The Fake Truth Movement (Shills) Exposed

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The Fake Truth Movement (Shills) Exposed Some excellent information on the fake truth movement: Shared and Exposed by Killuminati Soldiers of Truth. Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Edward Snowden and Chelsey Manning: Julian Assange is a cia/nsa operative they have used since day one under their Mkultra and Project Mockingbird to control the masses with "controlled opposition" just like Alex Jones, David Icke, Mark Dice, Jessie Ventura, Joe Rogan and the rest of the co-intel pro crews. Wikileaks is a cia operation using nsa operatives like Edward Snowden and military assets like Bradley Manning to push bullcrap stories to the public and create an "underground truth movement" in which the government controls. The purpose of these people is to gather contact lists, email lists, phone lists and locations of "threats" whom might rebel against the governments and group them all together so when the time comes it is easy to round them all up. Most of these fake truth movements are ran by ex military personnel, cia agents, nsa agents or police officers that all are apart of secret societies themselves working to promote the agendas of the elite and cause division amongst the true truth movements. This term refers to dis-info agents. Those that propagate disinformation (deliberate propaganda) as opposed to misinformation which is just wrong information spread by repeaters who are ignorant on the facts. Disinformation is sometimes referred to as counter intelligence. Shills are sometimes referred to as gatekeepers. (Their purpose is to distract, divide, confuse, discredit, deceive, disengage, and disempower.) All these people provide 25 percent truths and 75 percent distorted information and lies and then once gained your trust, take you off in the wrong direction with nonsense such as shape-shifting reptilians, crop circles, big foot, UFOs, lock-ness monster, etc. These are fabricated nonsense which should be avoided. These shills are EXTREMELY dangerous to the cause. They keep us contained in large dis-info nets to contain, de-fuse, suppress and dissolve the Truth. They keep potential truthers from looking at the real agenda, the real enemies, and all the time they are helping the elite to kill time and therefore kill us. Precious time we don’t have. Many people have said to me “Yeah, well they do give a lot of good information out and they are helping people realize there is an agenda and so on”. I won’t buy into this argument whatsoever. Yes I know there are some of us who are able to escape this dis-info net, but we are small in numbers in relative terms. All of these shills bash real truthers who were killed in this fight (William Cooper). They kill real truthers then replace them with the shills in their position, and back and promote them shills. These shills are allowed on TV, anyone with a real amount of truth or is real is not let anywhere near the TV or any major source especially controlled by the enemy. TAKE NOTE: These shills are all connected. ALEX JONES Alex Jones and his associates of Info Wars are very dangerous to truth. Aggressive fear-based with lies, hysteria and rumors. Alex Jones has been featured many times throughout the Media always making a fool of himself to make the Truth Movement look like as they call us "crazy" and "tin foul hat wearers". Alex Jones comes out with real clangers such as "Hollywood is controlled by the Arabs", "The Russians are's absolutely out of control, it's pandemic...". Alex Jones is known for planting fake stories and news articles. Alex Jones has also been seen at protests using COINTELPRO tactics causing a disruption. Alex Jones is friends with Hollywood shills, such as, Charlie Sheen, Jesse Ventura and Joe Rogan. Alex Jones bashes real truthers like William Cooper. Alex Jones never tells you who the real enemy behind the New World Order nor even reveals any deep information into the New World Order. He doesn't name the enemy as the Ancient Mystery School but instead names the enemy as the "elite" and "globalist" having you chase people you don't know nor see. Alex Jones can be seen in photos using Satanic hand signs. William Cooper - The Alex Sandoval Jones Deception - (1-4-2000): PART 1: http PART 2: http PART 3: http\ The Alex Jones Deception. Alex Jones wants you to work for the NWO More of Alex "Zionist Shill" Jones Alex Jones EXPOSED BY #WilliamCooper Alex Jones Didn't Predict 9/11 Bill Cooper Did Alex Jones did NOT Expose Bohemian Grove Alex "Zionist Shill" Jones Alex Jones Exposed - Your Fear Is His Power William Cooper Exposing alex jones Alex Jones Caught Using COINTELPRO Tactics!: https\ Alex Jones 1999 Y2K,Russians are attacking!: http\ He can be seen in a photo displaying an obvious Satanic hand sign, the horns. DAVID ICKE Popular nonsense merchant David Icke may come across as reasonable to some – until they discover that he names the ultimate enemy not as the Ancient Mystery Schools, but as an inter-dimensional race of