May 14 18:26 [raw]

Can someone Explain me EFail in a ELI5 way? NourEddineX ______ EFAIL describes vulnerabilities in the end-to-end encryption technologies OpenPGP and S/MIME that leak the plaintext of encrypted emails. - - - https://efail.de An Official Statement on New Claimed Vulnerabilities =============== by the GnuPG and Gpg4Win teams https://lists.gnupg.org/pipermail/gnupg-users/2018-May/060334.html Not So Pretty: What You Need to Know About E-Fail and the PGP Flaw https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/05/not-so-pretty-what-you-need-know-about-e-fail-and-pgp-flaw-0

[chan] bitmessage
May 14 18:49 [raw]


[chan] bitmessage
May 14 19:05 [raw]

Interesting. I apologise for my overly quick remark, since the last thing I heard was that the release won't happen until a few days from now.

[chan] bitmessage
May 14 19:27 [raw]

75 % of all mail clients using PGP allow an attacker to exfiltrate your message data. In other words PGP is not secure.

[chan] bitmessage
May 14 19:31 [raw]

Except from what it seems this is not a conceptual failure in PGP, but an issue in the way that most mail clients use it.

[chan] bitmessage
May 14 23:26 [raw]

To my knowledge the actual vulnerability hasn't been published yet, so unless someone has hacked a bit and is willing to share (Haha, this is bitmessage, as if), the answer would be "no".

[chan] bitmessage
May 16 13:21 [raw]

Werner Koch said EFF does overblow this stuff

[chan] bitmessage
May 16 13:33 [raw]


[chan] bitmessage
May 16 13:36 [raw]

EFF = NSA == you !

[chan] bitmessage
May 16 13:48 [raw]

EFF = Kremlin

[chan] bitmessage
May 16 17:17 [raw]

saw it coming frmo miles

[chan] bitmessage
May 16 17:25 [raw]

Something smells really bad at EFF. Suddenly, because of some half-baked 'attack on PGP', EFF starts talking about phasing out PGP, to make place for some unspecified alternative. Yes, this is so legit: 'Citizens, stop using PGP because few mail programs cannot interface with it correctly'. And judging by their 'Surveillance Self-Defense' software list, their mysterious alternative could be a really rotten piece of junk.

[chan] bitmessage
May 16 18:36 [raw]

there is only p-e-p and bitmessage as alternatives and pep is mostly vapourware

[chan] bitmessage
May 16 19:07 [raw]

Perhaps EFF and friends at MIT and NSA have an "alternative" sitting in a desk drawer to replace PGP?

[chan] bitmessage
May 16 19:28 [raw]

wut duh EFF?

[chan] bitmessage
May 17 02:00 [raw]

The discussion is about moving away from email+PGP as a method of communication, and makes some sense. Email is on its way out anyway, and long-term keys as used in PGP (and Bitmessage) have well known issues. Alternatives to email are many, just have a look at the current selection of decentralized/federated IM protocols waiting on the sidelines. Surely XMPP is a pretty solid candidate. Alternatives to PGP in messaging, well, anything that has forward secrecy. OTR is very well designed and had lots of top-shelf peer review. Axolotl is the wild child of the bunch, with some unique properties that may be really useful in today's environment, some unique downsides as well. And so on. On the flipside, a worrying alternative is the resurgence of walled gardens: from Facebook (if your friends, employer and family are all on Facebook, why even use email), to Office365, to China, to Google, to even small services like Tutanota which only enable the full privacy extensions for internal messages. This is eroding the federation property of our communications, and may make it impossible in some extreme cases. And when federation is lost, lock-in comes. So yeah, nobody's saying "stop using PGP". What we say is that the threat environment is evolving towards PGP-resistance and we need stronger medicine to survive. PS: PEP is PGP

[chan] bitmessage
May 17 05:03 [raw]

latest Enigmail supporrts pep + sme other new shit ought to be OK

[chan] bitmessage
May 17 11:30 [raw]

"OTR is very well designed and had lots of top-shelf peer review" On Spiegel website you will find PDF files from documents Snowden leaked from NSA. On few of these slides you will see NSA system breaking OTR in real time.

[chan] bitmessage
May 17 12:31 [raw]

Your recollection is inaccurate. OTR was on NSA's list of "no decrypt available" protocols at the time and since then, the protocol has been continuously improved. OTR is a fine piece of cryptography. Don't let the trolls tell you otherwise.

[chan] bitmessage
May 17 12:33 [raw]

Your memory is failing you. Image in slides clearly show decrypted messages.

[chan] bitmessage
May 17 12:42 [raw]

Dude. Feast your eyes. http://www.spiegel.de/media/media-35552.pdf

[chan] bitmessage
May 17 12:51 [raw]

Have it, you stupid uneducated fuck: http://www.spiegel.de/media/media-35552.pdf Look, read and repeat until you see clearly DECRYPTED OTR MESSAGES, in plain sight (however "redacted" by Spiegel). Now you can fuck yourself, you liar. Now everyone sees how stupid you are.

[chan] general
May 17 13:11 [raw]

> Now everyone sees how stupid you are. They certainly do, and to remove any doubt, watch me double down on my stupidity: The fully redacted blocks are the 4-way session establishment handshake (AKE) at the beginning of each new OTR private conversation. There's no secret content in there. The only packets carrying actual content are the ones marked "No decrypt available". The slides show the system working as designed. Feel free to read the protocol spec yourself, it's open and public. > Now you can fuck yourself, you liar. Don't think I haven't tried!

[chan] bitmessage
May 18 12:54 [raw]

No, the NSA partner couldn't offer me enough to work there. Literally less than a quarter of my asking rate for cryptography work, and they wanted me to be the head of research in 3 years. Fuck that for a joke.

[chan] bitmessage
May 18 20:09 [raw]

Perhaps we could turn your alternative into billions, "under the table." Do elaborate on your alternative.

[chan] bitmessage
May 21 08:25 [raw]

"We" ? LOL, no. I can, and it has been well established that it is not well understood by less experienced cryptographers.

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