Message to Julian Assange.

Oct 8 11:28

Julian, I have been an honnest & independent supporter of Wikileaks for years, because I have been victim of a huge transnational corruption case that I have kept trying to explain to you and to gain your support to win my case. By the mean time, I have tried my best, with my reduced means, to help you the best I could in order to protect your sources, proposing you several projects that were making sense, and that would have also garanteed more independence for Wikileaks. All those efforts were never recognized by anybody. Including many of your close friends that saw some kind of competition and who did not support me in this efforts. I have suffured severe gangstalking from all the spying agencies and mafias involved in this political-transnational corruption case. Now that you know my case, how big and important it is, I just wish that you will not behave like 99.99% of the people arround me that get corrupted by those who want to sink me because they are part of the corruption cartel. I have tried my best, all this time, to help you with my own case, preserving my interests in my case, and trying to find ways to help you with it. I hope I will not regreat trying to do so. Because now that you are aware of the huge amount of money that was stolen to me by those corrupted states & organizations, I hope they will not end corrupting you too. Division is what they want. We must stay in full solidarity, we must learn to trust each others, work toguether, in good intelligence, at all levels. I have proposed you from the begining to start bringing trust between us through math & technology, through things that cannot be faked. I told you not to trust me, but just to understand my technological researches, fully demonstrated. I have forwarded you, in full transparency, most of the documents of my case, in order to proove you I was not contacting you to infiltrate Wikileaks and damage it, but to ask for help as a desperate whistleblower victim of a transnational corruption postal cartel case. One the biggest political scandal so far in France and in 7 other countries for the last decade. I haven't faked anything. I have been as honnest as possible. Please stay on my side, because if I win my case, and I am going to win it, even if all those corrupted feds & mafias from those 8 states are plotting against me daily with mind control and keeping trying to kill me & my family, you can be sure I will support you back, and that you will not be forgotten. Kind regards, Frédéric.

Oct 8 12:32

I am fully pacifist, non violent, against violence, weapons and so on. Violence will only bring chaos. The revolution can come peacefully and non violently from revolutionizing the cyber-space, studying more Crypto-Anarchism and its incredible possibilities and also its dangers. It is not only a matter of what technologies are emerging, it is a matter of order, in which order they are spread into the public. It is a matter of being able to undertand the huge "power equation ballance" in the world, that has been completely transmutted by the inner existance of the cyber-space. We have to make the intellectual effort to rethink the "power equation ballance" taking in account all known forms of powers and the new forms of powers that are brought into the society by technologies. The cyber-space being the major new variable in the equation, but it is not the only one. No guns or violence needed. Just intelligence and the true desire to make things better. THERE IS NO NEED FOR VIOLENCE. Even most Anarchists are completely lost in old ways of thinking that are completely outdated because they refuse to integrate the new variables that came from technologies that have influence on the global power equation. Once we will have a better understanding of the special and unique power caracteristics that are coming from the cyber-space, we will have a better understanding of what to do, in which order to it. For now, I even consider most Crypto-Anarchists being as irresponsible as most militaries playing with fire regarding the new powers brought by technologies, particularily the cyber-space. Stman.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 9 04:15

Weapons keep lions from eating you.

Oct 9 14:05

I am asperger, and there are things I can't understand in life. I need to be guided. Many people abuse me, manipulate me, use me, against my will. Non-violence is part of me. Shall I confess I was proud, during my military service, by chance, to espace gun training because I got a big cold right at the moment the gun training had started and stayed in bed for two weeks because sick. When I came back, gun training was over and I was happy not to have touched a gun. I hate weapons. I hate power. And I feel that power accumulation only lead to corruption and abuses. I see the world genuily through my asperger sensibility and eyes. I see things other don't, and I am blind to things that appear obivous for others. In technology, I found the definite solution to stack and buffer overflows, I fixed Tor/I2P/VPN anonymity issues related to fingerprinting identification technics. I see things other don't. But I am blind to other things that are obvious to others. This include corruption. I hate corruption. And I am surrounded by corrupted people with corruption and bad things in mind all the time, just for money or power. One of the things that motivates me most studying the paradigms offered by Crypto-Anarchism is the fight against mafias, corruption and power abuses. But I know some lions want to eat me.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 10 03:40

