alci. alchi. alchemy. a perfect world view?

Oct 19 09:50 [raw]

Bottle Neck. Limiting Factor. Single Point Of Failure. it is: element fire must be allowed to MURDER his people. who are his people? his people = his Side = Left Side or Right Side. Left Side = Gender Opposing Bodytypes = M3 F1 M2 F4. Right Side = Gender Congruent Bodytypes = F3 M1 F2 M4. left half = 'matriarchy' = female fire = gender opposing body types. right half = 'patriarchy' = male fire = gender congruent body types. note, the terms matriarchy and patriarchy are more ambiguos than Left Side and Right Side. patriarchy can also translate to Rule Of Romantics and Hard Moral. cos the Group Gender of Romantics is male. Group Gender, or rather Class Gender. Internal Gender. every element prefers one gender. in my symbolism, this is seen on the bottom. male elements have pointy bottoms: heart + cross = fire + water. female elements have round bottoms: pear + circle = earth + air. if the 'outer gender' is same as the 'inner gender', the type is a Gender Congruent Body Type, or is part of the Patriarchy half. [you have guessed it, all my work is about Correlation Analysis. or: finding good groups of similars. see: Correlation MATRIX ....] -- M1 must rule over life and death of F3 M1 F2 M4, F1 must rule over life and death of M3 F1 M2 F4. M1 is father and murder. F1 is mother and murder. fire is Eugenicos and Thanatos in one body. quotes from my alchi script, or: why i must be a legal serial killer. or: why tyranny is better than democracy. .... at least, tyranny is better to me. all i ask is Emancipation. Emancipation. Dualism. Tantra. Mutual Completion. Both Sides. Balance Of Powers. Romantics act more 'masculine' like Mars [martial arts], Classics act more 'feminine' like Venus. = group gender. true 'emancipation' would replace individuals with 'groups of eight' to represent all eight types. or at least M1 + F1 = patriarch + matriarch = king + queen. find the bug. am i the bug? haades god of monologs -- this was: Re: in [chan] bitmessage <BM-2cWy7cvHoq3f1rYMerRJp8PT653jjSuEdY> edit: removed the html pre tags more alci text and graphs in my git repo http://m6su7s3ir7dxggwg.onion/haades/alchi

Oct 19 10:45 [raw]

The person who wrote that is mentally ill.

Oct 19 11:29 [raw]

cos murder is evil? sounds like a circular argument. -aa-

Oct 19 11:48 [raw]

so is Trump

Oct 19 12:17 [raw]

Trump isn't a professional politician but a businessman. He is running the country like he is the CEO of America Inc. I've been watching his progress, and so far I haven't seen him do anything disastrously wrong. My instincts tell me that he is a good man, trying to do his best for his country.

Oct 19 12:21 [raw]

Hitler achieved great things for his good country

Oct 19 12:29 [raw]

Hitler was a madman who almost destroyed most of Europe.

Oct 19 14:01 [raw]

fuck €U they were going down anyway China rulez da wurlde !

Oct 19 15:14 [raw]

>China rulez da wurlde ! Learn to spell properly, you stupid black bastard.

Oct 19 16:13 [raw]

