 21 20:19

Except that this President has done far better than many of his predecessors in terms of campaign promise follow-through. If you're going to try to criticize him, you may as well find something valid. There are plenty of valid reasons to, but that ain't one.

[chan] general
Sep 21 20:29

Like that wall he promised the construction start of on day one? Like the healthcare repeal seven years in the making? Like the ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for elections? Like the addition of term limits on congress members? Yup. Sure. #fakenews

[chan3] general
Sep 21 20:31

Cherry picking isn't good for anybody. It's disingenuous and just plain nasty. You usually only need to resort to it if you have a weak position or don't have a fucking clue as to what you're talking about. 1. in progress, but requires legislative assistance, per the Constitution. 2. in progress, but requires legislative assistance, per the Constitution. 3. in progress, but requires legislative assistance, per the Constitution. 4. in progress, but requires legislative assistance, per the Constitution.

[chan] general
Sep 21 20:35

Except for the healthcare one, I specifically only picked ones that he promised would get done in the first 100 days. Here, take a looksey: Wait shit it doesnt count it's fake news oh well :/

[chan] general
Sep 21 20:37

dosent matter, respect the position not the person.

[chan] general
Sep 21 20:40

shoot the fucker NOW !

[chan] general
Sep 21 20:43

calm down. we have systems for dealing with this shit. they're slow and shit, but i perfer that throwing the country into anarchy.

[chan] general
Sep 21 20:44

(*over throwing the country into)

[chan] general
Sep 21 20:48

wtf do you call what bankers do these days ? "lawful" ?

[chan] general
Sep 21 22:49

When they can't get away with the opposite, yes. But that's not too relevant right now.

[chan3] general
Sep 21 22:50

Is it his fault if another body gets in the way? He has actually tried on all accounts.

[chan3] general
Sep 21 22:50


[chan3] general
Sep 21 22:51

You're just jealous that you're not a banker?

[chan] general
Sep 21 22:53

I am jealous not to be one of the Dalton 5 who machinegunned bankers

[chan3] general
Sep 21 23:16

Sounds to me like you're the kind of person who will wind up without voting rights anyways, stripped as the result of being convicted of a felony.

[chan] general
Sep 21 23:17

those are technicalities, motherfucker

[chan3] general
Sep 21 23:18

Huh? It's not a technicality -- it's a designed mechanism to rightfully prevent those who are unfit from participating in the process from doing so.

[chan] general
Sep 21 23:21

JFK got very far in that "process" , no ? ;-)

[chan] general
Sep 21 23:21

He needs to try a *lot* harder. When someone who commands a third of the world's nuclear arsenal can't be bothered to do something as simple as getting some shuteye because they are so weak-willed that they can't resist the urge to hop on twitter at 3am--isnt that a *bit* of a sign?

[chan3] general
Sep 21 23:22

It's hard to get some shuteye when you're constantly being woken up with issues around the world. I don't think you understand the job very well.

[chan] general
Sep 22 00:45

And if he *spent* more time dealing with them and less arguing with people on the internet, I would have more sympathy.

[chan3] general
Sep 22 00:45

Where do you see arguing going on?

[chan] general
Sep 22 01:02

This kind of shit: Does not leave a good impression for a man in his position. He even knows it on some (low) level: And if you want to gain a rough feel for his tendencies online, here's a lovely rescource:

[chan3] general
Sep 22 01:03

Again, cherry picking the abnormal.

[chan] general
Sep 22 01:14

'He's just a _little_ childish' is not an excuse. If this had been going on with any other president (or if we weren't already numb to him), people would be pretty damn frustrated. It's pretty simple: he is (ab)using his position of power for frivilous purposes, and I do not care for that.

[chan] general
Sep 22 01:20

calm down guise. its not THAT bad that he can't handle criticisim in a calm or professional manner, it's not like it's a huge portion of his job or something.

[chan] general
Sep 22 01:22

Confirmed. Source: communication and diplomacy aren't even real skills #fakenewz

[chan] broadcast
Sep 22 01:24

how much you pay me if I kill Trump ?