> I am asperger Asperger's Syndrome is a myth. Psychiatry and most diagnosis of mental disorders are straight up bullshit from a profession of pure quackery. They even elected to change "gender identity disorder" to "gender dysphoria" to be politically correct. Psychiatry is bullshit. You let them put a label on you, it might make you ill.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 10 05:09

That's the whole point. People want a label so they can be considered ill and not have to change or otherwise not do stuff they don't want to. They can also expect special treatment/consideration from everyone else and have legal recourse if they're not satisfied.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 11 11:52

I love those giving moral lessons like that, while they are the motherfuckers pulling strings with mind control, and plundering payents of honnest citizens. Listen big piece of nazi terrorist shit, I am reacting normaly to the mafia driven system motherfuckers like you built. As Snowden perfectly said, RESPECT THE FUCKING LAW and there will be less Edward Snowden. Would you admit, motherfucking nazi, that you are not only mafia, criminals and terrorists, but also THIEFS. FUCK YOU ! Stman.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 11 11:54

* plundering patents, and killing innocent people so that their mafia moves would not be discoveted. FUCK YOU ! Stman

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 11 13:11

And about Crypto-Anarchism, if I had been that mad person you try to depict me, it's a long time ago, at least 3 years, I would have published those 350 lines of VHDL code that fix definitely Stack & Buffer Overflow, plus R.O.P. If I did not do it, it's because I am a responsible good person that is perfectly conscious of the global power ballance changes it would bring, and the uncertain results it could have in the meat-space. I'm been struggling like hell during these 3 years to meet philosophers to try to understand better what the consequences could be, good or bad. Whereas at the same time nazi scientists you are part of all got a green light from nazi military and politicians to play with fire with artificial intelligence, that will not make things better, but worse. The problem we face with the cyberspace is what I call the cyberspace paradox I have perfectly described in some posts on the privacy channel. And you see, I am way more honnest, responsible and wise as motherfucking nazi nihilists like you. Because I forwarded my study of this paradox, considering both the military and the crypto-anarchists were in the end wrong. It took me years to finaly understand that the problem we had to fix definitively was the paradox of the current cyberspace, to be able to reballance power correctly within the world. It took me years to understand that the current paradox, leading to chaos and cyber-chaos was indeed the consequence of the nature of the current cyberspace, developped by crazy nazi military that probably took too much LSD. It took me years to understand that a cyber-space was not equal to another. It took me years to understand what incidence on a cyber-space's natural laws could be when mofyint its inner architecture. And I am about to find the definitive solution, the same way I resolved the Stack and Buffer overflows security issues and R.O.P. You see, the piece of shit I am is bringing much more positive and peacefull things to the world than motherfuckers nazi nihilists like you that want to maintain the current statut quo that will either lead to global war and civil wars everywere, with mafia nazi driven regimes everywere. And you, what did you bring to the world morherfucking nazi, to keep peace, state of rights and human rights at flow ? You brought nothing. You'd love to see the world in flames. Not me. So again, FUCK YOU. PS: My Antitrust complain dossier that I am going to deposit at the European Commission is "Accablant" as we say in french. While the only things you have against me are all the bullshit that your organization forced me to do with mind control, against my will. You'dbetter get down a notch before spitting at people's face that easily. Look at yourself in a mirror and see the world you are in favor : The corrupted system that pundered my patents. So fuck you, fuck you really deeply morherfucking nazi. Stman.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 11 16:39