hitler was a british-zionist false flag agent nazi = national zionist not national socialist to a. destroy germany and save the british empire and b. pull jews to israel a is an example of a non-free market also, germany never had 'colonies' but only protectorates, or Schutzgebiete its the difference of rape vs trade germany did not hate jews in contrast, it was too friendly to jews fanatic zionists value segregation above all and they fear to 'lose their culture' by integration this 'fighting for culture' is Romantic world view where people overrate 'moral purity' just like racists [Classics] overrate 'genetic purity' to romanitcs, its all in the head to classics, its all in the body integration = Melting Pot in contrast to Cultural Mosaic or Empire vs Monarchies or Large State vs Small States remember, utopia is a small island 'growth beyond reasonal limits' is the problem more precise: prohibition of murder .... greetings from Zionist Occupied Germany company number 341611478 hail Joachim Gauck ps all that crap is Security By Obscurity so no one of them ever is guilty of anything Romantics never guilty childish irresponsible shortsighted bisexual ----> Baphomet opportunistic hide in stress the dark side the black ones destructive in the long term strong head but weak body elements air and water sheldon types endomorph and ectomorph -- if you can german here some more conspiracy mindfucks Eigentümer der Bundesrepublik Deutschland GmbH – Caio Koch-Weser, Jude. Hervorgegangen aus der mysteriösen “CVU Systemhaus Abwicklungsgesellschaft mbH” in Berlin. DEUTSCH© ist verpflichtet, Lizenzabgaben an die Bundesrepublik Deutschland GmbH zu leisten. Eigentümer ist der Jude Caio Koch-Weser, ausweislich seiner Unterschrift als alleiniger Gesellschafter in der hinterlegten Urkunde beim Registergericht unter der Registernummer B 51411 [ HRB 51411 Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Finanzagentur Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt am Main ist die hauptstadt der juden in deutschland, insb. frankfurt offenbach UPIK 341611478 Bundesrepublik Deutschland L Registered company name Bundesrepublik Deutschland W Non-registered name or business unit BRD L D-U-N-S© Number 341611478 L Registered address Platz der Republik 1 L Post code 11011 L City Berlin Country Germany W Country code 269 Post office box number Post office box town L Telephone number 0302270 W Fax number 03022736740 W Name primary executive Joachim Gauck W Activity (SIC) 9199 ] Hier wird die Geschäftstätigkeit für Israel und den Mossad geschickt umschrieben. Als alleiniger Gesellschaft ist B’nai B’rith angegeben, in Handlungsvollmacht der Jude Caio Koch-Weser. Verschwörungstheorien → Hauptartikel: Reichsbürgerbewegung#Die_Bundesrepublik_sei_eine_privatrechtliche_Organisation Unter anderem mit Verweis auf die Finanzagentur wird von Verschwörungstheoretikern behauptet, die Bundesrepublik Deutschland sei eine privatrechtliche Organisation, die "BRD GmbH".[16] Adolf Hitler – Agent der anglo-amerikanischen Freimaurerei und des Zionismus. Der entscheidende Vorwand, um den zionistischen Staat im Jahre 1948 nach Jahrzehnte langer ideologischer, organisatorischer und auch militärischer Vorarbeit auszurufen, war der Holocaust. Es ist geradezu ironisch: Der zionistische Staat wurde angeblich gegründet, um die Juden vor Antisemitismus zu schützen und doch sind gerade er und seine Taten die Hauptursache für weltweiten Antisemitismus. Die Gründer des Zionismus haben in ihren Büchern offen geschrieben, mit welchen Mitteln sie die Schaffung eines eigenen Staates herbeiführen wollten: Sie wollten den Antisemitismus so lange anheizen und die Sicherheit der Juden in allen Ländern der Welt so stark untergraben, bis diese gezwungen wären, in ihren Staat zu fliehen. sorry TLDR ^^ -aa-

Oct 20 05:01 [raw]

Mueller is his cover-up artist. Muerller helped cover up the S&L scandal and 911. While you all wank over Trump tweets, Trump's administration is carpet bagging the country. The country is run by a mafia. Trump and Hillary are on the same team.

Oct 20 05:10 [raw]

Dieses Mann spricht richtig.

Oct 20 05:22 [raw]

turns out, the perfidious albion , GB, pandered to the jews to weaken the Tsar tons of jews in Imperial Russia Brits wanted to give Russian jews the land of The Ottomans kinda like if Germany gave Scotland to the Hong Kong Chinese . or Texas back to the Mexicans

Oct 20 07:20 [raw]

I had a conversation with an NSA agent on BM. He could not figure how Britian would be America's enemy. What he doesn't realize is all the Anglo powers combined together to enslave America. There is no such thing as justice for poor people in America. But because NSA are working for the beast, they think all is well. Nobody working in intelligence has any morality. They will burn in hell. Britian wants its empire back and to a large extent it has rebuilt its empire in the shadows through puppet regimes. The Zionists also want to rule the world. Everyone wants to rule the world. Millions of sick fuckers everywhere who want to oppress their neighbor because they get a secret sexual thrill from it.

Oct 20 08:07 [raw]

> NSA agent compartmentalization need to know every little worker knows only as much as he needs to know no one in the lower ranks has the big picture why should they care? as long as their small ass is doing fine waking up to truth would only trigger the systems witchhunt -aa-

Oct 20 15:18 [raw]

and that's always been the purpose of witch hunting, to terrify everyone else into silence

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