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MY SUMMER BABE Mandy sat in the passenger seat of Alexa’s Mom’s car, a red Mercedes coupe, with the top down. Alexa was in the driver seat, primping her hair in the rearview mirror, as they waited in traffic. The two had decided to take a day trip to a small resort town on the West Michigan side of Lake Michigan. The warm breezy air coursed over them as they pulled into the charming downtown and stopped at a traffic light. People were milling about in beachwear, floppy hats, sunglasses. Gift stores and restaurants adorned the street. Across the intersection from them was a grouping of ten motorcycles, revving their engines. The light turned and Alexa pushed her bare foot on the gas. “This place is amazing,” said Mandy. “It’s cute, isn’t it?” said Alexa. “I used to come here every summer with my family.” “I can’t believe your Mom let us take her car overnight,” said Mandy. “Everyone’s gonna think we’re rolling in it.” She patted her hand on the outside of the car door. “Great,” said Alexa, laughing. “Maybe we’ll get whatever we want.” “Just watch for stop signs,” said Mandy suddenly, Alexa slamming the breaks quickly to stop. Both young women laughed. “Oops,” said Alexa. “This place is crazy overrun with people,” said Mandy. “I can’t believe it.” She looked around the streets and saw families walking together, people sitting at a table in front of an ice cream store eating their treats, an older hippie guy gracefully zooming by on a too-small scooter. “A lot of people have summer houses here,” said Alexa. “It’s always busy this time of year.” “Where are we staying?” said Mandy. “Do you guys have a house?” “My Aunt and Uncle do,” said Alexa. “But I got us an AirBnB rental. Some little guest cottage off of someone else’s house.” “Awesome,” said Mandy. “How close is it to the lake?” “It’s, like, right on the lake,” said Alexa. “We’re literally on the beach.” “You’re kidding me,” beamed Mandy. “I’ve always wanted to stay in a cabin right on the lake.” She danced in her seat with her arms above her head, hooting into the warm lake breeze. Alexa laughed at her. “I thought you might be excited,” Alexa said. She reached over and pinched Mandy’s side, which caused Mandy to squirm and giggle. “Take me to the cabin,” Mandy demanded playfully, pointing her finger dramatically forward. “Full speed ahead.” “Aye aye,” said Alexa. “Whatever my summer babe wants.” They looked at each other and smiled, their eyes hidden behind oversized sunglasses, and Alexa sped up, having left the little town, and venturing now down winding back roads along the lake. * Flinging the door to the little cottage open, the girls sauntered in, each carrying a small duffle bag at their side. The cottage was quite small, only having a single room and a bathroom, but inside was a kitchenette at one corner, a sitting area at the opposite corner, and a one big bed along the middle of a wall. It was light and airy in the cottage, a few windows having already been open, and two big bay windows covered one side, allowing them to look out at Lake Michigan. “Holy cow,” said Mandy, setting her duffle down and walking through the cottage. “This place is like a dream. I mean, it’s like a magazine.” Alexa laughed, tossing her duffle onto the bed. “Do you see this view?” said Mandy, leaping toward one of the bay windows, unlocking it, and pushing it open. The rollicking sound of waves gushed in along with a cool gust of wind. Alexa popped her loose oversized tee-shirt off to reveal a purple bikini top underneath, letting the tee fall to the floor. “I’m ready to go hop into the lake,” she said, wiggling her chest a bit. “I’ve been waiting to get to Lake Michigan ever since I got home from college.” “Okay,” said Mandy. “I just need to put my suit on.” Mandy grabbed her duffle bag off the ground, set it on the bed, and unzipped it. She dug through it to find her swimsuit, finally coming up with a white bikini with red polka dots all over it. As she did this, Alexa unbuttoned her own shorts and slid out of them, already dressed in her matching purple bikini bottoms. Kicking off her flip-flops first, Mandy dropped her shorts and kicked them off her feet. She then took her shirt off and tossed it on top of her shorts on the floor. Standing there in just her bra and panties, she smiled at Alexa and turned around so that her back was to Alexa. She slid off her