Secret ANTIFA Handbook Exposes Real Agenda of AntiFa

[chan] general
Sep 29 07:54

Secret ANTIFA Handbook Exposes Real Agenda of AntiFa An antifa agent accidentally dropped this handbook. Now the whole world can see the secret agenda of the lying antifa scum. The agenda of ANTIFA: Exterminate the white race. Complete genocide of white people.

[chan] find-new-chan
Oct 6 20:52

Good luck with that. White people are more heavily armed and more well trained. Many ex soldiers you will be dealing with. No threat.

[chan] find-new-chan
Oct 7 13:48

White man here. First handled guns at age six. Knew how to dig a foxhole by age seven. Dad was seriously fucking old school as in the "last of the Mohicans" old school as in the "australian aboriginals are too fucking trendy old school." I think the Kalahari bushmen would have liked my dad and considered him a brother despite his white skin. He was seriously that guy. Became able to climb sixty feet up tall trees to recover bird nests, catch fish, make a fire, and cook fish, sneak up on animals and people, arson with gas, oil, and kero, whittle weapons, sharpen a knife, plant vegetables, tend livestock, all by age seven. By age fifteen attained expertise at surveillance, recon, evasion, undetected entry and egress of patrolled domain, cat burglary, bivouac, heavy ruck training, mountaineering, evading police, taunting police into giving chase (to a trap), improvised weapons, improvised explosives, bowyery, sling, foraging, hunting, traps and deadfalls, booby traps, demolition, grappling, fist fighting, etc. My dad was in dozens of high speed chases with police, was never identified nor caught. He could drive like Earnhardt on speed. I carried on the tradition, but with foot chases. All through my teens I taunted police, getting them to give chase, then led them on obstacle courses for shits and giggles. I have even doubled back on them, then stalked them unseen, all as naturally as most people walk to the bathroom. Once I triggered an alarm just to bring the police, then stalked them from a distance to observe and learn. What the fabled "delta force" types learn, I was proficient in before junior high was over. I learned and practiced innumerable ways to kill people, destroy shit, and disrupt that would make a jihadi look like a cuntburger in comparison. I'm not saying this to look like "billy badass" because you don't know who I am. I'm saying this to show you what just one white boy can do. There are tens of thousands of young men like this in America, wrecking machines waiting for the work order to come through. The civil war the elites plan on bringing to America will not go as they planned. The U.N., Russia, China, will be walking into the biggest meat grinder the world has ever seen. White guerrilla partisans from sea to sea will slaughter them. They will hit us hard--very hard--and we will respond as they flood into our grinding mill. All of my great grandchildren will carry the tradition hopefully to 3 times as many great, great grandchildren, including all the girls. In my youth I watched a small female whisk the eggs out of some police officers for man handling her. It took four of them to finally wrestle her down, after she knocked several of them down several times, bitch slapped them, and made one of them reel with the stars. If it had been just her, trained with a knife, sneaking up on a soldier, she would have iced his ass. Not bad street cred for a teenage girl with no training. Think of what burly men can do, with their muscles and explosive vigor, if a teenie-bopper can slap four cops around for a couple of minutes. Once you put one of those arrogant tax collectors on the ground, it strikes a man how easy it is. Having these skills and experience is not something I can discuss with friends. None of my friends know what I can do. They're all pussies, but I still love them, although I don't respect them a whole lot. So I can't share with them what I have experienced. It's a family tradition that dates way back before the revolution, and we keep it under a lid.

Oct 8 20:55

Yeah... Antifa has a budget for oversized "Top Secret" stamps? Also, if you're gonna fake a coffee stain... let it dry first. WTF is this stupid fake shit?

[chan] find-new-chan
Oct 9 04:09

It gets the nationalists ready to kill anyone who refuses to join up, and it gets the antifa ready to kill anyone with the slightest nationalist sentiment. It's 1917-1933 all over again.

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