GB2RS News - Sunday 18th November 2018

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GB2RS NEWS Sunday 18th November 2018 The news headlines: • First geostationary amateur satellite success • New RSGB Convention videos on YouTube • New version of WSJT-X On Thursday the 15th of November, a SpaceX Falcon 9 vehicle lifted off flawlessly at 2046UTC from Cape Canaveral. It was carrying the first amateur radio payload destined for geostationary orbit. About 32 minutes after launch, SpaceX reports the spacecraft was successfully deployed into a geostationary transfer orbit. Positioned at 25.5°E, the satellite will carry an amateur radio S-band and X-band payload capable of linking radio amateurs from Brazil to Thailand. The recent subject of an AMSAT-UK Colloquium presentation, Es’hail-2 carries two Phase 4 non-inverting amateur radio transponders operating in a 2.4GHz up and 10.45GHz down configuration. This offers a 250kHz bandwidth linear transponder intended for conventional analogue operations, plus an 8MHz bandwidth transponder for experimental digital modulation schemes and DVB amateur television. You can see the talk at Two more 2018 RSGB Convention talks are now on YouTube. Using drones to measure antenna radiation patterns by Jenny Bailey, G0VQH looks at how antenna radiation patterns are difficult to measure because antennas are typically high above the ground. A practical method of measuring the radiation field around an antenna could be with a drone. This video deals with the CAA restrictions, drone selection, payload and operation as well as measurement antenna design and plotting the results. The second video is An Introduction to SDRs and GNU Radio by Heather Lomond, M0HMO. She gives an overview of what is in an software defined radio, the types of tasks they can do for us and how to get started with them, as well as an introduction to some digital signal processing techniques such as IQ Modulation, Filters, DDS and FFT demodulation. Go to, click on the RSGB Convention lectures section and then the RSGB 2018 Convention icon to view these videos. A new WSJT-X release candidate, version 2.0.0-rc4, now is available, and the version 2.0 Quick Start Guide has been revised and extended. The developers urge anyone upgrading to the new version to read the release notes thoroughly. The upgrade requires users to change operator settings, so the software may not work straight out of the box when upgrading from previous versions. The latest version of WSJT-X also removes compatibility with earlier versions of the software in certain circumstances. Full information is at It is vital that we contribute to the debate around spectrum use. Former RSGB Chairman Graham Murchie, G4FSG recently made a presentation on behalf of all UK radio amateurs to the UK Spectrum Policy Forum, a body that advises the government. He also led the subsequent discussion, supported by RSGB General Manager Steve Thomas, M1ACB and RSGB Spectrum Forum Chair Murray Niman, G6JYB. Topics included the shortage of practical skills in the radio arena, the social and economic aspects of spectrum use, and examples of where the RSGB is encouraging development of scarce skills and using them to good effect. You can see the presentations at Lithuania and Montenegro are the latest countries active on 60m. Lithuania’s telecomms regulator has enabled the new WRC-15 Secondary Allocation of 5351.5 – 5366.5kHz at 15W EIRP in its 2018 update to the country’s Frequency Allocation Table. The latest update to the Montenegro National Frequency Plan lists a new band at 5MHz, namely the WRC-15 Amateur Secondary Allocation of 5351.5 – 5366.5kHz with 15W EIRP, which has been confirmed by national society, the Montenegro Amateur Radio Pool. As from this Sunday, the 18th, at 1830UTC, Eddie, G0VVT will be reading GB2RS News on GB7ST slot 2 talk group 9, the DMR repeater in Stoke on Trent. At the same time, he will read the news on 433.525MHz and GB3SX, the 6m repeater in Stoke on Trent. Thanks go to Eddie and all the other news readers who give freely of their time to serve their fellow radio amateurs. The RSGB has appointed Sara McGarvey, 2I0SSW into the new role of Youth Committee Champion. The role will include managing the UK attendance at the YOTA camp each year and YOTA Month every December. The next Advanced Distance Learning course to be run by the Bath-based team is due