reptile people who shape shift, go down in their dungeons and drink blood. On top of all of this, Icke has played a lead role in promoting “conspirituality” (NEW AGE AGENDA) pushing sick and weird ideas regarding the use of “quantum physics” to “create your own reality” and many other crazy ideas. He was a public speaker and former professional footballer. Icke was a BBC television sports presenter and spokesman for the Green Party, when in 1990 a psychic told him that he was a healer who had been placed on Earth for a purpose, and that the spirit world was going to pass messages to him. In March 1991 he held a press conference to announce that he was a "Jesus, the Son of God". "David Icke Is A Piece Of Scum". William Cooper exposes David Icke: http\ LUKE RUDKOWSKI Luke Rudkowski from ‘WeAreChange’. Luke just so happens to slip into every high-profile meeting again and again and again. Always just happening to get a short few words from the top. He was caught red-handed embezzling We Are Change donations. Luke Rudkowski was caught in a lie when it comes to the obvious Freemason infiltration in WeAreChange NYC as his friend Freemason Craig Fitzgerald has been seen taking pictures with the group doing the signs, in an interview Craig said himself to be one and with Luke well aware of this all as he later tried covering this up. Luke Rudkowski was NOT and is NOT the founder of We Are Change, but it was hi-jacked by shill Luke Rudkowski and the Freemasons/Illuminati. Dan Wallace, who mysteriously died, was the original founder of this group We Are Change/911 Truth Movement. After he died it was then taken over by this shill named Luke Rudkowski and them. Luke Rudkowski Exposed - Where's The Change: http\ Luke Rudkowski and Freemason Craig Fitzgerald of We Are Change NYC Exposed: http\ The Mysterious Death of We Are Change's True Founder, Dan Wallace (In Search of the Truth 2-16-2011): http\ Youtube Protects Truth Movement Infiltrators (proof Dan Wallace was murdered and why?): http\ MARK DICE After months of a so-called split between the two personalities, Mark Dice has removed all his videos critical of Alex Jones and is now rejoining Jones and his monopolization of the alternative media, along with Hollywood shill Jesse Ventura. Dice, who started out under Alex Jones wing as a “John Conner”, leader of The Resistance Manifesto (a play on The Terminator character who leads mankind’s resistance against the machines), began attacking Alex Jones last year, producing YouTube videos every Friday making fun of Jones and “exposing” the Illuminati. While the videos were entertaining enough, there was no real substance in them with which to nail Jones as a definite shill, which many have speculated for years. Interestingly, Dice even went as far as calling Jones a Zionist shill privately but never addressed it publicly. Fast track to April, now Dice has removed all of his YouTube videos critical of Jones, and Jones has welcomed Dice back, having him as a guest on the Infowars show. Dice was just recently awarded an interview on Fox News talking about some nonsensical fake gun-control petition. Looks like Jones and his mainstream media handlers were awarding Dice for his longstanding commitment to Jones and his counter intelligence operation. Looking back, one shouldn’t be surprised with this about face. During the whole staged drama between the two, Jones continued to market and sell Dice’s various generic conspiracy books. And Dice and Jones both appeared on Hollywood shill conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura’s cable television show Conspiracy Theory, which is produced by the TruTv, Michael Braverman. Jones and Dice are regular guests on the show, they both even been featured on the History Channel. The three stooges of alternative media—Jones, Dice, and Ventura—never address any real questions, much less discuss the real leadership of the New World Order nor any deep information. I think it’s safe to assume that all three of them are involved in the same counter intelligence operation. He as like Alex Jones also bashes real truthers like William Cooper. He can be seen in a photo displaying obvious one eyed symbolism with a coin. JESSE VENTURA Jesse Ventura, an obvious shill, has been seen wearing a Freemasonic double Headed Eagle symbol while on the television show WWE. He had his own show on Illuminati controlled, TruTv, called Conspiracy Theory. He's been promoted/featured throughout Media many of times and even released a few books. He provides no real information as like the other shills. He was also the Governor of Minnesota. Jesse Ventura The WWE Illuminati conspiracy: http\ ADAM KOKESH “Anarcho-Capitalist” Adam Kokesh, is one of the more ridiculous figures to be found in this alleged Truth Movement. Adam Kokesh is an obvious disinfo shill and has been since day one. He served for a year with the 3rd Civil Affairs group in Iraq, propagandizing our efforts there before and after Fallujah and then he decided for some strange reason to take his handgun home with him which of