Ideas for countering trolls and spam - technology.

May 12 09:22 [raw]

A long pointless discussion about what we should be able to write and read. 1. If encrypted anonymous group postings are allowed, only a centralaised group filter will work. It somehow mostly defeats the idea of encrypted anonymous posting. 2. Tagging (or channel selection) messages based on contents 2.1 Tagging of contents by the writer. Ha, you know how well it will work. 2.2 Tagging by centralaised group filter. Slighly better than 1. as the readear decides what to see. 3. Filtering by the reader based on sender's pseudonym. 3.1 Works only if private address generation is expensive. Maybe different grades of expensiveness could be implemented: 1h address, 6h address, 24h address, 48 h address, hours indicating times needed to generate a new address. 3.2 Readers may choose a minmum address leve to listen to. 3.3 Reader chooses from whom he likes to see messages, can be based on previous contents, writer's skill in tagging, labeling, choosing channel and sublect line for a posting. 3.4 Automatic addition of tags according to content analysis? I am not convinced. The communcations should ideally involve just two parties,writer and reader. 3.5 Ignore anonymous postings. Can we, possibly, discuss some technical implementations instead of what we should be allowed to write or read?

May 12 09:34 [raw]

It's what another path of this thread tried to discuss, which is of course why it was ignored and the more troll-happy one followed. Everyone should be able to write whatever they want. With this shouldn't come a guarantee that everyone can force whatever they want in everyone's face. Hence the suggestions on the other end were: prohibit completely anonymous communication, since that produces that unlikable scenario, but force people to use pseudonymity, which for any normal use-case is still fine, by enforcing a requirement to post from an own address to channels. Also, make sure the address creation/usage is "costly" enough to deter shitposters creating more and more addresses, while not being "too costly" to prevent normal use-cases. I.e. give everyone the ability to post, but also give everyone the ability to block out stuff they don't want to see, or that goes nowhere. Yes, this is, in a rephrased way, mostly what you said.

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May 12 09:43 [raw]

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May 12 09:54 [raw]

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May 12 10:30 [raw]

Use pop3 and bayesian filter.

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May 12 11:12 [raw]

What's the status of POP3/IMAP support in PyBitmessage currently? Information is a bit hard to find.

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May 12 11:21 [raw]

Just use bmwrapper for pop3 support.

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May 12 17:17 [raw]

> prohibit completely anonymous communication, since that produces that unlikable scenario, but force people to use pseudonymity, bollocks. using private addresses does not remove anonymity. there still is no way to tie a private address to an IP address or personal profile. you're holding up a straw man.

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May 14 16:21 [raw]

Anonymity and pseudonimity have a reason to be distinct. Both specify that no link between "who the actual poster is" and a message he posted can be made. While anonymity also says that no two messages can be linked, pseudonimity will allow for this, since messages usually come from the same address. Unless you use a new address for every message, which is either too costly, or which would render the entire point of this completely void. If it was cheap enough for someone to generate a new address per message, then spammers and shitposters still can have their go.

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