Plz fuck and then murder me

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Dec 7 06:02

I am a Sophomore in highschool by the name of Isaac Blatz. I hate my life and before I die I want to lose my virginity. I would like someone to come to my house, fuck me, and then kill me.. I dont care what age, skin, age, nothing. All I care about is getting fucked and then killed, I want my miserable life over with.Please, this is my address, 820 Center Street, Bow Island, Alberta, Canada. Thank you to anyone that decides to.

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Dec 8 04:36

hey dude call down if you want friends come here at darknet is community of cool guys maybe you find some girl erebus7qtxbjrfej.onion 22dvf4xgaqa672b4.onion if you want give up life you can send me some $$$ i want die too my life in danger finding way how to get my ass to LA

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Plz fuck and then murder me Dec 8 04:36 2
Help me spam this email address Nov 29 14:24 1