[chan3] general
Sep 22 01:56

Eh? I never called him childish nor did I agree to your assertion. I was trying to point out that he normally doesn't engage with hecklers. your definition of abuse is clearly contrary to federal law.

[chan3] general
Sep 22 03:20

How about we take up a collection for your burial instead? Your unlawful and violent posts will get you some scrutiny. I have already reported it to the FBI.

[chan3] general
Sep 22 03:20

That fat assed Asian marshmallow man will think differently when the dog bites his wattery, puffy face off.

[chan] broadcast
Sep 22 03:21

keep doin that good man

[chan3] general
Sep 22 03:56

What if you're all wrong. I mean every last one of you. What if none of your opinions have any foundation in reality? What if the President's wife is a MTF tranny? What if the President's daughter is a MTF tranny? What if you all were conned into voting from a pool of pedophiles and tranny sex perverts? What if either candidate would have been a whitewashed sepulchre? What if you are arguing about tiny details that don't matter while the big issue stares at you with the brightness of the emperor's new clothes?

[chan3] general
Sep 22 03:58

> The divine right of kings is long in the past. In other words you don't want God choosing your leaders. You're rather pizza gate perverts purchase your leaders.

[chan3] general
Sep 22 04:18

Kiss the Pope's ring. Show your respect. How do you respect an "office?" An office is an abstraction; it earns no respect. Fucking dumbest things people say.

[chan] general
Sep 22 04:25

"God chose me to rule! MY word is law!" "Ummm I think some of these laws are bad" "Arrest him!" "But I don't think your actions have been very Christian!" "Heretic! He questions the authority of the Divinely appointed King!" "Why should criticisim and skepticism be considered sacrelige? that doesn't seem very Democratic!" "Guards, take him away!"

[chan] general
Sep 22 04:27

It's because the person holding the position exists in a vaccum entirely separate from the position itself.

[chan3] general
Sep 22 05:47

That's not how the divine right of kings works. It shows your ignorance of Christian doctrine too. Christ is KING of kings. Not "KING of democratically elected sockpuppets." The ancient concept of Kingship was founded on the fundamental rule of law. The King did not have the prerogative to create capricious law. He only had the prerogative to enforce what was lawful. The deadly idea of democracy is that man can determine what is good and evil. "And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." The phrase, "knowing good and evil" means "ascertaining good and evil." The sense of the passage is that they will get to define good and evil for themselves, replacing the law of God with whatever their own mind dreams up. See how well democracy has worked for the West. Western civilization is falling apart because of godless lunkheads who want to define their own version of good and evil. "And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons." The word "naked" here does not mean your genitalia hanging in the breeze. It means, "without power, denuded of authority." So they created their own authority, and made uniforms (robes, badges, etc.) to cover their nakedness. "And the eyes of them both were opened," is a prophecy of the Jacobin French enlightenement, the hellish parent of the spawn we call modern democracy. And guess who started the Jacobin revolution of enlightenment? Freemasons. Freemasons wear aprons embroidered with a fig leaf. "they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons (clothing symbolizing authority)." While you mock the Word of God, which was given for instruction on the things to come, we see the word of God is true, and has come to pass. During the period of the French enlightenment up through the American revolution men, led by conspiring freemasons, rejected the law of God and rebelled, to make themselves become as gods, ascertaining good and evil in place of God. Genesis was written about this very day and age. "Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them." The former things referred to are in the book of Genesis. So while you laugh at the divine right of kings, the godless democracy will reduce your children to a state of absolute slavery. You who mock will be reincarnated into the godless society of your posterity, to live under the slavery that your mocking created. God will not tolerate being mocked. The old Kings knew these things. They were familiar with the Word of God. Many of those old kings tried to ensure their people were educated in that law so they could be freed from sin and prepared to return to God, and happy while on this earth. Those kings had to contend against the Pope, the freemasons, and a horde of secret societies constantly working to subvert government and society. Democracy is completely incapable and powerless to confront these secret societies, which now run amok in crazed and rabbid orgies of plunder. If we had a king in this internet age there would be no military industrial complex. The king would have the prerogative to round up the freemasons, jesuits, and other conspirators and undo their poison. Many of those old Kings that you would mock were heroes who saved the west from the Mongols, the Huns, the Tatars, the Moors, the Ottomans, the Turks, and countless other invading forces. You would not exist today if it had not been for the common believe that God appoints rulers to watch over the people.