panties, revealing a white tan-lined butt, and quickly pulled her bikini bottom on. Next, she undid her bra, dropped it, and began to position her bikini top on her chest. “Can you help me tie this?” Mandy asked. Alexa came over and tied it in the back for her. “Is that too tight?” asked Alexa. “No,” said Mandy. “That’s good.” “It looks like you’ve already gotten some sun this summer,” said Alexa playfully. “I try to lay out at home,” said Mandy. She turned around and struck a pose for Alexa, who giggled at her. Alexa stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Mandy’s waist, pulling her in for a hug, their bare stomachs grazing each other. Mandy felt herself get goosebumps and a tingle ran up her spine. She smiled and pulled her friend closer in a hug, laying her head on Alexa’s shoulder. Out on the beach, Alexa sat on her knees atop a towel, presenting her back for Mandy. Mandy squirted a white gob of sunblock on her hands, rubbed them together and began to cover Alexa’s back, shoulders, and arms in it. Mandy squirted another gob of the sunblock onto her hands and reached around, rubbing it on Alexa’s upper chest. Alexa closed her eyes, arched her back, and stuck her chest out as Mandy did this. Mandy positioned her towel toward the lake and lay back on it, her hands behind her and holding her up. Alexa sat on her towel, taking out her small sachet of rolling tobacco, and started to roll a cigarette. Gazing off into the lake, with her best friend at her side, Mandy felt so incredibly at ease. Time seemed like it stood still, she had no care in the world, and she considered that she could just die right now and be fine with it. “If she smokes,” started Alexa, handing Mandy the rollie. “She pokes.” Alexa poked Mandy impishly in the side. Mandy recoiled from the poke and laughed, taking the cigarette and lighting it in her mouth. “What does that even mean?” said Mandy, exhaling a cloud of smoke. “What?” said Alexa. “If she smokes, she pokes. What does that even mean?” asked Mandy once more. Alexa laughed. “It’s a thing I’ve heard guys say,” said Alexa. “It means, if she’s a smoker, she’ll probably have sex with you.” “Really?” Mandy said, now laughing. “They really think that?” “Well,” said Alexa. “I don’t know. It stands to reason that if you’re a little bad in one way,” she said, taking the cigarette from Mandy and pulling from it. “You might be bad in another.” She exhaled. “Have you had sex with a guy?” asked Mandy, now turning on her side toward Alexa. Alexa, looking off into the lake and holding the rollie out in front of her, nodded affirmatively. “Really?” said Mandy. “A guy up at college?” “Yep,” said Alexa. “David is his name.” She ashed the cigarette into the sand and offered it back to her friend. “He lives in my dorm and we dated for a little while.” “Did you do it just once with him?” said Mandy. “A couple times,” said Alexa. “It was okay. It kinda hurts at first, especially because these guys don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t let you get wet or turned on enough.” Mandy laughed bashfully and looked away, taking a puff at the dwindling rollie. “Young guys just see dudes relentlessly pounding these chicks in pornos,” Alexa continued. “It’s like they have no idea what the clit is. They think we just need our pussies pillaged for a couple minutes to get us off.” “Stop,” said Mandy, giggling. “You’re embarrassing me,” she said in a coy whisper. Alexa laughed. “No, you stop,” said Alexa. “You’re 19 now. You mean to tell me you’ve never gone that far with a guy?” Mandy shook her head no. “Well, you’ll have to sooner or later,” said Alexa. “I mean, it’s bound to happen.” “I’m sure it will sometime,” said Mandy wistfully. “Make sure he wears a condom,” said Alexa. “Even though they suck. I hate them. But you got to be safe.” Mandy nodded and passed the last bit of the cigarette to Alexa. Waves softly crashed to the shoreline, bringing with them a cool breeze and that inimitable smell of Lake Michigan. The beach around them had few people on it, as their part of the lake was private residences. They could see a family a few houses down playing in the water with their kids. A sailboat went by about a mile out. Everything felt calm and secure. After an hour of sunbathing, Alexa stood up and brushed herself off. She looked around for a moment and stretched. Lying on her stomach, Mandy was engrossed in a book on her