Der neue Besen im chinesischen Politbüro kehrt gut :-)...

Nov 18 19:32 [raw]

<a href="">[l]</a> <a href="">Der neue Besen im chinesischen Politbüro kehrt gut</a> :-)<blockquote lang="en">Writing in the party’s official mouthpiece, the People’s Daily, Chen Xi accused some officials of becoming politically and morally “degraded” and of looking to religion, superstition and – perhaps even worse – western-style multi-party democracy as their faith in socialism faded.<p>“Some don’t believe in Marx and Lenin but believe in ghosts and gods; they don’t believe in ideals but believe in sorcery; they don’t respect the people but do respect masters,” wrote Chen, who was last month handed a spot on China’s 25-member Politburo.</blockquote>

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