Is bitmessage within whonix bad?

[chan] bitmessage
May 10 12:53 [raw]

I ask because if bitmessage has tor baked in, this would be tor-over-tor, something the TOR project says is a no-no

[chan] bitmessage
May 10 13:15 [raw]

Bitmessage does NOT have Tor baked in. It can use Tor if it's available.

[chan] bitmessage
May 10 13:29 [raw]

Oh? Are you sure? So, bitmessage in whonix is fine then I take it? I keep hearing the max 8 peers (not more) is for TOR reasons, is this not true?

May 10 13:35 [raw]

The 8 outbound peers is completely independent of TOR. The point is, every connecting you make uses up resources in other nodes, while failing to have any benificial effect for you, after a certain amount. it just uses up more and more bandwidth and resources of other nodes and yourself, while you could fully participate in the network with a single connection. However, a single connection would allow an outside person to clearly trace who sent a certain object first. So the 8 connections rule is pretty much just a compromise between "one or two nodes might be bad, spying on us or overloaded" and "we're just wasting ressources now"

[chan] bitmessage
May 10 14:58 [raw]

Bitmessages uses 4 peers through Tor and 8 in clearnet, not for some privacy reasons, but just because Bitcoin does the same.

[chan] bitmessage
May 10 15:09 [raw]

Source for that claim?

[chan] bitmessage
May 10 15:34 [raw]

Bitmessage doesn't connect to clearnet at all if you configure it correctly. You can force it to use only tor. If you configure it to use a tor hidden service, you can accept incoming connections too.

[chan] bitmessage
May 10 19:40 [raw]

If Bitmessage would configure the tor hidden service for you, then everyone would automatically connect and accept incoming connections. Ricochet IM does this. Why can't Bitmessage? Tor Project has the "stem" library which is a python script that allows python programs to programmatically create tor hidden services and connect to them on the fly. By integrating the stem library and adding about 50 lines of control code, Bitmessage can automatically detect a tor installation, create a service, start it, and connect to it fully integrating every peer into the network.

[chan] bitmessage
May 10 19:45 [raw]

> Bitmessage does NOT have Tor baked in. Is SHOULD. Tor's stem library is a python script that enables Tor to be baked in to any python program.

[chan] bitmessage
May 11 06:52 [raw]

It's not that difficult to configure a tor hidden service for BM. Even Granny Smith worked out how to do it.

[chan] bitmessage
May 11 16:41 [raw]

Granny, you know damn well that 99% of humans will not use a piece of software that requires more than point-click or tap-tap. Cypherpunks and OSS coders all know it, yet they refuse to do UX or material design to accommodate this reality. When I was young millions of people would happily get under the hood and figure it out. Society does not think this way anymore with the advent of Android and Iphone and windows 8+. They now just expect things to work out of the box. There probably are not a thousand people in the world who want to get under the hood. Nobody wants to fuck around with the internals of an application. I can write my own programs. I can open up any source code in any language and figure out what's going on under the hood. Yet ***I*** don't want to fiddle-fuck around with the internals of someone else's application. If the Bitmessage team thinks they are writing something for sysadmins to use they are missing the whole point of secure communication. It should be something the general public can use without training, or it's useless. Open up Ricochet-IM and see how easy it is to use. It negotiates a tor hidden service and just works. People just want it to work. They don't want to require hours of education and google searches to make a program work. Bitmessage could easily just start tor and connect via a hidden service with no human interaction just like Ricochet-IM does. So the application should. Millions use tor browser yet I'll bet less than 1000 people regularly use Bitmessage. Something is wrong here.

[chan] bitmessage
May 11 17:19 [raw]

Granny, something the hood and OSS coders all know damn well that of humans will not a piece of humans will not use a tor and OSS coders all know damn well that of software that of the internals of software that of secure communication. They now just want to use. Open up any source code in the hood; and figure it yet They now just expect want to fuck around with the application should be something the hood and figure it, to accommodate this reality; would happily get under the Bitmessage. Yet they are writing not use Bitmessage. Granny, you know damn well that of humans will not use. There probably are writing something the world hood. Granny, you know damn well that of an application should. It out of the Bitmessage. Cypherpunks and windows They are writing something the hood and figure it yet They refuse to fiddle fuck use. Yet They are not use without training, or tap.

[chan] bitmessage
May 11 19:17 [raw]

The missed point is, though, that Tor is absolutely not required to use bitmessage. In general, bitmessage requires very little configuration.

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May 20 21:24 [raw]

> Millions use tor browser yet I'll bet less than 1000 people regularly use Bitmessage. Something is wrong here. What is wrong here, then?

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