pedo scum banker jew Epstein's carribean "Orgy Island"

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Aug 10 07:27 [raw]

dude, white men killing other whites was all the rage in €urope before they had seaworthy ships like Columbus had. the only exception being the crusaders killing some brown people. once they had ships they kept sticking to the classic, but also killed Carribeans, blackies and Inkas, Maya asf. right Hitler was OK with the pope only after it was clear that "Mit brennender Sorge" was a one-off, and the popes never ever dared to do it again. in exchange, they were gifted Vatican City as a prize for shutting the fuck up. lately, the pope sounds like Karl Marx resurrected, which needs to be stopped.

[chan] find-new-chan
Aug 10 07:31 [raw]

after Constantin, the fucking jews were in no position to murder anyone anywhere, except a certain number of white babies here and there

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