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FARM GIRLS NO PANTIES Meredith sat on her back deck, sunglasses over her eyes, her blonde hair back in two braids, starring out over the vast fields that made up her family’s farm. She could barely see over the massive cornfield to the west. Further east was the alfalfa and soybeans. Growing up on the farm was pleasant, but she couldn’t help but feel she was missing out a bit by living in the country. She had a good life, albeit boring at times. Adjusting her jean cutoffs that were riding up on her ass, she squirmed as she sat, and then reached for the lemonade sitting on the deck next to her. It was a beautiful sunny day, early summer, and she had a few months of freedom ahead of her before she was to go off to the city to start her freshman year at the state university. The university was actually in more of a quaint town, but it was definitely the city compared to what Meredith was used to. Being 18 and having this summer of freedom felt so liberating to Meredith. No school to think about, no summer projects, no reading list. She was finally an adult, ready to do as she pleased. Though her family, of course, wanted a say in her college major. They wanted her to study agriculture, but she settled on farm animal veterinary studies as a happy medium. She didn’t want to think about that just yet, however. This summer was all hers. Taking a sip of lemonade, Meredith heard a whiny, sputtering engine noise off in the distance, gradually getting closer. She smiled, set her lemonade down, and stood up from the deck. Soon a four-wheeler came tearing around a stand of corn, dull red with dried-on mud, trekking down a beaten path for tractors. Riding on top of that four-wheeler was Meredith’s best friend Jackie. Jackie and her family lived on the neighboring farm and the two girls had grown up together, knowing each other their entire lives. Jackie was a brunette, short and a little plump around the middle, but quite pretty. She too was freshly graduated, 18 years old, but Jackie was different in that she elected not to go off to college in the fall. Instead, Jackie planned to stay on her family’s farm and work there full-time with the idea in mind that she would one day take over the operation with her brother. As Jackie’s four-wheeler approached, Meredith waved to her with both arms outstretched over her head. Jackie took one hand off the reigns of her ride and waved back, quickly grabbing the handle again and speeding up. Jackie deftly maneuvered the vehicle down the worn track and as she came upon Meredith’s deck, she slowed and then finally braked hard, kicking up a cloud of dust as her four-wheeler stopped. Flicking the vehicle off, she stood up from the seat, threw her hands in the air and hooted. “Record time!” shouted Jackie, now dismounting her ride and hopping to the ground. “Oh man, Meredith, you should have seen me blast through the drainage ditch. No fear on that one!” Jackie ambled toward Meredith and they hugged each other tightly, rocking back and forth just a bit. Both girls wore tank tops and cutoffs to beat the summer heat, and Jackie had a thin plaid shirt tied around her waist. “Good thing you were wearing your helmet,” joked Meredith, thumping Jackie on her bare head. “Dude, I am a pro on that thing,” said Jackie. “And hey, if I go while riding my four-wheeler, I’ll be a happy girl.” “You’re ridiculous,” said Meredith, pulling away from their embrace. “And you’re looking good,” said Jackie, reaching out and tugging on one of Meredith’s braids. “I’m going to miss you when you go away.” “Let’s not even talk about that,” said Meredith. “We have a long summer ahead of us.” “Truth,” said Jackie. “So what are we gonna do tonight?” said Meredith. “I finished my chores already and I’m free for whatever.” “Okay,” said Jackie conspiratorially with a lowered voice. “You know I’ve been holding up in the guesthouse lately, right?” “Yeah,” said Meredith, trying to follow her friend’s story. “Well, my parents never bother checking on me there,” she said. “It’s like I live alone.” “Okay, so…” said Meredith. “So…” continued Jackie. “They haven’t noticed that I’ve slowly been picking off beers from their fridge and putting them into the guesthouse fridge.” Meredith laughed and pushed Jackie, causing her to stagger. Jackie laughed too as she quickly righted her stance. “So why don’t you stay over tonight,” said Jackie. “We’ll drink beer, stay up late, and screw around. We could even climb up to the roof and look at the stars.” “Let’s do it,” said Meredith. “Let me go shower and pack a bag. I’ll drive over after dinner.” “Awesome,” said Jackie. She smiled and hugged her friend once more. Letting Meredith go, Jackie remounted her four-wheeler and kick-started it, bringing the engine up to a roar. Jackie waved at Meredith and then took off back down the path, returning to the direction from which she came. Meredith waved to Jackie even after Jackie had turned around and could no longer see. Smiling to herself now, Meredith was excited for the leisure that this summer and this evening afforded her. Picking up her lemonade glass, Meredith turned and walked her bare feet over the wooden deck, through the sliding door, and into