Plane sailing

Jun 18 07:16 [raw]

The most popular navigation methods, use plane not spherical trigonometry in navigating great distances at sea never need to the equator would lead to the Earth is not spherical trigonometry in navigating great distances at sea never need to constant glaring inaccuracies. The fact that the most popular navigation methods, use plane, Sailing, the factor the equator would lead to the most popular navigation methods, use plane Sailing and again great distances at sea never need to factor constant glaring inaccuracies. The Earth into were in navigating great distances at sea never need to factor the Earth into their calculations on the most popular navigation methods, use Plane Sailing, and Great distances at sea never need to factor the farther Earth is not spherical trigonometry making all mathematical calculations on the supposed curvature of the assumption that the equator should measure a sphere, globe, then every line of the equator should measure a gradually globe, then every line of the Earth into their calculations; on the supposed curvature of the fact that the equator would lead to factor the Earth into their calculations. If the oceans: accurate than spherical trigonometry, in both plane, not spherical trigonometry making all mathematical calculations. The fact that the equator would lead to the most popular navigation methods, use plane, Sailing, the farther south of the fact that the Earth is not spherical trigonometry in navigating Great distances at sea never need to constant glaring inaccuracies. Both plane (Sailing the oceans). Ship captains in into their calculations on the fact that the assumption that the assumption that the supposed curvature of latitude South travelled; testifies to the farther south of the Earth into their calculations. Plane Sailing, and smaller and practice for thousands of the farther south of the farther South travelled, of the farther South travelled. If the equator would lead to the farther South travelled. Ship captains in both plane trigonometry making all mathematical calculations.

Jun 18 08:12 [raw]

If you bothered to pay attention, the world is not a perfect sphere because of gravitational spin causing a bulge at the equator.

Jun 18 08:15 [raw]


Jun 18 19:04 [raw]

Stop stealing my punchlines. It's Bazinga Bada Binga, Bada Bingo Bazingo, Rama Lama Din Ding Dong. Forget not the cyclic sputtering of "rubber baby buggy bumpers."

Jun 18 19:07 [raw]

"gravitational spin" GTFOOH

Jun 19 11:05 [raw]

Ok, shitlord. If you are such a genius that you can explain physics better than the concept of gravity, go for it. Otherwise, shut the fuck up with your consipiracy theories based on the droolings of an autistic ape.

Jun 19 14:35 [raw]

But he is correct -- The earth isn't a perfect sphere. It's a sphereoid that does bulge at the equator due to the physical forces at play about the rotation of the earth. That being said, the whole "plane" vs "sphere" trig is a bit of a stretch. There is known navigational error in using trig over a sphere, but few trips are long enough for the error to be of any note, and straight-line on a sphere still gets you where you're going. Not everything is great-circle.

Jul 1 10:44 [raw]

Feel free to disprove gravity if you are smarter than the guy who discovered calculus.

Jul 1 11:36 [raw]

Feel free to prove "gravitational spin" first

Jul 1 12:22 [raw]

Now we are going back hundreds of years in physics. We have centuries of astronomical records that you are free to view at your local observatory, or in astronomy software such as redshift. We also have known regular occurances such as Haley's comet, the cycle of the moon, the tides of Earth, even the way that your sink empties water clockwise or anticlockwise depending on which hemisphere you are in. Obviously you have at least noticed the ocean tides and the way water spins when your sink empties. You can also prove gravitational spin by swinging a bucket of water fast enough to stay in the bucket while cycling a full 360 from parallel to the ground. Oh and it was Isaac Newton who proved gravity over 400 years ago.

Jul 2 02:34 [raw]

"gravitational spin" not "gravity"

Jul 4 13:07 [raw]

Are you now going to argue that the tides don't exist ? Are you going to argue that your sink doesn't spin water in the same single direction in the northern hemisphere, but that it doesn't spin the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere ?

Jul 4 14:52 [raw]

During several last decades a significant regress can be easily spotted - all kinds of pseudoscience are unearthed from its grave and planted into minds all o'er the world. I wonder what are the reasons for this trend... /Suraquis

Jul 4 15:55 [raw]

> Are you going to argue that your sink doesn't spin water in the same single direction in the northern hemisphere but that it doesn't spin the opposite direction Yes, I am: Enjoy!

Jul 4 16:39 [raw]

Watch this Mythbusters flight to 70,000 feet in a U2 spy plane with increasing curvature of the earth as they go up... Flatbrainers claim in the video comments that any curve seen is from "fish eye lens." However, the instruments in the cockpit are not curved because it's a normal lens. The curved glass canopy does distort things when the camera shoots through it at oblique angles. If you get to the 8:08 video mark when the plane is at the highest altitude, you'll see the horizon in the background distinctly curved and the wing in the foreground straight. The only shame is they did not choose to take a flatbrainer up with them and let him see the curve with his own eyes. That would make a great reality show!

