@S3 ... SPOOQKE ... Secure Pair Orthogonal OTP Quantum Key Exchange

Feb 22 13:31 [raw]

"Spooky Crypto" @S3 ... SPOOQKE ... Secure Pair Orthogonal OTP Quantum Key Exchange S __ ecure P __ air O __ rthogonal O __ TP Q __ uantum K __ ey E __ xchange God has answered my prayers to discover better algorithms for compression and encryption. He is faithful to help this unworthy servant with great inspirations and insights. After many inspirations and experiments I have found the right track. I cannot take honor for it on account of any personal genius. It sort of fell from the clouds into my lap. My preliminary work produces encryption with average potential of 87.5% to 93.75% lossless compression and size reduction. Compression is effective on either structured or random data. The scheme enables secure transmittal of highly compressed one-time pads over insecure channels. Moreover, when a one-time pad is decompressed, exored with plaintext, and the ciphertext compressed, there is no quadratic or residual relationship between the ciphertext and the one-time pad. The compression is another encryption. One-time pads can be re-used after permutation by a standard indexing scrambler. The scheme allows sender and recipient to reconstruct the same pads without actually transmitting the pads. A problem with Vernam's cipher is sharing of key data. This problem has been solved. This scheme allows the mass adoption of Vernam's cipher on the topology of the Internet. This kind of encryption is provably secure and is literally "quantum" in the metaphorical sense since the "quantum bits" of the keys change state to reflect and mirror each other in two places simultaneously without any interaction between them, so only the sender and receiver can know the quantum state of the keys, and the quantum state is then extracted out of the keys during encryption and compression so they can't be recovered by an attacker. By clever use of math, the generators of sender and recipient become entangled without key exchange. Ciphertexts are no longer wrapped with a session key. Session keys are generated by an indexing function independently. A plaintext is exored with one-time pad then "quantum compression" removes most of the information rendering attack of the ciphertext beyond any amount of computing power or time now or future. This is preliminary work. I hope but I cannot guarantee that I will improve the algorithms to a lossless size reduction of 96.875% average. I hope more for breakthroughs on the compression and key exchange than the encryption. A combination of the former two would enable a high load network to transmit gigabytes through a flood protocol with only a few kilobytes of data actually touching the wire. A mesh of tens of thousands of peers could serve a flood protocol without bandwidth bottlenecks. @S3

Feb 22 13:35 [raw]

Blaah, blah... I am sure you will power you SPOOQKE infrastructure with perpetuum mobile you already developed.

Feb 22 13:39 [raw]

Sooooo, tiniest bit of info how it actually works? God gave it to you likely so humanity could flourish. Let us share in your enlightment.

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