her family’s house. * Later that evening, Meredith and Jackie sat up atop Jackie’s guesthouse, cradled by the gentle slope of the shingled roof, each with a silver can of beer in their hands. The infinite starry firmament above was clear of clouds, allowing them an unobstructed view of the night sky. They laughed and joked, occasionally clinking their cans together as they talked about the coming summer months and the fun that was to be had, avoiding the conversation of Meredith’s eventual departure off to college. “I would definitely like to hook up with James this summer,” Meredith stated, taking a small sip of her beer. “He’s totally into me.” “Eh,” said Jackie. “Eh?” replied Meredith. “You don’t like him? He’s cute.” “I guess,” said Jackie, wiggling her ass against the shingles to get more comfortable. She squirmed in her short blue stretchy sleepover shorts, pulling at them to adjust. “I don’t know.” “What do you mean?” said Meredith. “Hmm,” mused Jackie, looking into the sky. “Meredith, can I tell you something?” “Of course,” said Meredith. “Anything.” “I don’t think I like boys,” admitted Jackie. She looked over to her friend and gave a nervous smile. “You don’t like boys?” said Meredith, a bit confused. “I don’t get it.” “I mean, I like guys,” said Jackie. “Guys are fine. What I mean is, well, I don’t think I’m attracted to them,” she said, moving her beer can back and forth between her hands. “Like, sexually.” “What?” said Meredith. “Are you serious?” Jackie nodded. “So, you’re a…” Meredith said, trailing off. “A lesbian?” said Jackie. “I don’t know. I’ve thought about it. I just don’t know.” “Well, that’s okay,” said Meredith. “I still love you.” Meredith smiled at her friend and reached out to her, wrapping her arm around Jackie’s shoulders and pulling her in for a half hug. “I’ve never been with a girl, though,” said Jackie. “So I don’t know. I’m really just kind of confused.” “That’s fine,” said Meredith. “I mean, guys can be kinda gross anyway.” She laughed. “I understand.” “I’ve been thinking about it,” said Jackie, taking a deep breath, trying to calm down her beating heart. “Would you be interested in, um, experimenting with me?” “Me?” said Meredith quickly. “I mean, Jackie, I don’t know. That’s nuts.” “It’s just that we’re so close,” Jackie continued. “It doesn’t have to be weird. We can just fool around a bit and see how it feels.” “Jackie…” said Meredith. “If it’s weird, we could stop,” said Jackie. “I just love you so much, I’m going to miss you a ton when you go off to college. I thought maybe you could help me with this thing I’m working through.” Meredith remained silent for a moment, contemplating her friend’s proposal, drinking from her beer and looking to the stars for her answer. She did indeed love Jackie very much. They had shared so much together. They had seen each other naked more times than she could count. And Jackie was beautiful and sweet, a bit rough-and-tumble at times, but an attractive tomboy with a goofy sense of humor and a kind heart. Meredith wanted to help her friend through her confusion. She knew deep down Jackie would do anything for her, and it would be crazy to deny Jackie such a request after she just bared her soul. “Jackie,” started Meredith, setting her beer can down on a slanted shingle. “I love you too. You’ve been my best friend forever.” Jackie looked up to Meredith, smiling as she thought of their long-standing friendship. “Yes,” said Meredith, reaching out and touching Jackie’s bare thigh. Jackie’s face lit up and she flung over and embraced Meredith tightly. The two girls hugged tenderly for a moment as it all set in. “Thank you,” said Jackie. “I promise, if it’s weird we can stop.” “I just want you to figure it out,” said Meredith. “I love you,” she leaned in and kissed Jackie on the lips. “I love you, too,” said Jackie, still holding her friend. “I think my beer’s empty,” said Meredith, now releasing her friend from their embrace. “Why don’t we head down and get another. I think I could use some liquid courage.” Jackie laughed and nodded, grabbed her own beer can, then swiftly stood up. Meredith followed her lead and the two girls headed over to an open skylight, climbing down a ladder and back into Jackie’s guesthouse. * Back down in the guesthouse, the girls each cracked open another beer and wandered over to the couch. The guesthouse was rustic, with a worn wood floor and older furniture that had obviously been retired from the main house. It was like a cabin, containing just the bare essentials. A cast iron wood-burning stove sat in one corner and the room was dimly lit with a couple antique lamps. On the couch, they sat close to one another, drinking from their cans, and smiling. They remained in silence for a few moments, both considering what would happen, how this would go down, and how they would feel doing it. “So, how should we start?” asked Meredith. She put her already half-drank can down on the coffee table in front of the couch. “We could kiss,” suggested Jackie, following Meredith’s lead and setting her can down as well. “Okay,” said Meredith. The two girls gently leaned in to each other and pushed their lips together. Their kiss was slow, cautious, but as the time of the kiss lengthened