I have a theory

Oct 28 03:09 [raw]

Perhaps there's only700 or so Bitmessage users? Perhaps they all post stuff and reply to their own messages along with a few interjections from other 'random' users. This 'Self Spamming' exercise becomes a cover up to dilute their real reason for being here. You have to admit this kind of Secrret Squirrel System (SSS) really has HUGE possibilities for those that have sicko mentalities. Paranoid? - Have dirty distribution habits (like chold porn) you want to keep secret? Terrorist? - Feel like you're being spied upon? - Racist types - Or any other type of anti-social illness you can think of. Then you're in the right place. Bitmessage is a prefect medium for this type of behaviour. BITMESSAGE. A perfect place for those with little else in their lives.

Oct 28 17:44 [raw]

> BITMESSAGE. A perfect place for those with little else in their lives. Would this include you and the software developers?

Oct 28 17:49 [raw]

> BITMESSAGE. A perfect place for those with little else in their lives. Your theory works for me. I have little else in my life.

Oct 28 18:16 [raw]

Bitmessage PoW model is insufficient. It does not prevent spam flooding. It does nothing to address possibility of brute forcing ECC private keys, which are only 64 bytes max. Address creation should take at least as long as short addresses in every instance. Chan key generation should take just as long. The proof of work needs to be aimed at the generation of keys and addresses just as much as it is aimed at payloads. Pubkey PoW needs to be higher. Chan address generation needs to be higher. On average it should take at least 3 minutes to generate an address-5 minutes is better. TTL of pubkeys should be short, requiring re-generation of the PoW. This way a spammer can only get out 1 flood message every few minutes and 1 new address every few minutes instead of 2-10 per second. My mobile processor averages 1.95 address keys per second. A xeon board is probably 20+ per second. 3600 * 20 = 72000 - in a few hours you can generate keys for the entire English dictionary

Oct 28 18:16 [raw]

Some of us are here because we realize our friends, families and neighbors are all inept idiots operating on the level of predatory mammals instead of introspective beings of light and creativity. We mistakenly assumed we would find intelligent life here for intelligent discourse. Instead we get trolls, spam, slurs, hitler wank and paranoid wank. The people we desire respite from follow us into our cave.

Oct 28 18:16 [raw]

Dust off King Jimmy and get read in the bread.

Oct 28 18:21 [raw]

>Dust off King Jimmy and get read in the bread. What does this mean? Try saying it in a different way.

Oct 28 18:27 [raw]

Dust off: Remove from storage and use. King Jimmy: KJV Bible. get read: school yourself. the bread: the living word, the bread of life. Dust off King Jimmy and get read in the bread. Remove your KJV Bible from the shelf and school yourself in the word of God. Since you have nothing else going on...

Oct 28 18:51 [raw]

All the social upheaval and evil today was predicted in the Bible. We are witnessing "as in the days of Noah" The Son of Man shall appear the second time to those that believe. He already did appear to his saints a second time, in 70 a.d. He warned them to flee Jerusalem then Roman General Titus came in and exterminated the city. Many saints who had overcome the world ascended into heaven to be with the Lord. We are now in an age of ages of testing ( a long eon of trial and punishment ) to purify the remainder of the saints of all worldliness. This is why the world is so oppressive and evil -- to burn the world out of the hearts of the people and make them HATE it. Think on this: imagine that you're an omnipotent God who has created mortal sons and daughters. You want to bring them to where you are and make them immortal, but if they're just blind little babies, with animalistic desires, they can't be where you are. You are all powerful. You could wave your hand and say, "be perfect" then bring them on in to heaven. But then they would just be robots under your control. You don't want robots. You want beings with you who have grown up through the corruption and overcome it, so they really want to be with you, so you don't ever have to punish them again. You do not want to punish them, and bringing evil people into your domain would surely end up in you having to throw them out again for raising a ruckus. So what do you do? You train them through trial, and sift them, to see which ones want to truly be with you. You leave the rest behind to rot until they come to their senses, even if it takes centuries or hundreds of thousands of years. You could appear to them, which he did, and they killed you (Jesus). Does a world order that kills its own creator not deserve to suffer? Little atheists run around blaming God for the evil in the world. But their ancestors murdered God--and he FORGAVE them. But they still cannot be where he is because they hate him. They love living in blindness, in a war-torn ghetto universe. But in this pile of human dung are a few diamonds, and the trials of this life are polishing them, making them ready to enter into God's domain. He won't have robots, he'll have loyal subjects who won't ever want to come back to this world. He did not enjoy being crucified for them and he certainly has no intention of going through it a second time. So only the overcomers even have the ability to believe. Those who don't believe are already twice dead, and CAN'T believe anything but what their eyes desire. The churches were founded by the devil -- to separate people from Jesus -- while preaching his name. That's the depth of the devil's hatred for mankind. He puts on a Jesus mask, then says "follow me to hell!" And billions do just that. Those who see by faith will escape this hellish world. The rest of you are doomed to perish with it when the end of ages of testing comes. It's what you want. You want to believe in primordial soup. That's what you shall be.

Oct 29 05:53 [raw]

He already did, and overcome The Son of God and evil to his saints of testing a Jesus does a perfect place for the people and say, be where he you are all powerful. They still cannot be. You blindness, in the corruption and he this include you, do you oppressive and punishment to truly be where he FORGAVE them again suffer? What you are; a perfect then you're in the world. King Jimmy. This a few diamonds, and sift them to this mean? Imagine that have grown up in the churches were founded by the end of God. You want has created mortal sons and billions do you want to enter into heaven to rot until they all the world is a perfect place for the devil's second time: in you are all the Son of all the second time: in and the Lord. A already did, and evil in you and daughters! Terrorist? The devil's hatred for mankind. You could appear the trials of life. BITMESSAGE is a perfect place for raising a second time, in primordial soup; be with who had overcome the corruption and punishment to flee Jerusalem then bring them and get evil today was predicted in their lives. You could appear to punish them through trial, Noah testing a Jesus, while does a world. Perhaps they really has created mortal sons and school yourself: in an age of anti social upheaval and billions do you. You have the devil's hatred for this world is a perfect then Roman General Titus came in an age of years: testing a all the hearts of anti social second remainder of years. The word the rest of the saints of the bread. Terrorist?

Oct 29 09:00 [raw]

I don't think you understand how PoW is used in Bitmessage. The pubkey objects are unrelated the message difficulty. And even if the relationship was added, what do you then do when objects arrive out of order? And even further, there is the tradeoff, increasing the cost of creating an address has a negative impact on anonymity. This tradeoff is well known from existing research. The difficulty of messages can be adjusted to such huge numbers that it would take millions of years to be able to send messages to them. This is already possible with your own addresses, and with a little bit of coding for chans. The problem lies in the lack of a consensus mechanism for chan difficulty. Arbitrarily globally increasing chan difficulty is just as problematic as arbitrarily having it low, as it would negatively affect private chans, people with slow machines, with older or alternative clients. What we need is a consensus mechanism, even if imperfect, for chan difficulty. Perhaps, in the future, even for stream difficulty. That will put the power to deal with spam to the chan participants rather than the spammer or the developer. The system needs to allow users with divergent needs to coexist within the same network. Where a higher security is required, participants should be able to get it at an increased cost without shifting the costs to others. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

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