bmwrapper broadcasts

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Jul 8 04:34

I am trying to send a broadcast with bmwrapper. The messages send but they are neither broadcasted nor do they show up in the bm qt sent list. I have tried numerous configs. I have prefixed the to address with 'broadcast@' I have tried prefixing broadcast@ to the smtp username. Does anyone know why this might not work?

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 8 13:07

There have been no changes to bmwrapper in 3 years, meanwhile there have been significant changes to PyBitmessage which may have caused an incompatibilty.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 8 13:13

Has the API implementation changed that drastically over time? If you have specific knowledge where it is likely to break please share it. It works great as an interface to various email clients, and also mailing list manager types. Up to and including the May/June early asyncore inclusion as a network access alternative. chan / PMLs so far seem OK with it in addition to regulare p-p BMs I'd hate it if that changed and I need to reconfigure stuff that have been routinely deployed to non-tech test users since 2014Q4

Jul 8 13:54

> Has the API implementation changed that drastically over time? There was refactoring and new parameters added, but as far as I know all is backwards compatible. > It works great as an interface to various email clients, PyBitmessage has had a SMTP client/server interface for a while, maybe you can try that instead, but it doesn't have a broadcast interface and you still need a separate IMAP server. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 10 14:27

Just tested bmwrapper and broadcasting works perfectly. I think the problem you experienced is that PyBitmessage does not have proper pipelining - it doesn't catch broadcasts it sends as a subscribed broadcast. The broadcast shows up in the sent folder in the Messages tab but does not show up in the inbox folder of the Subscriptions tab if you subscribe to your own address.

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