Covington is the anti-christ

Jul 8 07:25

Covington is the anti-christ CSCS(Christian Separatist Church Society) articles on Covington. Antichrist Watch Update on Harold Covington of the Supposed NSWPP by Dr. Mike Rose, Ch.D. Our hats go off to Grandma Covington. Who knows what hell she must have gone through trying to instill in Weird Harold's peevish brain that "honesty is the best policy." Rest easy, Mrs. Covington. When the chips were down, your satanic, scumbag grandson mustered up the courage to admit, at least once in his life, the truth. The following is an e-mail reply to the Christian Separatist Church Society from Weird Harold, after we had confronted him for illegally reproducing a copyrighted Separatist Brief. He is manifested to be at war with Almighty God, being convicted by his own words: "Dear Mr. Herrell: 1) I am not dead. If I was, I'm sure I would have noticed. 2) I have REPEATEDLY mentioned the fact that I am not a Christian and I am rather surprised that these assertions of mine have escaped your notice thus far. 3) I have published my address on a number of occasions and again, I find it rather odd that this seems to have escaped your notice. Try Dixie Press, 164 Market Street, Suite #211, Charleston, SC 29401 ---but quite frankly, I do not read purely religious material and it would be a waste of time for you to send it. 4) Don't worry, the anti-Christians bitch at me for being allegedly too pro-Christian as well (i.e. I do not talk about Jesus being a "dead Jew on a stick".) I know I'm in the right on the religious issue, because I offend everyone. 88! HAC 'Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come.' -Victor Hugo for further info contact" He REPEATEDLY mentioned "I am not a Christian." Hmmm ... Well, no shit, Sherlock! Grandma may have been a real trooper, but Winston Smith {One of Covington's formerly used aliases} = an ANTICHRIST with no honor. The Christian Separatist Church did not attack Mr. Covington first. We merely spoke up at an injustice, or let us say, a crime against the laws of the United States that he had inflicted upon Pastor Herrell's publishers. Pastor Herrell didn't mind this man republishing or making critical comment about the article in question. But the price for the use of the article is to give due credit to whom credit is due. That does not seem unreasonable. We as a political body do not agree with much of the gibberish that Weird Harold has to say, but we certainly would not dishonor the man by breaking white man's law, that is to say, the law of copyright, and fail to give Mr. Covington his due recognition. Why Mr. Covington has such an attitude, we don't know. He is like a Jew who walks up and slaps you in the face and then accuses you of attacking him. All of you should by now be aware of the antichrist activities of the phony National Socialist, Harold Covington. I have already informed you about this man in previous Antichrist Watch updates. But today, some new information has come across my desk where Mr. Covington has made a very revealing statement in his e-mail posting for February 1, 1998. He states: "How the hell do we build a revolutionary Party with people who hate one another worse than they hate the racial enemy? "We are probably going to have to have two Hitler's Birthday celebrations and eventually build what amounts to two Parties, one Christian and the other non-Christian---because I have no intention whatsoever of coming down on either one side or the other. Both are perfectly legitimate currents of belief within the National Socialist world view and were represented in the Third Reich. They co-existed there more or less amicably, but Aryan men were of a different cut of character in those days. We have to deal with Middle Americans. Nor, for the record, am I a Christian, nor am I violently anti- Christian. My personal religious beliefs are a sufficiently weird amalgam to get me persecuted and reviled by both sides were I to discuss them, which is why I don't. Commander Rockwell's solution was to declare an absolute, ironclad, total moratorium on all religious discussion, and it seemed outwardly to work, although I understand there was still a lot of trouble internally in the ANP. That's probably what I will do as well, but it doesn't really solve the problem of getting White men to LAY ALL THIS ASIDE and co-operate with one another against a common enemy." Now before we talk about these statements, let us read Matthew 12:30 from theAnointed Standard Translation of the New Testament: "He who is not with Me is against Me. And he who does not gather with Me, scatters." So what does this verse mean? It means that if a man, such as Harold Covington, says "Nor, for the record, am I a Christian," then that man is a self-pronounced antichrist. Harold Covington is the biggest threat to the white race that exists today, as are all antichrists. There is no such thing as religious