Video Course and Tutoring on Carding and whatnot

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Aug 6 17:49

Carding: Carding: Online, In-store, Going through vendors and advice, Phishing for change of billing addresses Including drops and what you need to know;Huge guide written by me major updates done to this carding text, it will cover the basics of most carding knowledge. Going into absolutely everything would mean having to go onto ID theft and fake IDs which can be classed as 2 different categories of their own. What I’m going to cover: Online Carding - A quick overview of what online carding is - SOCKS and why we use them - Finding a cardable site and what cardable means - Carding "non cardable websites" with fake CC scans and other fake documents Carding while on the job - Getting CC, CVV, CVV2 through use of mobiles - Skimming whilst on the job - Using carbonless receipts to get details (pretty outdated method) Trashing. - Trashing for receipts and credit reports (pretty outdated although still works) Phishing over the phone - Phishing over the phone for details Keylogging for CVV2s - Hardware keylogging Carding Instore - What instore carding is (very brief) - How it’s done - How to act and present yourself instore Carding over the phone - Carding over the phone IRC - Services provided in IRC - Advantages to using IRC for info - Disadvantages - How to find carding channels (Will not go too much into this as there are secrets - Vendors and how to approach them - Contact

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Aug 7 07:54

Go directly to jail and do not collect $200.

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