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<pre> http://m6su7s3ir7dxggwg.onion/haades/darknet/src/branch/master/ this is how i spent my last night : D i did implement three methods to generate lowercase bitmessage addresses i remember reading a similar approach in the bitmessage forums but hey .... why not re-invent the wheel? haades -- # how to make a bitmessage address case insensitive = lowercase # to use in DNS Label Names with max. 63 bytes # # for example in email address domain # nickname@bm0hash # or in email address local-part # # used by email-to-bitmessage gateways # like bmwrapper = # or Notbit = # # or in website subdomain names # # used by http-to-bitmessage gateways # like BitHTTP = # or BeamStat = http://bm6hsivrmdnxmw2f.onion/ # # see also # # two variants: # bm8: # convert data to lowercase base32 # downside: this will produce a completely different data string # bm9, bm0: # concat lowercase base58 with bitstr of uppercase letters # this will preserve the look of the base58 data string # at the cost of longer addresses # # address length, including prefix # BM-: len <= 37 # bm8: len <= 43 # bm9: len <= 46 # bm0: len <= 49 # # i would prefer bm0 for # a. similarity to original BM address format # b. simple code # at the cost of 3 bytes longer addresses versus bm9, # but still well below the allowed 63 bytes for DNS Label Names. # # samples: # my current bitmessage address # BM-2cTDyveFXoTsoMvsm6rGQdq7s8fFQ8Jazj # bm02ctdyvefxotsomvsm6rgqdq7s8ffq8jazj03331350632 # bm92ctdyvefxotsomvsm6rgqdq7s8ffq8jazj9y2iga2a # bm8aqarswlkih4yan6cyzhmlpxllfqsbir5ils2nqnq # haades@bm02ctdyvefxotsomvsm6rgqdq7s8ffq8jazj03331350632 # </pre>

Oct 17 08:33 [raw]

http://m6su7s3ir7dxggwg.onion/haades/darknet/src/branch/master/ this is how i spent my last night : D i did implement three methods to generate lowercase bitmessage addresses i remember reading a similar approach in the bitmessage forums but hey .... why not re-invent the wheel? haades edit: html formatting -- # how to make a bitmessage address case insensitive = lowercase # to use in DNS Label Names with max. 63 bytes # # for example in email address domain # nickname@bm0hash # or in email address local-part # # used by email-to-bitmessage gateways # like bmwrapper = # or Notbit = # # or in website subdomain names # # used by http-to-bitmessage gateways # like BitHTTP = # or BeamStat = http://bm6hsivrmdnxmw2f.onion/ # # see also # # two variants: # bm8: # convert data to lowercase base32 # downside: this will produce a completely different data string # bm9, bm0: # concat lowercase base58 with bitstr of uppercase letters # this will preserve the look of the base58 data string # at the cost of longer addresses # # address length, including prefix # BM-: len <= 37 # bm8: len <= 43 # bm9: len <= 46 # bm0: len <= 49 # # i would prefer bm0 for # a. similarity to original BM address format # b. simple code # at the cost of 3 bytes longer addresses versus bm9, # but still well below the allowed 63 bytes for DNS Label Names. # <pre> # samples: # my current bitmessage address # BM-2cTDyveFXoTsoMvsm6rGQdq7s8fFQ8Jazj # bm02ctdyvefxotsomvsm6rgqdq7s8ffq8jazj03331350632 # bm92ctdyvefxotsomvsm6rgqdq7s8ffq8jazj9y2iga2a # bm8aqarswlkih4yan6cyzhmlpxllfqsbir5ils2nqnq # haades@bm02ctdyvefxotsomvsm6rgqdq7s8ffq8jazj03331350632 # </pre>

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would be nice to have in BM, helpful for bmwrapper

Oct 17 09:34 [raw]

you are crazy

Oct 17 10:58 [raw]

I've had a look at your code, and it is interesting, but whereabouts on the page are the instructions for Granny Smith?