Kindle, hiding her face from the sun behind sunglasses and a floppy straw hat. “Wanna go in?” said Alexa, pulling her bikini bottoms out of her butt crack. She tossed her own sunglasses and hat down to the towel and stood above Mandy, looking down at her. “Sure,” said Mandy, dropping her Kindle and removing her sunglasses and hat. She stood up and stepped toward Alexa. “Race you!” called out Alexa, who then made a dash toward the lake. “Hey!” shouted Mandy, swiftly following behind her. The two girls sped across the sandy beach and crashed together into the water, kicking up splashes from their feet. Laughing, Mandy flew into Alexa, grabbing her around the waist, and pulled her down into her water. “Woo!” shouted Alexa, giggling and splashing. She jumped up and made her way further out into the water, getting deeper still, the water coming up to just above her stomach. Mandy chased after her, her movements slow and dramatic as the water held her back. Alexa stopped and Mandy collided into her, again tackling her, and the two girls fell into the water, going under and soaking both their heads. Alexa popped up first, laughing, and shaking her head side to side to get the excess water off her. As Mandy popped up, Alexa was smoothing out her hair behind her head, squeezing it together and letting it hang down her back. Mandy floated low in the water, letting the water sit above her shoulders. “This water is amazing,” said Mandy. “It’s like bathwater.” Alexa splashed some water at Mandy with her hand and smiled at her while Mandy lifted a hand up to block the splash from her face. Dropping herself to Mandy’s level now, Alexa floated low and moved closer to her, wrapping her arms around her underneath the water. “I’m glad we could come out here and do this,” said Alexa. “Me too,” said Mandy. “This place is magical.” Alexa planted a sweet, simple kiss on Mandy’s lips. She pulled back and smiled. As the waves rolled in from the lake, the girls played together in the water, swimming haphazardly around, diving under and seeing how far they swim out together, then raced back in toward the shore. Few people were around the beach now, as it was getting close to dinnertime, and the girls felt like they had some seclusion and privacy. Every so often, after swimming and goofing around, they would come together and kiss gently. Afterwards, Mandy would look around to make sure someone wasn’t watching them. Seeing no one, she would then kiss Alexa, touch her smooth skin under the water, run her hands over her back, and feel her wet hair. Coming out of the water first was Mandy, leaning her head to the side and wringing out her hair. Alexa followed close behind and as she approached Mandy she teasingly pushed her down. As Mandy tumbled she reached out and grabbed Alexa’s hand, both girls falling into the sand together, laughing and rolling around. “Let’s get moving,” said Alexa, patting Mandy on the butt. “We should get ready and then go out to dinner.” * Back up at their little cottage, Alexa stood naked and covered in sand, testing the temperature in the running shower. The bathroom was small and tight, barely big enough to accommodate a single person. “Why don’t you just join me?” said Alexa, popping her head out of the open bathroom door. “We can rinse off together and then get ready.” “I don’t know,” said Mandy, approaching the door now. “I can wait.” “Don’t be silly,” said Alexa. “You’re going to get sand all over the room. Just get in here with me. The water’s ready.” Mandy looked around with apprehension, as though someone were watching her. “Okay,” she acquiesced. “I guess it’d be all right.” Alexa smiled and pulled her into the bathroom. While Alexa hopped into the shower right away, Mandy slowly took off her bikini top and placed it in the sink. Following that, she slid out of her bottoms and placed those with her top. She now stood naked and sandy, and looked toward Alexa who was rinsing herself off in the open shower. “It’s kinda tight in there,” said Mandy. Alexa looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “Okay,” Mandy said. She followed her friend into the shower, the stream of water hitting her right away in the tight space, washing the sand quickly off of her. “Let me help you,” said Alexa. She ran her hands over Mandy’s body, brushing the sand off, moving Mandy around to get other sandy parts off her skin, and assisting the sand down the