Mar 10 19:59 [raw]

IF A BROTHER If a Brother is crying, hold and console him If a Brother is hungry, feed him If a Brother is depressed, engage him If a Brother is laughing, ask him to share the joke If a Brother is cold, cover him If a Brother is tired, let him sleep If a Brother is questioning, answer him If a Brother needs a Brother, be there for him If a Brother is weak, protect him If a Brother loves you, love him back If a Brother is horny, nuzzle and rub him If a Brother wins, celebrate with him If a Brother is speaking, listen to him If a Brother is singing, sing contrapunto for him If a Brother needs a hug, embrace him If a Brother is feeling ugly, show him his beauty If a Brother shares himself, accept him and share back If a Brother reaches out, reach back for him If a Brother is angry, let him vent If a Brother is in pain, ease him

[chan] general <<Ext>>
Mar 11 03:57 [raw]

And if a brother try's to scam you he does not deserve to be your brother anymore Please people beware of scammers up her

[chan] general
Mar 11 08:53 [raw]

YOU are NOT my Brother!

[chan3] general
Mar 11 12:32 [raw]

What kind of disgusting gay credo is that?

Mar 11 13:14 [raw]

What is your problem with people having a different sexuality, motherfucking nazi ?

[chan3] general
Mar 11 13:15 [raw]

My problem is this: Journal of Applied Physiology, 1 July 1962, Vol. 17 no. 4, pages 689-692

Mar 11 13:21 [raw]

You are a nazi, that's all. You, and your international nazi corporation, plug sex toyz (Spying malwares, backdoors), into every citizen of the world's ass daily, worldwide, And then you scream your hate when some people freely prefer to have real choosen dicks in their asses ? Motherfucking nazi. NO PASARAN

[chan3] general
Mar 11 13:24 [raw]

Don't you think the term "nazi" is overused? The people you're refering to are power greedy, egoistic, probably sadistic, shitwhistles. That has nothing to do with gassing jews. More likely, these people would just gas EVERYONE in their way. "Nazi" seems to be... too restricting to describe the kind of fucked up shitstain that these people are.

Mar 11 15:17 [raw]

Is it immoral to try to connect two extension cords via the pokie bits? No it's just moronic. Two pokie bits a baby do not make. So it depends what you mean by wrong. It is wrong in the sense that they are doing it wrong but not wrong like strangling a baby is wrong. Just like if a guy is repeatedly trying to connect two extension cords together female end to female end or male end to male end should probably seek medical help, so should someone who is doing the like with their anatomy. Signed, A Different Guy From the One You Called a Nazi

[chan] general
Mar 11 17:02 [raw]

I agree it is overused. Not to mention its overuse by triggered snowflakes. Also "fascist".

[chan] general <<Ext>>
Mar 11 17:02 [raw]

Why do you have a problem with the sexuality of Nazis and their mothers?

[chan] general <<Ext>>
Mar 11 17:11 [raw]

I know I'm not supposed to but this made me laugh. I love Frederic and I pray for peace to his soul, and I do have to hand it to you, this is a masterful retort.

[chan] general <<Ext>>
Mar 11 17:13 [raw]

I pray for you. Everyone pays.

[chan] general
Mar 11 17:45 [raw]

Perhaps better a ~ ..... mother-fucking Nazi than a brother-fucking Ashkenazi

[chan] general
Mar 16 06:34 [raw]

nazis don't like hiv infected penises

[chan] general
Mar 16 15:44 [raw]

yet nazis do like clean penises ask ernst rohm, fuhrer of the SA brownshirts

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