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Nov 10 15:44 [raw]

Just read it today along with 'non-binary'.

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Nov 10 15:48 [raw]

LBGTQ: Lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer/questioning. Gender identity: A person's sense of their own identity as a female (girl or woman), a male (a boy or man), or other gender (for example, transgender, bi-gender or gender queer which is a rejection of the traditional binary view of gender).

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Nov 10 16:24 [raw]

> or other gender Apache attack chopper

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Nov 10 16:29 [raw]


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Nov 10 21:27 [raw]

This is the doctrine of your enemies, who are poisoning your society so they can rule over your children and make them sex slaves.

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Nov 10 21:27 [raw]

> traditional binary view of gender fucking liars. gender is a biological construct of x and y chromosomes, not a "view" or "orientation." The people who invent these lies are enemies of all mankind and destroyers of creation. the liars should be exterminated.

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Nov 12 20:10 [raw]

What a bunch of non-sense!!! These "things" can go and fuck themselves. You are a male or a female. There is not other "identities" (yes, thats the word they are trying to push). Gender is as simple as the thing between your legs. Look down, check what it is. If you not sure, double check. Then you'll know your gender :) It's not a fucking sociaty construct. It is a result of evolution, and whether you like it or not, only these two genders will matter.

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Nov 12 20:35 [raw]

Here's an hilarious posting on bitcointalk by the site admin on the matter of gender identity: "Unfortunately, I think that you misunderstand the system. Given the trillions of different gender identities, we have adopted a coding system in which each gender identity is assigned a 64-bit number. For example, and only for illustration (I do not wish to presume your wingspan), Apache-attack-helicopter-gendered people would need to input the easy-to-remember code 0x9b68d151aeefa34f. In order to maintain compatibility with legacy systems, however, this is done by submitting the form multiple times with different genders. For example, in this case you would input Male Female Female Male Male Female Male Male Female Male Male Female Male Female Female Female Male Male Female Male Female Female Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Female Female Male Male Female Male Female Male Male Male Female Male Male Male Female Male Male Male Male Male Female Male Female Female Female Male Male Female Male Female Female Male Male Male Male. Simple! Now, it may seem discriminatory to assign Male 1 and Female 0, but not to worry! The coding is designed so that you can also input the inverse and get the same result. And to avoid left-handed bias, you can also enter it in opposite order. In fact, you can just put in whatever sequence of entries you want and the result will be the same. So you see, is in fact the most progressive website ever, and I am ashamed to live in a world in which this system isn't yet codified into law."

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Nov 13 08:17 [raw] Primary schoolchildren should be free to dress up in a tiara or superhero cloak without comment from teachers or pupils, the Church of England has said. In bullying guidance issued to its schools, the Church said pupils should be free to explore "who they might be". Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said the guidance would help schools spread the Christian message "without exception or exclusion". LGBT charity Stonewall said the advice would help to prevent bullying. The Church, which educates one million pupils in nearly 5,000 schools, first issued guidance about homophobic bullying three years ago, but it has now been updated to cover transphobic and biphobic bullying. In his foreword to the advice, the Most Reverend Justin Welby said: "We must avoid, at all costs, diminishing the dignity of any individual to a stereotype or a problem". He said sexual orientation should never be the grounds for bullying or prejudice, adding that "significant progress" had been made since homophobic bullying guidance was issued in 2014. The report, Valuing All God's Children, said children should be able to play with "the many cloaks of identity" without being labelled or bullied - "sometimes quite literally with the dressing-up box". Nursery and primary school in particular is a time of "creative exploration", it said, where young people should be able to pick a tutu, tiara and heels - or a helmet, tool belt and superhero cloak - "without expectation or comment". The guidance recognised there is a "breadth of views" among Christians and people of all beliefs towards same-sex marriage, sexual orientation and gender identity. But it added: "The aim of this guidance is to prevent pupils in Church of England schools and academies from having their self-worth diminished or their ability to achieve impeded by being bullied because of their perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity." Stonewall, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights group, said the guidance gave "clear advice" to teachers on recognising and combating bullying in Church schools. A spokesman said: "Our research shows that nearly half of lesbian, gay, bi and trans pupils are bullied for being LGBT at school: a situation that desperately needs to change."

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Nov 14 08:11 [raw]

Before too long, homosexuality will be compulsory!

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Nov 14 15:06 [raw]

The real bullies are those who are promoting transgenderism. It is an attack on the existence of peoples and nations. It is the devil and his children trying to ruin the creation of God.

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Nov 17 04:01 [raw]

i can't believe y'all are talking about god hahaha like obviously man and woman are categorically significant for the bible but the bible is a document which was literally designed for social control... why do you think heaven is always just on the otherside of ur life? because being alive sucks but being alive as a transgender/queer/gay person is even worse because people like you believe everything your parents, schools, presidents, etc have told you. You think you're being progressive or smart talking about this like its a joke... but you're the ones who are preaching lies and pro-oppression rhetoric in this situation. isn't god supposed to love people? this is exactly what the people in charge/ governments etc want, for people who have it super shitty have it barely less shitty than other people and to blame their shitty lives on other innocent people.

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