OK so far

[chan] bitmessage
May 17 06:11 [raw]

OK guys. canary is fine. the pigs have not yet come, OK.

[chan] canary
May 17 06:27 [raw]

A warrant canary should be digitally signed and linked to a actual identity. Otherwise it means nothing.

[chan] canary
May 17 07:00 [raw]

OK , still now you know, yeah

[chan] canary
May 17 07:49 [raw]

the other guy used the chan ID though not a private ID

[chan] canary
May 17 08:03 [raw]

spit it out

[chan] canary
May 17 18:41 [raw]

the PGP key fingerprint is the ID

[chan] canary
May 17 18:48 [raw]

NSA here. The "pigs" are coming. Your signal hit our radar. You are under investigation for threatening the President of the United States.

[chan] canary

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