drain by kicking it with her feet. Mandy followed Alexa’s lead and moved her hands over Alexa’s body, helping to get the sand off. “Doesn’t this feel better?” said Alexa, running her hair under the water and then squeezing it out. Mandy nodded. “What?” said Alexa, still working through her hair. “Do you always shave it all off?” said Mandy. “What?” said Alexa. “This?” She pointed to the bare mound between her legs. “Yes,” said Mandy. “I have been lately,” said Alexa. “It makes me feel kinda sexy.” Mandy looked down at her own crotch, the hair neatly trimmed close but not bare like Alexa. “I trim mine,” said Mandy. “But shaving totally just seems like it would get itchy.” “Nah,” said Alexa. “I use witch hazel on it. Stings for a minute, but it prevents it from feeling itchy later.” They showered for another few moments in silence, with Mandy every so often looking to Alexa’s shaven crotch. “Do you want to touch it?” asked Alexa. “It’s smooth. You can feel it.” Mandy stepped a little closer to Alexa now, though that small shower had them quite close already. She reached her fingers out and ran them over Alexa’s pussy, along her lips and up her pubis. It felt soft and very smooth. “Mmm,” moaned Alexa softly. “Do it again.” Mandy complied, rubbing her wet fingers up Mandy’s pussy and then immediately did it a few more times. “You can explore,” said Alexa. “It’s just like yours.” Mandy took two fingers and rubbed back and forth between Alexa’s outer lips, massaging her pussy and up to the clit. She could feel Alexa’s pussy begin to release a moisture more viscous than the shower water covering the rest of their bodies. Alexa placed her hands on Mandy’s shoulders and presented herself, letting Mandy explore. Tracing just her forefinger now, Mandy guided her fingertip into Alexa’s opening, just entering an inch inside. Alexa sighed and stood on her tiptoes for a moment, coming back down and wiggling slightly. “Do you want to finger me?” asked Alexa, opening her eyes and smiling as she caught Mandy’s gaze. “Yes,” said Mandy. Alexa nodded and smiled. Mandy slowly pushed her forefinger inside of Alexa, rubbing it inside and then pulling it out, moving up to her clit to give that a rub. Then back inside her finger went, thrusting in and out carefully and cautiously. “How does it feel?” asked Alexa, her breath quickening as her wanting pussy accepted her friend’s affection. “Familiar,” said Mandy. “Right?” said Alexa Mandy smiled to herself now, looking down and watching herself finger her friend. It felt like she was outside of her body, watching herself in a movie. “I’ve got an idea,” said Alexa, her hips moving up softly with each of Mandy’s thrusts. “Why don’t we dry off and we can try something else?” Alexa turned off the water and the girls stepped out of the shower, Mandy keeping her fingering forefinger pointed out and looking at it occasionally, pondering where it had been. They dried off, helping each other, trying to sop as much water out of their hair as they could. Once mostly dry, the stepped out of the bathroom. Making her way to the bed, Alexa sat at the end of it and motioned for Mandy to come over to her. When Mandy complied, Alexa instructed her to kneel down in front of her, between her legs. “Now here’s what we’re gonna do,” started Alexa. “Don’t be scared, let’s just try it.” Mandy nodded. “I’m going to lie back on the bed and you can explore how you like,” said Alexa. “How does that sound?” “That sounds nice,” said Mandy. “But here’s the twist,” said Alexa. “Use your mouth.” “My mouth?” said Mandy. “Mmm hmm,” said Alexa. “Just do whatever you would like to have done to yourself. If it gets weird or something, you can stop.” “Okay,” said Mandy. “Okay,” said Alexa. “I’m lying back now.” She lied back on the bed, dropping her shoulders to the sheets, and her arms out to the sides. She then opened her legs up to give herself to Mandy. Mandy gazed into Alexa’s bare pussy. She thought it to be quite beautiful, very soft and smooth looking. Reaching out with the same finger from earlier, she started to rub Alexa’s glistening lips up and down, slowly and gently, trying to get a feel for what she should do. Letting go of her inhibitions, she pushed that finger inside of Alexa and moved it back and forth, intermittently bringing it out again to rub Alexa’s clit. “That’s nice,” said Alexa from her lying position. “That feels really nice.” Using the moisture