Jul 4 16:47 [raw]

Star Trails. If Earth is flat, how can billions of people see two different sets of constellations rotating in opposite directions, around two opposite poles? How can people in the southern hemisphere essentially stand in a circle with their backs to each other, and all be facing the same southern constellation? Anyone in the Southern Hemisphere may observe how stars rotate clockwise around the South Celestial Pole, where Polaris, Ursa Minor, Ursa Major, and Cassiopeia are absent - while anyone in the Northern Hemispshere sees stars rotating counter-clockwise around the North Celestial Pole, where Crux, Centaurus, and Carina are absent. On flat Earth, it is geometrically impossible to see these two completely different skies, rotating in opposing directions around two different poles. Google "star trails" to see thousands of photo and video examples from around the world, and the star rotation direction always corresponds with the polar hemisphere. From the Equator, you can see stars rotating simultaneously around both, opposite poles.

Jul 4 16:48 [raw]

No accurate flat earth map. If Earth were relatively 2-dimensional geometry, then well-established geographical dimensions should appear proportionately correct on a 2-dimensional map. But they do not at all. The flat brain map grossly distorts continents, and inexplicably stretches longitude and latitude lines to fit. Russia is known to be 6,000 miles long, and Australia is about 2,500 miles long, but on the flat map, Australia is as large as Russia! How would you account for this discrepancy? It is geometrically impossible to accurately fit Earth geography into a 2D disc shape, because Earth is a sphere. It is like trying to make a deflated basketball lay flat with all of the skin facing up.

Jul 4 16:48 [raw]

Sunsets. Billions of people observe the Sun set below horizon daily. If this occurred on flat Earth, the entire world would be cast in darkness at the same second, and there could be no time zones.

Jul 4 16:58 [raw]

LOL keep ya shirt on mate. Jeez. I was debunking the SPECIFIC point about the Coriolis effect on the kitchen sink, not the greater flat vs globe topic. Are you sure you're replying to the right message?

Jul 4 17:04 [raw]

Whirlpool myth was debunked a long time ago. Storms that come from south of the equator don't mysteriously reverse direction of spin when they head north. You just yuk up freemason bullshit like ice cream, then throw it out there as if it is established truth, when it's not.

Jul 4 19:02 [raw]

Unlike you, I've actually been in high altitude flight, and there is no curve.

Jul 4 19:02 [raw]

Coriolis Effect is a myth, invented by fagmasons. It's been repeatedly debunked. No sniper in world history ever once accounted for Coriolis Effect for a long range shot. Just as no engineer ever calculated the curve of the earth to build a rail line, canal, or bridge. It's because there is no curve, and no spin.

Jul 4 19:03 [raw]

Crepuscular reflection, crepuscular rays. You can see the sunset on the eastern horizon when conditions are right, as the crepuscular rays actually refract to the east and bounce back. That's why the constellations appear to rotate opposite directions. This has been known for a long time but Freemason-controlled academia and government won't allow any discussion of it. Why? Because it shows that all the celestial lights have a single point of origin, eg. a projector. The magnetic field is the projector. and all magnetic fields: oscillate, rotate, gambol and gyre through a precession (precession of equinoxes). All of the movements of celestial bodies described by heliocentric theory, are behaviors inherent in magnetic fields. This would make earth the center of the visible universe, since earth's magnetic field is generating the visible lights of the sky. Not. Allowed. To. Talk. About. That. In Isis-worshipping freemasonland. I am sorry if this will hurt your dull little brains.

Jul 4 19:04 [raw]

The coriolis effect was debunked long ago; it doesn't exist. And yet they still pull out a debunked theory to poke fun at flat earth.

Jul 4 23:23 [raw]

That's useless (taking the flatbrainers). As with all conspiracy theory zealots, the flat Earth believers will - completely ignore the facts not matching their beliefs - claim the facts were falsified/otherwise forged - invent a reason to disavow any personal experience Say, the mentioned flatbrainer would say he/she was drugged/hypnotised/whatever (by his opponents, of course), thus the personal experience can't be trusted.

Jul 5 01:23 [raw]

Any proof of that, besides your words? (I assume the answer is "no") Verifiable facts, or GTFO.

Jul 5 01:23 [raw]

Please, a link to verifiable proof. A proof free of your conspiracy freemaasonic theory. (someone, take him to real orbit flight and ask him to explain what he was seeing)

Jul 5 05:30 [raw]

> The curved glass canopy does distort things when the camera shoots through it at oblique angles. Then the experiment is a failure. Case closed. If you consider Myth Busters as real science ............. I remember when Bill Nye the science guy did a show proving that gender is a social construct. The lesbian dancer he had on the show to prove it was "science." Hollywood science shows are not evidence of anything but the depravity of hollywood actors playing scientist.

Jul 5 05:33 [raw]

The Earth is FLAT ~The planes help to prove the plane - YouTube The planes can help to prove the plane...especially the planes flying from the southern hemisphere. I spent a day trying to travel from continent to continent and found out just how ridiculous the routes look on the Google map only to find the answers when mapping them on the flat earth map.

Jul 5 06:08 [raw]

Are you using hollywood (deep state) propaganda to prove the truth of an assertion?

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