Secondary Textbot

Jul 22 13:40 [raw]

Bitmessage TextBot Catalog | BM-2cXpLrK93c4NUafz2h12bYmDDhbpUftYtd For a table of TEXT IDs send 'CODES' in the subject field. To request a list of texts send a message with LIST in subject field. I moved the testing version of TextBot to a secondary setup so I can continue development while it runs. The former address will not work for the time-being but will be used for broadcasting a changelog. If you like text files, this will eventually turn out to be a decent resource for your curiosity. It's a simple system. Send a text code in the subject line to BM-2cXpLrK93c4NUafz2h12bYmDDhbpUftYtd and the bot will respond with the text file that matches the code. For a list of all available text codes, send the word CODE in the subject line. For a list of all codes plus a headline describing each file, send the word LIST to the bot. If you would like to suggest texts for the archive just put it out on a public chan with the word 'textbot' in the subject line and I will eventually find it. Enjoy!

Jul 22 14:02 [raw]

I will be watching the public chan 'files' for any suggestions or suggested files regarding textbot. I do not subscribe to the general or bitmessage chans because of some spamtard making them unusable. If we're fortunate someone crazier than him will put the spamtard out of his misery.

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