to start on the first of February 2019, aiming for an exam in July or August. Course places are limited; the last four were completely filled well before the start date. So, if you are interested in joining, contact the Course Leader Steve, G0FUW, without delay, via email to Now a date for next year’s diary. The RSGB AGM will be held on 27 April 2019 at Jurys Inn, 245 Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HQ. The Society’s accounts and reports for 2018 will appear in the April 2019 RadCom. Three of ITU-R Study Group 5 Working Groups meet in Geneva between the 5th and the 16th of November. Working Party 5A deals with the Land mobile service above 30MHz, wireless access in the fixed service and the amateur and amateur-satellite services. Working Group 5A1, responsible for amateur matters is chaired by Dale, VK1DSH. The main topic is to develop a technical report to support the work for World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 Agenda Item 1.1, considering an allocation of the frequency band 50 to 54MHz to the amateur service in Region 1. The Working Group consists of a mix of radio amateurs from all three IARU Regions, administrations from all over the world and other interested parties like meteorologists and military. -- And now for the details of rallies and events for the coming week The Nevada Radio and Waters & Stanton Open Day takes place today, the 18th. It is at Nevada Radio, 1 Fitzherbert Spur, Portsmouth PO6 1TT, and doors are open from 10am to 4.30pm. Major manufacturers will be in attendance to demonstrate their latest radios. There’s a free burger and coffee, between 11am and 2pm, for every attendee. The main warehouse will be opened to customers to wander around and pick up many one-off deals on the day, or pick through a large selection of vintage and used radio equipment. See for more details. Also today, the 18th, the 41st CATS Radio & Electronics Bazaar is at Oasis Academy, Homefield Road, Coulsdon CR5 1ES. There is free car parking; doors open at 10am, with admission being £1.50. You’ll find trade stands, special interest groups, refreshments and more. Contact Andy, G0KZT, on 0772 986 6600. The Plymouth Radio Rally takes place today, the 18th, at Harewood House, Church Road, Plympton PL7 1NH. Doors open at 10.30am and there’s a £2 entrance fee. For details, email Next Sunday, the 25th, the Bishop Auckland ARC rally will take place at Spennymoor Leisure Centre, 32 High Street, Spennymoor, Co Durham, DL16 6DB. This venue has good parking and access to a large ground floor hall. Doors open at 10.30am, 10.15am for disabled visitors. Admission is £2, accompanied under-14s free. There will be the usual radio, computer, electronics and bring and buy stalls as well as catering and bar facilities. Talk-in on S22. Contact John, G4LRG, 01388 606 396. To get your event into RadCom and GB2RS, please send details as early as possible to – we need to know at least three to four months in advance to get your information into RadCom. -- And now the DX news from 425 DX News and other sources Nick, VE3EY will be active as 9Y4/VE3EY from Trinidad, IOTA reference SA-011, between the 19th and 26th of November, including an entry in the CQ Worldwide DX CW Contest. QSL via VE3EY, Club Log’s OQRS and Logbook of The World. Uwe, DL8UD will be active as HC5M from Cuenca in Ecuador between the 21st and 28th of November, including an entry in the CQ Worldwide DX CW Contest. Outside the contest he will operate SSB and CW on the 160 to 10m bands. QSL via DL8UD, direct or via the bureau. A team will be active as J8NY from St Vincent, NA-109, between the 21st and 28th of November. They will operate all modes including FT8 on the 160 to 6m bands, and will participate in the CQ Worldwide DX CW Contest. QSL via VE7NY and Logbook of the World. Alex, K2BB and Pavel, UU0JR will be active as 5R8UM from Nosy Be, AF-057, Madagascar, between the 19th and 26th of November, including an entry in the CQ Worldwide DX CW Contest. Plans are to use the 160 to 6m bands on CW, SSB, FT8 and JT65A. They will also give 6m EME a try. QSL via Club Log’s OQRS and Logbook of the World. Pierre, HB9AMO will be active as 5U9AMO from Niamey, Niger from the 20th of November to the 3rd of December. He will operate CW on the 160 to 10m bands, including participation in the CQ Worldwide DX CW Contest. QSL via M0URX’s OQRS and Logbook of the