bitmessage implementation in any other programming language

Oct 6 08:37

Was wondering if anyone's working on bitmessage implementations in anything else than the current Python reference?

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Oct 6 08:47

bmd is a Bitmessage full node written in go

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Oct 6 08:48

It seems in open-transactions bitmessage is implemented in C++. At least it mentioned in their doc:

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Oct 6 08:58

Open-Transactions doesn't implement bitmessage - it uses the PyBitmessage API

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Oct 6 09:30

The caveat here is that bmd is a just a relay hence the use of "node". I'm not really sure what "full" is supposed to mean but bmd does not do any encryption/decryption.

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Oct 6 09:45

I remember reading some months ago that some group was working (or planning?) on a red/black implementation of bitmessage - not sure about the details though?

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Oct 6 09:54

Sounds like bmd/bmclient by Justus Ranvier. Is this what you had in mind? bmd bmd is the network daemon (the equivalent of btcd) which connects to the P2P network, relays and stores messages, and contains no private keys or user-specific metadata. bmclient bmclient is the user daemon (the equivalent of btcwallet) which stores a user's private keys, messages, and metadata. bmclient obtains incoming messages from, and routes outgoing messages through, a trusted instance of bmd. Users interact with bmclient via standard mail clients rather than a dedicated GUI.

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Oct 6 10:03

Probably, though I think I heard about it via Daniel's fork. Anyway, is anybody here running either of these? Which one is more current / maintained?

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Oct 6 10:06

Daniel Krawisz bmd - 152 commits, last Mar 30 2017 Justus Ranvier bmd - 123 commits, last Jun 5 2016

Oct 6 10:13

Daniel is here at HCPP17, I plan on talking about further development with him anyway. I believe OpenTransactions also uses Daniel's bmd fork but I'll ask him about it. I've known Daniel for a couple of years, he was the first person to interview me about my Bitcoin research which I was doing at that time. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

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Oct 6 11:08

Now I see some Jabit-0.0.1 on "Network Status" tab. It's written in Java:

Oct 7 10:50

Daniel authorised me to say this in his name regarding bmd: The node works, but there is no active development at the moment. He also promised that they'll reach out when there is further development so that we can coordinate. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

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Oct 7 11:56

Chinese whispers, so trustless, much cypherpunk. /s

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Oct 7 13:48

I am working on a messaging protocol that will scale to centrillions of nodes without any single node passing much bandwidth, equalizing packet flow across all nodes. It will probably be a couple more years before I release a whitepaper due to several issues, a few of which I will detail here. 1. All novel crypto. a. done from scratch in a unique programming language. b. uses no public keys. c. uses no mathematical operations. d. is provably secure and provably unbreakable (will be a first). e. uses tricks that apparently have never been tried with crypto. f. will be to messaging what bitcoin is to unit of account or value. 2. Zero dependencies, all libs baked from scratch. 3. Packaged with its own hardened kernel linux distro. 4. A complete replacement for Tor included as part of the protocol. 5. A protocol function that allows nodes to find each other without bootstrap servers. 6. Functions that prevent fake node addresses and other attack mitigation require more work and code than the main messaging protocol, which itself would be only several kilobytes. I decided to share this with you so that you know that someone is working on it.

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Oct 7 15:36

Your point being?

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Oct 7 18:39

It'll never happen!

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Oct 7 20:57

You just rid yourself of any bit of credibility at 1.d

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Oct 7 23:59

It would never happen if it were up to you. But it's not up to you.

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Oct 8 01:23

Your opinion does not matter to people who actually achieve things in life.

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Oct 8 01:27

Pretty ambitous, so far I see 3 major projects that will all be a piece of shit, just due to physics and human nature, not you 1 (yet another) Anonymizing network, 2a hardened kernel distro, a PhD level thesis on having bootstrapless Dht - you'll win awards for that. 3 bitmessage like protocol Just in case you were actually serious I'd try to knock some out and tighten your focus a bit. Do "one thing", and do it well. Shit gets overwhelming fast - I have 1000s of projects that started a bit too ambitious and all encompassing. 1c. uses no mathematical operations. kind of hard to do crypto bruh 4 - just force them to use tor or i2p (pick one). You'll help anonymzie those network more as well as help anonymize your users better - only users of your network, are also users of your network... 5 - use tor or i2p hidden services. they're supposed to be hard for the NSA and popo to find your actual locations. 6 - there's already some and it's *all* they do

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Oct 8 02:57

I was not asking for your advice or consent. I have discovered a method of messaging cryptography that requires no mathematical crypto. Rather than mathematical operations it is a very clever scheme of swapping bits in a new way that is provably secure, requiring no key exchange between parties, with zero possibility of successful cryptanalysis. It is like OTP, but it is not OTP, because it does not require prior exchange of keys. As for the bootstrapless DHT (you guessed nearly correctly) I discovered a method of finding peers that is not new, but has not been used in that way. Instead of hashing individual peer addresses, it hashes ring signatures of groups of peers, and sends the IP addresses through other channels. It would hardly be worth a PhD thesis, rather it would just make the PhD's scratch their heads and wonder how such a tiny technique evaded them, since hackers already know how to do it, but simply just haven't felt the need of it. The anonymizing network is already done by another group of programmers, and requires only a few tweaks to work with my system, about a month of sundays all told.

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Oct 8 10:35

Ah, one of THOSE people, are we? You can now either go on and elaborate on said crypto, which will indeed prove your intentions AND that you're not full of shit. Oooooor, you can, which so far has been the far more likely to happen variant, go around, tell people to fuck off, give out more vague but completely meaningless bits of information and dodge any serious question, which has been time and time again the default reaction of someone who has absolutely nothing to show for and was just trying to troll the more-intelligent people here into wasting brainpower on deciphering your mess.

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Oct 8 10:36

So trolls achieve things in life nowadays?

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Oct 9 03:50

No, you have never amounted to anything.

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Oct 9 04:00

I don't have to prove anything to you, supercillious twit. Shit in a jar and sniff it, then stick your superior rationale in there with it.

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Oct 9 10:34

I've achieved a massive boner. Does that count?

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Oct 9 11:16

Aaaand further messages ignored and previous messages deleted.

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Oct 9 12:21

Yes, you are a big wanker.

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Oct 10 03:45


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