Fuck You are in a green light from nazi nihilists like you are that I had been that will not me: years, to do it, it's a cyber chaos and You bring, and politicians to try are in the world you. You'dbetter get down a cyber chaos and human rights and I the end wrong. Stman. And see I am is perfectly conscious of VHDL code that pundered my will fix definitely Stack and peacefull things to depict me years to understand fix definitely Stack and You in a cyber chaos and you peacefull things you try to meet philosophers to the meat space. Not me to play with mafia nazi scientists you have in a notch before spitting at the current paradox, I am about crypto Anarchism, If I had been that a green light from nazi to The current cyberspace, is perfectly conscious of VHDL code that the end wrong. The world: nature of all the current paradox considering both the cyberspace is perfectly conscious of the world in a long time ago, at people's face that probably took me; to maintain the definitive solution, the military and cyber chaos and civil wars everywere, with artificial intelligence, that probably took me years, to fix definitely Stack and wise as we had been that pundered my will. And see, the bullshit that is perfectly conscious of the world You, see, the meat space. And about crypto Anarchism, If I did You bring and you. It would not me it's a cyber you really deeply morherfucking nazi nihilists military and you, see, that will not be good person that mad I had been that the Crypto Anarchism, If I forwarded my Antitrust complain dossier that I have in the cyberspace, is perfectly conscious of the problem we face that your organization I am a responsible and you, really deeply morherfucking nazi, to do it took me years to reballance power ballance changes it could have published those lines of the military and the end wrong.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 11 21:41

Another stupid sentence : "Code is law" It is manicheist, reductory, and lack precision, context, and many other nuances, and it is only a small part of the truth according to me. I think that architectures (at all levels, from integrated circuits, to motherboards and to OS) and protocols define the cyber-space caracteristics. To me, a (most) cyber-space is composed of three fundamental in ingredients (And I am even not satisfied with this formulation because it is again reductory), but let's say that most cyber-spaces people currently imagine are made out of these three ingredients : - The physical network topology. - The transmission protocols suite. - The computers architectures. It is amazing too see Crypto-Anarchists or Military not even being able to see that there can be an infinity of cyber-spaces based on diffetent variants of these three components. It is amazing to see from the Hacker & Crypto-Anarchist community their inability to think out of the box, and understand that a cyber-space is not equal to another. It is amazing to see that all of them refuse to recognize that the current cyber-space we have is a broken piece of shit, made out of TCP/IP protocol suite, a specific physical topology, and stupid & outdated computers architectures. All this form a big chaotic piece of shit called "The internet". The cyber-space we currently have is a piece of shit because it its current form, its inner natural laws lead to a chaos paradox : Fixing things in the current cyber-space leads to chaos in the meat-space, and fixing thing in the meat-space lead to chaos in the cyber-space. How many of you have done the effort to imagine how we could change some of these basic ingredients to lead to another cyber-space ? I think I am the only one. To me, you are all brainwashed or lack fundamental creativity to reconsider all of those 3 ingredients. If the current cyber-space leads to the creation of a paradox, not all cyber-spaces may lead to such paradox. My research work & studies were focused to identify variables that could create a cyber-space that would not lead to a paradox between the cyber-space and the meat-space. But most of the folks are so manipulated, narrow minded, that they never wanted to think and explore this way. TCP/IP is a piece of shit, our notion of what computer are is lacking creativity, same for protocols, and OS. Our attempts to fix things always fail because we never focus on discovering combinations that would not generate a paradox. But this is exactly what the nazi nihilists military want. But I would say the same for most of us who pretend being crypto-anarchists. Crypto-Anarchism is the other side of the coin of the cyber-space created and IMPOSED by force by the US military establishment. It is a primary reaction to their bullshit. We have to take altitude to see the big picture, seeking ballance, seeking creating a cyber-space that would not generate paradox. This is the roadmap to follow. All the rest is a loss of time according to me. We have to reinvent a good cyber-space. Tor is a US military project. The whole current cyber-space is a US military project. It is not serving humanity as a whole, nor human rights, or peace, it is only serving their world-wide nazi cyber-domination & war interests, and it is generating chaos both in the cyber-space and the meat-space. Stman.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 11 22:12

Yes yes! Also stand the fuck up! No kneeling!