[chan] general
Sep 22 07:15

The mental illness of religious mania!

[chan3] general
Sep 22 07:17

You're the one with religious mania. You worship yourself.

[chan] general
Sep 22 07:31

Regardless of fighting over definitions, What I said is that it's NOT what we use today--we roll with Democracy for better or worse. Rulership is chosen (mostly), and so the ruler _technically_ only needs the respect of a majority to win--after an election is another matter, although term limits ameliorate that to a degree. Systems that require unearned respect are far more prone to abuse.

[chan] general
Sep 22 09:26

The mental illness of scientist mania!

[chan] general
Sep 22 10:47

If he didn't knew he had to expect resistance, he's not a real politician but a precious snowflake. Trying is not sufficient. I also try to improve the world, but I'm still not president.

[chan3] general
Sep 22 11:50

The world will pay you in eternal respect

[chan] general
Sep 22 11:52

fair enuff. I do it then.

[chan] general
Sep 22 12:33

Stalinist pigs love madness and murder.

[chan] general
Sep 22 12:50

killing Trump is not murder but euthanasia

[chan3] general
Sep 22 17:50

While I know it's hard for a bleeding heart liberal such as yourself to think outside the Hillary/Bernie retard-fest, think a bit for yourself. They're not absolutely the same. In fact, the President is a part of our federal government, in fact -- he's the leader of it. To show no respect for the office means you show no respect for our government. If you don't respect our government, you may feel free to get the fuck out.

[chan] general
Sep 22 17:51

Sanders is a fucking filthy kike jew

[chan3] general
Sep 22 17:51

Everybody knows to expect resistance. Every reasonable person looking at it from the outside does, too. I suppose that excludes you from that category.

[chan] general
Sep 22 17:53

Orange County, CA, is set to rechristen itself Trump County LOL

[chan3] general
Sep 22 17:54

While you're a fucking idiot, I appreciate the recognition of correct-ness on the matter at hand.

[chan] general
Sep 22 18:47

My Christian ancestors established a government here in the 1600s. Many years later a bunch of paleo-communist freemasons working for the Papal Jesuit order fomented a revolution to eradicate Christian government from the land and place America under papal control. This revolution, and its subsequent constitutional conventions were all ruses to destroy the prior traditional Christian self-government and replace it with a pagan republican form of officious and interloping oligarchy. The Articles of confederation established a perpetual trade union between states, which states were nothing more than pompous speculators and thieves, holding themselves above the "common" people. They formed this union for their common defense, to prevent the Christian people from hanging the whole lot of the Crypto-Catholic bastards. The U.S. Constitution established an oligarchy that began carpetbagging the sod busters and stealing the land, setting up a central power that would guarantee the perpetual profits of the oligarchs and speculators. The Constitution was written by and for these Jesuit dogs, who consider all non-sodomites to be their slaves. Papal-run Asia will invade the USA. Asia's invasion will result in the dissolution of the federal government, to get rid of the bill of rights. In the power vacuum new leaders will rise up, drive out the Asian, godless, communist menace, exterminate them, then rule the whole world with a rod of iron. The American people will pursue the Jesuit dogs to the ends of the earth to wipe them out. The catholic church will be wiped off the earth, and for the first time in 1900 years a real Christian society of liberty will blossom. Let the liars feel free to get out and go back to their papa in Rome.

[chan3] general
Sep 22 19:59

€urAsia has all it needs to take over planet Earth.

[chan] general
Oct 8 23:00

Three goats and my cousin Akhmad's turban.

[chan] general
Oct 8 23:25

We should crowd-source that hit.

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