course got him discharged without the possibility of re-enlisting. He then immediately joins anti-war protests, wearing his military uniform to garner him attention in the movement and credibility, and becomes a neoliberal libertarian joining the ranks of the likes of Alex Jones and Ron Paul. Kokesh then decided to come out against shill Ron Paul once it became obvious that he had deliberately aided the nomination process of the Mormon fall-guy Mitt Romney. Then he seemed to turn on Alex Jones but he recently did a video with Mark Dice in which they both pretended to have problems with that shill as well but of course, during the entire video all they did was pay fealty to the fraudster over and over again. It was a limited hangout critique of a limited hangout agent. Kokesh is a combat veteran, in possession of a charismatic personality, and has a very low IQ. Kokesh openly promotes the use of drugs on his shows and has been seen many of times purposely acting out to be arrested as to give himself credibility to his fake campaign; as for his most recent attempt by loading up a gun in DC (which again the media promoted and backed). He says that we need to abolish the government completely while pushes the idea of "Revolution" as do the other shills. Trying to push an agenda chaos and disorder. He can be seen in a photo displaying obvious one eyed symbolism with a coin. On the coin is a snake (serpent), and a "V" symbol which is the sigil of Satan. JOE ROGAN Joe Rogan, a Hollywood shill, has been featured in a few movies, was a Host on Fear Factor, is a UFC announcer, has his own radio show, and has his own television show on Illuminati controlled, SYFY. He is friends with Satanist Stanton Lavey, and can be seen in a photo with him while wearing a shirt that says "666". He promotes New Age ideas and drug use. TILA TEQUILA Tila Nguyen, better known by her stage names Tila Tequila and Miss Tila, is a Singaporean-born American model and television personality. She is known for her appearances in the men's magazines Stuff, Maxim, Penthouse, her role as host of the Fuse TV show featuring performance striptease, Pants-Off Dance-Off and her position as the most popular artist on MySpace (according to page views) circa April 2006. Her MTV reality show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, aired for two seasons. She recently came out these last couple years talking about the Illuminati and the New World Order, but only spreads lies and rumor as well while promoting New Age ideas amongst this topic. She called herself the Creator, and an angel and many other insane things (blasphemy). She is an obvious shill, a nut-case, a liar, a drug addict, promotes the Homosexual Agenda, has psychological issues and back in 2012 she tried committing suicide. She can be seen in photos holding a snake (serpent), covering one eye (one eyed) while displaying the "666" sign, committing blasphemy, and making Satanic hand signs. RON PAUL Ron Paul is the worst kind of liar. He's absorbing the hopes of millions of gullible American's into his fraud of a campaign. If Ron Paul were the real thing he wouldn't be on TV. If Ron Paul were the real thing he would tell the truth about 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden, and such other things. Instead as he said, that he has abandoned it and those who support the 9/11 truth. His whole stance on the gold standard/reserve is just another Rothschild manipulation. American's feel desperate to get Obama out of the White House, so they're jumping on the Ron Paul bandwagon. But Ron Paul is no different than Obama because he works directly for the same boss. Plus he is really just a ruse because the voting machines are in the hands of the same cartel. They decided who would win the 2012 election at some Bohemian Grove meeting ten years ago. What I want to know is where all the millions of hard-earned dollars gullible desperate American's are sending to the Ron Paul campaign are going? Paul is obviously controlled opposition. Ron Paul can be seen in photos giving Masonic hand shakes, and flashing Satanic hand signs. Ron Paul - don't believe 911 "Truthers"- cease your rhetoric: http\ PETER JOSEPH/ZEIGEIST Peter Joseph is an American independent filmmaker and social activist. He has written, directed, narrated, scored and produced three documentary films called Zeitgeist: The Movie (2007), Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008) and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011). He is the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement and on the Steering Committee of "Project Peace on Earth." Joseph also wrote and produced the web series Culture in Decline and directed the June 2013 Black Sabbath music video God Is Dead?. Zeigeist is full of lies. "Zeitgeist" is a major cover-up for 9/11. Unnoticed, it peddles a VAST AND OBSCENE LIE. Once you are mislead with this vast, yet seemingly innocuous lie, it becomes impossible for a person to realize the TRUTH BEHIND 9/11. "Zeitgeist" claims that Jesus was born on the same day as an Egyptian God, giving the ordinary dude-in-the-street the impression that the Ancient Egyptians used the same calendar as ourselves. Jesus=Horus? Not Even Close! Zeitgeist is false and the words of God are true. I have been amazed that some people actually believe that Jesus is a copycat myth based on pagan gods. It, of course, is absolutely ridiculous. This is UTTERLY UNTRUE and acceptance of this well established fact has staggering repercussions and reveals much critical information about 9/11 that would otherwise remain hidden. Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Edward Snowden and Chelsey Manning: Julian Assange is a cia/nsa operative they have used since day one under their Mkultra and Project Mockingbird to control the masses with "controlled opposition" just like Alex Jones, David Icke, Mark Dice, Jessie Ventura, Joe Rogan and the rest of the co-intel pro crews. Wikileaks is a cia operation using nsa operatives like Edward Snowden and military assets like Bradley Manning to push bullcrap stories to the public and create an "underground truth movement" in which the government controls. The purpose of these people is to gather contact lists, email lists, phone lists and locations of "threats" whom might rebel against the governments and group them all together so when the time comes it is easy to round them all up. Most of these fake truth movements are ran by ex military personnel, cia agents, nsa agents or police officers that all are apart of secret societies themselves working to promote the agendas of the elite and cause division amongst the true truth movements. William Cooper was killed so that Alex Jones and these people could control the flow of content being shown to the people and so that these idiots could come in and make most truth movement look foolish with their y2k scares, reptilians, aliens, flat earths and other nonsense while promoting the demonic agendas of the elite. Bradley Manning is a so called traitor to the united states yet in custody he was able to make millions of dollars with book and video deals and actually was able to have a sex change in prison and given the medications to do so. Then many in the so called truth movements began promoting the trans-gender movement because Manning was such a hero and patriot. At the same time Bruce Jenner killed someone in a car accident and they pertty much forced him to become a transgender and get rid of his man hood or either go to prison so that they could have another "hero" to promote for the LGBT and trasngender" populations. All of these people are just puppets putting on an act to fool fools into accepting these movements and merging them all together. Just like they stole the "rainbow warriors" from the native americans and used that for the LBGT movement. Now when people think of the rainbow warriors instead of thinking about the ancestors of the native americans like sitting bull, crazy horse, red cloud, Geronimo, joseph or others they think about a group of gay men wearing nothing waving a rainbow flag. If Snowden was truly a traitor they wouldnt have made a movie about his life! They havent made a movie about William Cooper have they? If Manning was truly a threat and traitor they wouldnt have let him get a sex change and if Assange was a true threat he wouldnt be in a million dollar embassy eating good food and wine with actors and actresses coming to visit him. People whom even believe these stories are foolish to me... During the ‘60 and ‘70 and ‘80 the cover for C.I.A.’s Monarch and MK-Ultra projects in Australia was a sect/cult called “The Family”.It was set up as a school for children but it was in reality a mind controlling facility of the C.I.A. Founded and directed by Anne Hamilton-Byrne,The Family made headlines around the world in 1987 when the Australian Federal Police and Community Services Victoria raided the cult’s property at Lake Eildon and took six children into care. Police later found 14 children had been brought up in almost complete isolation believing they were the offspring of Hamilton-Byrne and her late husband Bill.In fact none of them was Hamilton-Byrnes’, but children of single mothers who had been pressured into giving them up for adoption or cult members who did not want them. But it was the way the children had been treated that really shocked the nation. Hamilton-Byrne had ordered the children’s hair be dyed peroxide blonde and they be dressed in identical outfits. It was also alleged they had been half-starved, beaten and forced to take large quantities of tranquilisers to “calm them down” and even fed LSD. Known children that were raised in The Family were Martin Bryant,the spree killer who pled guilty to murdering 35 people and injuring 21 others in the Port Arthur massacre, and Julian Assange. Interestingly they were and still and are both obsessed with their hair and dying them blond:a typical trait of the victims of mind control programs they suffered in childhood that does not go away with time.

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