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Jul 5 01:31

In the messages.dat file we have this structure: CREATE TABLE inbox (msgid blob, toaddress text, fromaddress text, subject text, received text, message text, folder text, encodingtype int, read bool, sighash blob, UNIQUE(msgid) ON CONFLICT REPLACE); I want to get msgid, sighash, and UNIQUE in human-readable format. Are these blobs in binary format? Do they represent numbers or text? How would I properly convert them to ASCII or UTF-8?

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Jul 5 01:39

P.S. The reason I ask is because I want to use sqlite to 'select' based on msgid and/or sighash.

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Jul 5 02:21

CREATE VIEW "inbox_view" AS SELECT HEX("msgid") AS "msgid", "toaddress", "fromaddress", "subject", CAST("received" AS INT), "message", "folder", "encodingtype", "read", HEX("sighash") FROM "inbox";

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Jul 5 03:48

thank you hacker. that worked. i'm googling "create view" to see what it did to the blob but what is the short explanation of this? I don't know what format the blobs are. sqlite> select msgid from inbox_view where subject is "1234"; F063E5049EC4B2333AC5AA60D97AB5664297B427BA9678E015C2F52499AFDDFF sqlite> select subject from inbox_view where msgid is "F063E5049EC4B2333AC5AA60D97AB5664297B427BA9678E015C2F52499AFDDFF"; 1234

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Jul 5 04:00

this works, too: $ sql messages.dat 'select hex("msgid") from inbox where subject is "1234";'

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Jul 5 04:18

The CREATE VIEW command assigns a name to a pre-packaged SELECT statement. Once the view is created, it can be used in the FROM clause of another SELECT in place of a table name. The blobs are blobs incorrectly stored as text: sqlite> SELECT TYPEOF("msgid") FROM "inbox"; text text text text sqlite> CREATE TEMP TABLE "blob_test" ("text_col" TEXT, "blob_col" BLOB); sqlite> INSERT INTO "blob_test" VALUES ('gggg', X'00000000'); sqlite> INSERT INTO "blob_test" VALUES (X'11111111', 'ffff'); sqlite> INSERT INTO "blob_test" VALUES (X'22222222', X'33333333'); sqlite> INSERT INTO "blob_test" VALUES ('hhhh', 'iiii'); sqlite> SELECT * FROM "blob_test"; gggg| |ffff """"|3333 hhhh|iiii sqlite> SELECT HEX("text_col"), HEX("blob_col") FROM "blob_test"; 67676767|00000000 11111111|66666666 22222222|33333333 68686868|69696969 sqlite> SELECT TYPEOF("text_col"), TYPEOF("blob_col") FROM "blob_test"; text|blob blob|text blob|blob text|text

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Jul 5 05:02

So the blobs are just text marked as blob?

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Jul 5 06:53

No, its the other way around - the blobs are just blob marked as text

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Jul 5 07:13

hay caramba

Jul 5 07:32

It's caused by the strange way that python converts data when inserting/updating sqlite databases. I have tested code to fix pybitmessage in this respect, but I need to do backward/forward compatibility testing. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

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Jul 5 07:40

Thanks - A most useful thread - I maintain a bunch of message.dat sql templates No Blobs to mangle provided PyBitmessage is deliberately kept offline when run Which Begs the feature request :: Start GUI with an instruction to Stay Offline. And also a facility to leave the GUI open for reading etc, OFFLINE when other stuff is using an active network connection.

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