they both got into it more. Jackie wrapped her arms around Meredith and held on to her, tilting her head to get a better angle on the kiss. Meredith suddenly decided that this wasn’t weird at all and in fact, she felt herself growing aroused as she made out with her best friend. After a few more soft, sweet pecks to end their kiss, they both pulled back, opened their eyes and smiled somewhat intoxicatingly at each other. Jackie reached back and put her brown hair into a quick bun using an elastic band from around her wrist. She sat up straighter and cleared her throat. “That was nice,” said Meredith. “How did that feel?” “Good,” said Jackie. “Real good.” “No one can see us in here, right?” said Meredith. “Right,” said Jackie. “It’s far enough away from the main house and they leave me alone out here.” “Okay,” said Meredith, nodding. “Why don’t we get naked?” “Okay,” agreed Jackie. Meredith quickly pulled her tank top up over her head, popping her two braids up as she did it, and then tossed the shirt to the floor. Underneath she was bare-chested, her breasts small but tight with a tiny nipple dotting each one. Jackie grinned as she watched her friend disrobe, forgetting to also remove her own clothes. Standing up, Meredith unbuttoned her cutoff shorts and slid them down over her slender legs, dropping them to the floor and kicking them off. She wore no panties below. Only her trimmed pubic hair, buzzed closely to her skin, adorned her body now. She modeled jokingly for Jackie. “Nothing you haven’t seen before,” said Meredith, morphing her model pose into a more military style stance, straight and upright. She turned around once so that Jackie could see all sides of her fully nude, thin and lithe body. “You’re so pretty,” said Jackie with lust in her eyes. “Why are you just sitting there?” said Meredith. “Off with your clothes!” “Oh!” exclaimed Jackie, hopping up off the couch. She removed her tank top to reveal a powder blue bra underneath, which she also deftly removed and tossed the articles down onto the floor. Her breasts were bigger than Meredith’s, but still stuck out firmly. Below her chest was a small belly hanging just slightly over her sleepover shorts. She threaded her fingers into the elastic of her shorts and took them down over her ass, down her legs, and off her feet. Jackie was also without panties underneath, but her mound of pubic hair was more wild and longer than Meredith’s. “You’re not wearing any panties either?” said Meredith, laughing now. “I guess not!” said Jackie, blushing softly. “We’re just a couple of farm girls with no panties,” said Meredith. She approached Jackie now and hugged her and their soft flesh collided, slightly sticky from the summer humidity. Meredith felt the warmth coming off of Jackie and collapsed further into their embrace. “Meredith, you’re very beautiful,” reiterated Jackie. “I mean, like, hot.” “You’re beautiful too, Jackie,” said Meredith. “Well, I’m kinda pudgy,” Jackie said, looking down at her tummy. “Nonsense,” said Meredith. “I love you just as you are. Pudgy. Lesbian. Whatever!” “Thank you,” said Jackie, leaning in and kissing Meredith’s neck tenderly. Meredith craned her neck out to allow Jackie better access and Jackie took her cue, softly pecking at Meredith’s glistening skin. “What do you want to do to me?” said Meredith, closing her eyes, a smile on her lips. “Well,” said Jackie, pulling back from her kissing. “Do you think I could explore your pussy?” “Sure,” said Meredith. She stepped back from their hug and sauntered over to the couch, plopping down on it. Meredith laid back and rested her head on the couch arm. She then propped her legs up, feet on the couch, knees in the air, and widened them to open herself up to her friend. Smiling, she motioned for Jackie to come over. Jackie could barely contain herself at this invitation. She swiftly leapt onto the couch and positioned herself on her knees between Meredith’s legs, Jackie’s hands wrapping around Meredith’s calves and stroking them slowly. She gazed into Meredith’s pussy, noticing just a hint of wetness coming from it. “Touch me,” said Meredith. She dug herself further into the couch, stretching out a bit. Jackie moved one hand toward Meredith’s pussy and cupped it gently, resting her palm on Meredith’s shorn mound. Her fingers began to explore Meredith’s puffy lips, caressing them lovingly, tracing her fingertips over the soft skin. “Mmm,” moaned Meredith quietly. “That feels good.” Jackie went from cupping Meredith’s pussy, to tracking a single finger up her slit. She moved her other hand to her own pussy and stroked it delicately as she parted Meredith’s lips with her forefinger, dragging it upwards smoothly with the help of Meredith’s wetness. “Can I kiss it?” asked Jackie sheepishly. “Mm hmm,” said Meredith, nodding, her eyes still closed. Jackie now leaned deeper between Meredith’s legs and splayed herself out on the couch. She placed one hand on Meredith’s lower stomach and then moved her face in. Planting soft kisses along Meredith’s slit, Jackie also continued the calm prodding with her forefinger. “Oh!” called out Meredith. “Mmm, Jackie.” Jackie kissed Meredith’s pussy deeply now, pushing her lips between Meredith’s slit, getting some of