Any predictions?

Jun 14 06:15

Ethereum Zcash integration or are we more interested in Waves?

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Jun 18 17:40

> Ethereum Zcash integration or are we more interested in Waves? LTC, DASH?

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Jun 19 02:00

wings and Lisk maybe. Also have you checked out IotaToken? No blockchain, it's pretty dope!

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Jun 20 07:02

No, I hadn't heard of them. Are they being traded much? Do they have something lacking in Zcash? And is isn't waves and ethereum becoming more and more robust? I mean there's networksk than tor, i2p, gnunet but we know that's not how t hings work. Whichever gets used the most wins. Looks like Zcash will work in ethereum which will make it #1 just my two cents

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Jun 20 11:04

As IPFS...?

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Jun 20 18:18

No-one can understand what you mean.

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Jun 23 05:11

Any predictions? I predict that many predictions will fail.

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Jun 30 08:55

Zcash will overtake everything. Waves looks cool. Ethereum is still cool. BTC will always be beautiful and cool but will not always be the top spot. Siacoin is interesting. Namecoin will disappear but that's unfortunate. Maybe someoen can save it? Who can tell....

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Jun 30 12:24

I've done a little bit of comparison in the Ring CT paper / you can also look here for some facts on zcash- there are a few I've seen so far Setup: Monero (Trustless) vs Zerocash (Must Trust zcash company) Proof Generation: Monero (100's /second ) vs Zcash (1/minute) Algorithm auditability: Monero (a decent number of people seem to understand ring signatures and confidential transactions) vs Zerocash (I'm not sure how many people actually understand the proofs besides the small group of authors) - although this point is certainly subjective. Poison-pill attack vulnerability: Monero (attacker would need 51%) vs Zerocash Vulnerable, (see zerocash extended paper section 6.4 Anonymity set: Monero (although the zcash proponents note that a ring signature is a "smaller" anonymity set, they usually don't mention that the stealth address factor actually means that each transaction is masked, whereas the ring signatures provide additional plausible deniability, furthermore, since keys appear in different ring signatures in different blocks in time, the anonymity set for when a given key is spent grows infinitely, and could eventually grow larger than the zcash anonymity set at any fixed instant in time) vs Zcash (anonymity set is the entire blockchain ) Anonymous Multisig: Monero (yes! see "written up" link on ring ct sticky, this could make things like lightning potentially possible ) vs Zerocash (?) Mining: Monero (has it's own strongly decentralized mining process) vs Zerocash protocol from the paper lacks it's own mining (it's essentially just a distributed anonymous database), so there must be another coin which is mined to convert to zerocash tokens --note that point 4. is an actual potential compromise of anonymity, which contradicts some of the statements the zerocash team has made.

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