neutrality. You are either on one side or the other, and Harold Covington has said that he is on the other side. Therefore, we must assume that the "weird amalgam" of his personal religious beliefs is some brand of antichrist, Talmudic Judaism. Mr. Covington claims to be a National Socialist, yet it is clear that he does not know what National Socialism is, for a non-Christian cannot be a National Socialist. Mr. Covington lies when he says that both Christianity and non-Christianity were legitimate currents of belief in the Third Reich. We do not believe that Mr. Covington, or Commander Rockwell, or anyone else has the right to define National Socialism; rather, we believe that Adolf Hitler and the true National Socialists of the Third Reich are the legitimate definers of National Socialism. What do these men say? In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler writes: "Verily a man cannot serve two masters. And I consider the foundation or destruction of a religion far greater than the foundation or destruction of a state, let alone a party" (Mein Kampf, Chap. 3). Note here that Hitler was quoting Matthew 6:24, which states in the Anointed Standard Translation: "No one is able to serve two masters. For either he will hate the one and he will love the other, or he will cleave to one, and he will despise the other." This quotation makes it clear that Harold Covington could not have made it in the National Socialist Party. He would have been just another Jew or pervert on a train. Let us read Party platform, point #24: "We demand a freedom of religious confessions in this state, as long as they do not endanger the nation's existence or interfere with the moral sense of the German race. The NSDAP party argues for a positive Christianity, although it is not bound to any single confession. The NSDAP party fights against the Jewish-materialistic spirit in and around us. We are convinced that the healing process of our nation can only be continued on the basis of the principle that public welfare has priority over individual welfare." This was the official policy of the National Socialist Party. Furthermore, it is clear that atheism, such as Mr. Covington's, would not be tolerated. "The advantages of a personal and political nature that might arise from compromising with atheistic organizations would not outweigh the consequences which would become apparent in the destruction of general moral basic values. The national government regards the two Christian confessions as the weightiest factors for the maintenance of our nationality: their rights are not to be infringed" (My New Order, Speech at Reichstag, March 23, 1933). This statement makes it absolutely clear that no form of atheism would be tolerated in the National Socialist Party. Atheism and anything non-Christian was not tolerated. This includes so-called Odinism or other so-called Nordic, pagan religions. Adolf Hitler had no respect for intellectual cowards who tried to hide under the banner of Odinism or Nordic, Germanic religions. He states: "The characteristic thing about these people is that they rave about old Germanic heroism, about dim prehistory, stone axes, spear and shield, but in reality are the greatest cowards that can be imagined. For the same people who brandish scholarly imitations of old German tin swords, and wear a dressed bearskin with bull's horns over their heads, preach for the present nothing but struggle with spiritual weapons, and run away as fast as they can from every Communist blackjack" (Mein Kampf, Chap. 12). Gottfried Feder was appointed by Adolf Hitler on February 14, 1923, to be the final judge of all questions relating to the Party Platform, including Point 24. He wrote: "The same may be said of all the coarse, stupid attacks on Christianity. Expressions such as 'Christianity has only done harm' merely show that the man who utters them has neither human nor political intelligence. One may indeed blame the [Catholic] Church ... but it is wrong to abuse in general terms the greatest phenomenon in human history because of the perversities and erroneous ideas and defaults of individuals. The Christian religion has uplifted and strengthened millions upon millions, and brought them to God by the way of suffering." Anyone who has read Mein Kampf or the speeches of Adolf Hitler, anyone who has read any literature of the Third Reich, and who is intellectually honest, knows that the very definition of National Socialism is Christianity. Harold Covington, George Lincoln Rockwell, and anyone else who denies this are not National Socialists but are antichrists. Harold Covington says: "White men [need] to LAY ALL THIS ASIDE and co-operate with one another against a common enemy." The common enemy of the white race is all antichrists, including Harold Covington. There is no compromise or cooperation with atheists and nonbelievers.

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