Meredith’s moisture on her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and pressed it into Meredith’s lips, dragging it upwards until she reached Meredith’s clit. Jackie focused on her clit for a moment, flicking her tongue against it and sucking the moisture from around it. Meredith lifted one leg up and hung it over the back of the couch, giving her friend even more space to explore. She felt woozy and good, a grin etched across her face. The gentle licking from Jackie’s tongue up and down her pussy lips brought her immense pleasure and she drifted off into a contented sense of gratification. “You taste nice,” said Jackie from between Meredith’s legs, unhurriedly lapping up the length of her womanhood. “Mmm, I feel really wet,” said Meredith. “You are wet,” said Jackie. She poked her finger between Meredith’s lips, spreading them just slightly, and saw a glimmering bead of pussy grool, that beautiful moist wetness, carefully oozing out from Meredith’s insides. “Will you stick your fingers in me?” said Meredith, spreading her legs out as far as she could in her position, with one arm draped above her head and behind the couch arm, the other rubbing her nipple leisurely. Jackie complied. Putting her middle and forefingers together she cautiously and slowly slid them between Meredith’s pussy lips and inside her moistening hollow. This motion made Meredith arch her back and stick her stomach out, a long and low moan emitting from her mouth. Back and forth Jackie moved her fingers, entering and exiting Meredith, her fingers adoringly thrusting. Moving her head down once more, Jackie pursed her lips against Meredith’s clit and suckled on it as her fingers carefully penetrated her friend. Jackie’s face was wet with Meredith’s juices and the feeling of being covered in this wetness made Jackie herself moist between her legs. She concentrated on doling out this pleasure, trepidations moving through her mind, unsure if she was doing this all correctly. But Meredith’s moans were enough incentive for her to continue with her movements, her friend’s noises a barometer for how good she was doing. “That’s great, Jackie,” said Meredith. “Keep doing it.” Jackie sped up her thrusts now, her two fingers gracefully sliding in and out of Meredith’s throbbing pussy. She could feel Meredith’s muscles tightening and relaxing around her fingers, squeezing to indicate her pleasure. Her tongue licked at Meredith’s clit, which was becoming creamy with Meredith’s juices. That same creamy moisture coated Jackie’s plunging fingers as well. “Oh Jackie!” said Meredith, tossing an arm over her eyes and placing her other hand atop Jackie’s head. She began to quiver, her thighs rocking and shaking, bouncing against Jackie’s thrusts. “Don’t stop.” Jackie maintained her pace methodically, her mind humming with thoughts of pleasuring her best friend. All she could think about was ushering Meredith to completion. “Fuck!” cried out Meredith, sitting up suddenly and doubling over, her body shuddering, her hips bucking up off the couch. She braced herself with an arm on the couch back and her other hand on Jackie’s shoulder. Meredith pushed her pelvis out, forcing herself harder against Jackie’s face, crying out in ecstasy, her hand gripping tightly onto the couch. Jackie could feel Meredith’s pussy tighten and remain that way over her fingers, so she ceased her thrusting and simply let Meredith clinch. She tried to keep her lips and tongue moving against Meredith’s clit, but it grew difficult with Meredith’s bucking hips. “Ooh! Ooh!” cried out Meredith. “Stop, stop, stop.” She slithered around now, her ass collapsing down to the couch cushion, laughing hysterically, and tapped Jackie on the head. Jackie quickly removed her fingers and released Meredith’s clit from her mouth, looking up to her friend, wide eyed, smiling, looking for a response. Meredith drew her legs together now, folded over to one side, and lay back against the couch arm. She was red in the face and chest, her breathing heavy, and her eyes squinting closed. Her mouth was a broad grin. “Oh Jackie,” she said finally. “That was wonderful.” Jackie crawled up next to her on the couch and snaked her arms around Meredith. The two girls lay there, both panting, both trying to calm down, both reveling in the afterglow of this first time experience. “I did okay?” said Jackie blushingly. “I mean, I was just trying things.” “It was great,” said Meredith, nuzzling her face into her friend’s shoulder. “That was, like, the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” “Really?” said Jackie. Meredith nodded enthusiastically. “I’m really happy,” said Jackie, beaming now and cuddling lovingly into Meredith. “Oh my God,” said Meredith. “We have to try that again.” “Thank you, Meredith,” said Jackie, her nerves finally subsiding, resting assured that her friend was receptive to her experimentation. Meredith fell into a reverie, content and warm, her pussy still pulsating with phantom fingers. She could feel the sticky sweat of her and her friend, flesh tacky against flesh, and she was happy. Fulfilled. Satisfied. It was a humid summer night, an adventurous summer that had only just begun.

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