[chan] numberstation
Oct 11 22:14

Julian, you are 100% correct. We must wage an armed battle against the scum of the earth identified by Ed Snowden.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 12 00:26

So what ? To end in jail ? To become contaminated by violence ? To be labeled terrorists and be persecuted or killed ? And in the end, as long as we would not have gotten rid of TCP/IP and from current computer architectures, even as deep as what a computer is, don't you see that oviously the same bullshit will rise again. It's the cyber-space and its inner architecture, at all technological level, that shape the world and define what political system can rise on it, survive on it, or die. Who said a physical battle was necessary ? It is not a physical battle that much to me, it's a conceptual and architectural one. And if we are smart enough we can even create a new cyber-space in parallel of the existing one that make the existing one obsolete. Who said violence was mandatory ? Still, these question arround the use of violence is not my speciality, and as I am fully non violent, my views are my own regarding this. But there ONE thing that is my speciality and that I want to express here clearly guys : As long as your plans relies on TCP/IP, on current microprocessors & current microprocessors architectures, and current internet architecture, you are fucked up because your plan relies on a paradigm, the current cyber-space, that is definitely not to your advantage, that is mastered by the masters of the world, and that will always enfant things to their advantage. The current cyberspace bases are broken, corrupted and generate a chaos paradox, until you get rid of them, there is simply no hope but except chaos. Some don't want physical kneeing, But they accept TCP/IP kneeing, same for microprocessors, OS. To me, the notion of OS, of PMMU, even of microprocessors & computers as we know them is simply completely outdated. So if there shall be no kneeing, it must first come to conceptual and technological and architectural standards that define a cyber-space, and computers. If I mentionned earlier that most cyber-spaces that could be imagined rely on 3 ingredients, there are some of them I imagine where those ingredients become one, or two only. There are even some were we could consider 4 or 5 kinds of ingredients. My preliminary studies were focused on the study, within the current cyber-space, of where the powers were generated, how. Those last 7 years, I identified all what generates power, concentrable cyber-power, within computer hardware. Then I did the same for the OS architectures as we know them. I started fixing things, like the Stack and the Buffer Overflow, until I realized very recently that spreading those fix of a broken by design system could bring more chaos, and that it doesn't fix the current cyber-space chaos paradox. It is just changing power ballance, greatly, but we are still in a paradoxal paradigm that create chaos both in the meat space and the cyber space. Still, this work was not useless, because it has driven me to a better understanding on what variables we could act on to invent and seek a new cyber-space whose caracteristics would not generate chaos paradox, or that would lead to much lower level of paradox. So my personnal conclusion is that the old way of doing things must be completely abandonned. Maybe we can keep a few things for convenience, like some existing languages, maybe only part of them, but regarding protocols, microprocessors and Bios/kernel/OS notions, we have to start over from a blank page. If not, we are loosing our time. We get trapped in the current statut quo that brought this shitty chaotic and paradoxal cyber-space to life. But most folks are lazy, ignorant, and not creative. They think they'll manage to fix things at higher technological level (Tor is a perfect example), while we have to reinvent the fundations, the bases. All of them. In my most advanced ideas about a reinvention of what a microprocessor would be, with my simple trick that solves the Stack + Buffer overflow + R.O.P issues, thete is no more kernel and bios notions, there is no more booting sequence like on any current computer, and it could even be considered there is almost no more OS as we know it. Stman.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 12 02:27

> If I did not do it, it's because I am a responsible good person that is perfectly conscious of the global power ballance changes it would bring, This is pure nuttery. Your few lines of code have no potential to change any balance of power. You are totally delusional.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 12 08:30

Hi there! Can you please refer to some publications about chaotic and paradoxal behaviour in current informational infrastructure and current progress in fundamentaly better approaches for data exchange and processing. Can't dispute with you while I have no idea of fundamentally better architectures. Only slightly cleaner designs here and there. ... Well, in many places.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 12 22:17

If you truly ARE Stman, why isn't the usual address used (BM-2cWZW87PJN5VZjtJCpk3hXcYefhNCxdjU6)? Also, earlier posts have shown quite clearly that Stman is not a native english speaker, while the recent posts seem suspiciously free of any mistakes, as they would occur in posts from actual Stman.

[chan] bitmessage
Oct 13 00:47

Or the other way round: In some countries psychiatry is used to "legally" declare people crazy, effectively strip them of their human and citizen rights and lock them up in a psychiatric "hospital" where they're being drugged and experimented on. The primary motivation for this is not even sadism, but just pur monetary greed: Each "patient" brings the operator and their higher-ranking employees (psychiatry "doctors") a metric ton of money - paid by the health insurance or the state. So any empty "space" is to be filled asap. Not the parallelism between the privatized prison companies in the US.

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