that began to creep out from Alexa’s inside, Mandy spread Alexa’s natural lubricant all over her lips and up toward her clit. She found herself enjoying playing with the milky gooey lube. Touching it now with her fingertip, Mandy pulled her finger back and watched as Alexa’s wetness created a thin ropey bridge between her finger and Alexa’s pussy lips. Her heart racing, Mandy decided to go for it. She slowly leaned her face in between Alexa’s thighs and pushed her lips against Alexa’s moist pussy lips. Mandy kissed Alexa sweetly a number of times, tasting her, rubbing her closed lips against Alexa, feeling her own lips and chin get damp. She could feel the tacky sweetness stick to her mouth and to Alexa’s pussy, just as it had with her finger. “Keep going,” said Alexa. “I feel myself getting creamy.” Mandy released her tongue now, slowly running it up the length of Alexa’s pussy, moving from her taint all the way up to her clit. When Mandy would reach Alexa’s clit, she’d hover on it for a moment, flicking her tongue at it in a circle. “Put your lips against me,” said Alexa between heaving breaths. “And suck on me like you were eating a juicy fruit, like a peach or a plum. Mandy took the order. She pushed her lips against Alexa’s clit and pussy, opening her mouth and making a circle with her lips. She imagined what it was like eating a peach and then brought it to life on Alexa. Alexa jostled her hips and moaned louder. “Don’t stop,” said Alexa. “That’s perfect.” Mandy kept her lips against Alexa’s clit, suckling at it, slurping the moisture that was beginning to drip down her chin. She held one hand on Alexa’s thigh, and the other she moved to the base of Alexa’s pussy and slid a single finger deftly inside of her. This made Alexa buck her hips and call out. Mandy increased the speed of her thrusts, her mouth still lovingly latched on to Alexa’s clit. Alexa moved her hips with each of Mandy’s pushes, and beat her arms against the bed. “Steady,” said Alexa. “Keep it up. I’m almost there.” Mandy did so. She felt very alive, she felt her heart pumping, she felt an intense love for her friend. “Aw!” said Alexa now, her head falling to one side, cheek to the bed. Her hips started thrusting against Mandy faster now. “Aw!” she chirped, high and loud. Alexa’s thighs started to shake and her hips thrust up and stayed locked there, powerful moans coming from her mouth with each breath. Mandy could tell that she was coming and she instinctively removed her finger and pushed her face as deeply as she could into Alexa’s pussy, sucking on it and flicking her tongue. Suddenly Alexa started laughing and sat up slightly, gently smacking at Mandy’s head. “Okay, okay, okay,” she said hurriedly. “Brrrrr,” she made a noise like she was cold. “It’s too much now, too much now,” she said cackling. Mandy pulled back and looked at Alexa, her mouth gleaming with Alexa’s juices, looking to her friend for the next direction. “Get up here and lie with me,” said Alexa. Mandy submitted, crawling up onto the bed and lying next to Alexa, wrapping her arms around her and snuggling into her. “You just gave your first orgasm,” said Alexa, kissing Mandy on the forehead. “It was great for you being a first timer.” “I really liked that,” said Mandy. “I really liked making you come.” “Me too!” exclaimed Alexa. “But I’m biased because, well, I got off.” She laughed and nuzzled her nose into Mandy’s hair. “Can we do that again?” said Mandy sheepishly. “I mean, sometime.” “Yes, of course,” said Alexa, beaming and cuddling with Mandy. “Let’s just rest here for a while, go to dinner, and when we come back we can practice some more. I’ll do you next time. Deal?” Mandy nodded and grew an excited smile on her face. The girls lied there in a calm silence, pleasure on both of their faces, naked and still shower-damp together. Mandy played over the episode in her head, dwelling deeply on the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the creamy wetness she felt all over her mouth. She could feel Alexa’s moisture drying on her mouth and chin, but she made no effort to wipe it off. It felt too intimate to banish. Mandy closed her eyes and rested, holding her friend, their damp skin sticking together, and she dreamed of having that experience again very soon. She could feel Alexa cooing softly into her ear. She’d never felt more at peace.

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