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Feb 9 19:33

I think the bitmessage concept is unique and useful. Since I am not a computer guru how can I know that bitmessage works as advertised? How can I know it really secures my messages? How can I know that there are no back doors or special loopholes in the code that allow unknown persons to pentrate the sytem? Maybe someone will say, "It's open source." That proves nothing. It would require me to get a PhD in computer science so I might examine the source. Is this what is expected of users? How does one know that bitmessage isn't just a trap? How can one know? Where is the accountability for assurance? I don't know who any of the bitmessage developers are. Who are they? Who are their fellow travellers? Why did they create bitmessage? What agendas are at play?

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Feb 9 19:49

"How can one know? " one bloody doesn't.

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Feb 9 20:29

use OTP to encrypt big session keys then send the encrypted keys in the postal mails. Then encrypt electronic messages with a stream cipher using these session keys. Use the last session key to encrypt a new OTP for the next round. Mail new session keys every so often and destroy the old keys. This is much more secure than any electronic key exchange protocol.

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Feb 9 20:31

Are you questioning this for absolutely everything you're using? Did you question if the machine you're on can even be remotelly trusted? Do you know who EXACTLY the people that built the parts are? Did you question if there are no loopholes in the OS you're using? Can you truly trust the people that made it? Has any company given you a guarantee they will take accountability when shit hits the fan? Do you know that ALL OTHER SOFTWARE you're using is trustworthy? Do you know where each library or module from every program you have on your machine comes from? If you can't completely answer those questions, why do you aim this specifically at Bitmessage? What frees everything else from being subject to this?

Feb 9 20:47

> That proves nothing. It would require me to get a PhD in computer > science so I might examine the source. Is this what is expected of > users? Yea that's a great question. I'm open for suggestions. > How does one know that bitmessage isn't just a trap? How can one > know? Where is the accountability for assurance? How do you propose that would work? If you can't verify it yourself, then someone else has to verify it for you and you have to trust them. Or a tool can verify it for you, but then you have to trust the person who built the tool. Or you can post some information in a way that implies a crime and when you don't up in jail, it may mean that the law enforcement cannot identify you, or they are waiting for a bigger fish, so again there is someone you have to trust. You can also use a different implementation instead of PyBitmessage but then you have to trust the developers of these. > I don't know who any of the bitmessage developers are. Who are they? You can look me up on the internet, it's not like I'm incognito. You can look up some information on Jonathan Warren as well. The two of us probably contributed most of the code in PyBitmessage. I don't really know the other contributors other than their nicknames and sometimes real names. I do know Daniel Krawisz and Justus Ranvier slightly better, we got acquainted due to our shared interest in Bitcoin prior to our involvement in Bitmessage. Furthermore, bitmessage uses existing cryptographic standards and libraries (like openssl) and those also have developers. Many times I get bug reports or helpful tips anonymously. I really appreciate all the help and I don't really care who it comes from. Or to paraphrase the most interesting man in the world, "stay anonymous my friends". > Who are their fellow travellers? Why did they create bitmessage? Jonathan created bitmessage, and you can read about his motivations in the bitmessage whitepaper (inadequacies of existing solutions with respect to protecting metadata, and the increasing amount of mass surveillance). > What agendas are at play? I can't speak for the others, but I share the two motivations listed above. I think these issues are very important and there still aren't adequate solutions for protecting metadata. I would describe myself as a cypherpunk. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

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Feb 9 21:19

> why do you aim this specifically at Bitmessage? Bitmessage makes specific reference to such security. "We propose a system that allows users to securely send and receive messages, and subscribe to broadcast messages, using a trustless decentralized peer ‐ to ‐ peer protocol. [ ... ] It is also designed to mask non ‐ content data, like the sender and receiver of messages, from those not involved in the communication."

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Feb 9 21:30

So does every half-way modern processor containing stuff like the "TrustZone" in ARMs, or equivalents in Intel / AMD. Same with Memory protection, hardware random generators that some CPUs offer. AES-NI instruction set, the upcoming transparent RAM encryption that some CPU manufacturer announced. So does your OS when it uses these features. In things like Kernel Address Space Randomization or when it tries to isolate untrustworthy code via virtualisation. So does your webbrowser when it claims that it establishes a secure TLS connection, using a ton of libraries (not exclusive to TLS), some of which have been created in a similar environment as bitmessage has. There's a million things, all of which make claims of security, the interplay of which makes up the hardware and software you use. Sure, bitmessage makes this claim for security, but if you poke the question of "How can I trust that when it's done by people I don't know, and that don't guarantee by contracts / enforceability of laws against them, that their security works" at Bitmessage, you'll have to apply it in a similar way to everything below as well and ask if you can really trust the entire chain. Because in the end, if you can't answer the question about the stuff that BitMessage relies on, the question becomes pretty meaningless for BitMessage alone.

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