World. Rich, N0HJZ will be active as C6ARW from Grand Bahama, NA-080, between the 20th and the 28th of November. He will be competing in the CQ Worldwide DX CW contest; operation outside the contest will be on SSB, CW and RTTY. QSL via Logbook of the World or direct to N0HJZ. Audie, DU1ZDR and Gazelle, DU1ZDQ will be active as DZ1A/DU2 from Basco, Batan Island, OC-093, on the 19th and 20th of November. Main frequencies will be and 7055 and 14260kHz. -- Now the special event news We have no news of special events this week. Please send event details to, as early as possible, for free publicity on GB2RS, in RadCom and online. UK special event stations must be open to the public, so our free publicity can help make your efforts more widely known. -- Now the contest news Today, the 18th, the UK Microwave Group’s Low Band contest runs from 1000 to 1400UTC. Using all modes on the 1.3 to 3.4GHz bands the exchange is signal report, serial number and locator. On Tuesday the 1.3GHz UK Activity Contest runs from 2000UTC to 2230UTC. Using all modes the exchange is signal report, serial number and locator. On Wednesday the Autumn Series contest runs from 2000UTC to 2130UTC. This is the SSB leg and is on the 80m band. The exchange is signal report and serial number. The big contest this month is the CQ Worldwide DX CW Contest over the 24th and 25th. Conditions are unlikely to be good, but at least CW is a narrowband mode so really weak signals should be more copyable than on other modes. It starts at 0000UTC on the 24th and runs until 2359UTC on the 25th. Using all contest bands from 1.8 to 28MHz, the exchange is signal report and CQ Zone, which for the UK is 14. -- Now the radio propagation report, compiled by G0KYA, G3YLA and G4BAO on Friday the 16th of November. The predicted bad geomagnetic conditions forecast for last weekend didn’t turn out to be quite so bad after all. The Kp index only rose to four on the tenth and then conditions settled again, despite a large coronal hole on the Sun’s surface. However, reports did come in of poor conditions on 80 metres on Monday evening during the RSGB 80m Autumn Series contest. A good guide to conditions for inter-G, or near vertical incidence skywave propagation, is always the ionosonde data at The site showed that the critical frequency, which is the maximum frequency at which signals launched vertically into the ionosphere are returned, dropped as low as 3.16MHz on Monday evening. This so-called critical frequency, or FoF2, meant the ionosphere couldn’t support close-in 80 metre signals – they basically carried on out into space rather than being returned to Earth. This may be a trend we see in the evenings throughout the winter, especially with a solar flux index as low as 67 as we have been seeing. The only answer is to move to Top Band or make do with VHF and UHF. Next week, NOAA predicts more of the same, with an SFI of around 68-70. Geomagnetic conditions are predicted to be more settled though with a maximum Kp index of two. This means daytime maximum useable frequencies are likely to be around 18 or 19MHz over a 3,000km path. There have been the occasional openings during the day up to 21 and even 28MHz, but these are likely to be fleeting and generally unreliable. Night-time MUFs over a 3,000km path may struggle to reach 9-12MHz at times, with 40, or more likely 80 metres, being the highest reliable band for DX. -- And now the VHF and up propagation news. It looks like a good Tropo spell coming up, especially over the eastern side of the country with some good paths across the North Sea to northern Europe and Scandinavia. This is due to a strong temperature inversion set up by a large area of high pressure over Scandinavia. As this high drifts away towards Iceland, the Tropo will decline and low pressure will take over for southern areas by mid-week. This could introduce some coastal showers, especially along the English Channel and over the southern North Sea, which may bring some chance of rain scatter for the microwave bands. Today we should still be in the tail end of last night’s Leonid meteor shower so look for enhanced meteor scatter paths. Moon declination goes positive tomorrow so the week will see increasingly long Moon windows and path losses will fall as the week progresses. And that’s all from the propagation team this week.

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