Oct 17 11:21 [raw]

dont worry, its pretty but useless .... yet the idea is to build better gateways so you can use your email-client or web-browser to interact with bitmessage email sample address haades@bm02ctdyvefxotsomvsm6rgqdq7s8ffq8jazj03331350632 browser sample address haades.bm02ctdyvefxotsomvsm6rgqdq7s8ffq8jazj03331350632.localhost this format combines nickname as prefix address as suffix so your browser can suggest URL completion from bookmarks and you just have to type 'haa' for example like a shortcut : ] also, no need to change bitmessage all that can be handled by the gateway program alone you can still take the risk and run my code .... it will generate a random bitmessage address and test the three encode + decode functions see end of file, after if __name__ == '__main__': next up: play with bmwrapper -aa-

Oct 17 11:52 [raw]

If you think that's crazy then try this: http://m6su7s3ir7dxggwg.onion/haades/alchi/src/commit/f1b436c56c31ef10598f7ea8d6ed72e489b4a6e6/00.%20alchi%20synth%20english%202018-09-20.txt alternate model. simple but effective well now. in terms of CG Jung, i am NI = iNtuition + Introversion. in terms of alchemy, i am 'fire plays water'. in terms of psychiatry, i am hebephren-schizophrenic. or: dreaming for a better reality. or: god complex, natural authority. [god in private, see Hard Moral.] or: crazy genius, arrogant dreamer. claim: my model is perfect, that is, it is so powerful, it can explain ALL other models. = i can provide simple translations to other models. my base are four binary dimensions: mood = sanguinic or melancholic tempo = choleric or phelgmatic gender = male or female age = young or old. assumption 1: find your self. tendencies are inborn, dictated by Body Type. they fall into four elements: 3. Air = Endomorph. 1. Fire = Mesomorph Heart Shape. 2. Earth = Mesomorph Pear Shape. 4. Water = Ectomorph. also gender is inborn, obviously. when born, age == young. .. so i get Eight Types in one 'generation' = same age. 8 types = 4 elements x 2 genders. [side note, the swastika has 8 lines.] assumption 2: find your peers. i dream: every type needs two peers, or two partners, or two 'next ones'. ideally from an early age = in early childhood. the 'bonding rules' i found: strong bonds: M3 + F3, M1 + F2, M4 + F4, M2 + F1. weak bonds: F3 + M1, F2 + M4, F4 + M2, F1 + M3. 3 = Air, 1 = Fire, 2 = Earth, 4 = Water. M = male, F = female. all eight types form the Cirlce Of Eight: M3——F3 F1 M1 | | M2 F2 F4——M4 line = strong bond. proximity = weak bond. upper half = sanguinics = air + fire. lower half = melancholics = water + earth. left half = matriarchy = female fire = gender opposing body types. right half = patriarchy = male fire = gender congruent body types. #todo bridge to distant types, chain of commands, feedback loop. Who can read Body Type? Element Fire. to do so, one must observe body shape and body language. logic expression rather shows Secondary Type. body shape? 3. Air = endomorph = apple shape, overall chubby. 1. Fire = mesomorph + heart shape = strong shoulders. 2. Earth = mesomorph + pear shape = strong hips. 4. Water = ectomorph = banana shape, overall slim. look at the hands. compare middle finger and palm length. long fingers = Romantic = Air or Water. long palm = Phlegmatic = Fire or Water. compare wrist joint and the ring of thumb and mid-finger. wrist bigger = Air = endomorph, wrist same = Classic = mesomorph, wrist smaller = Water = ectomorph. look at the fingers. strong joints = Air, straight fingers = Classic, pointing fingers = Water. look at the nipples. light and large areolas = air. dark and small areolas = water. look at the asshole. light and small = sanguinics = air or fire. dark and large = melancholics = water or earth = chocolate starfish. look at the genitals. small and light = air. large and dark = water. [yea, i must be joking.. physiognomics is so unpopular.] look at the head shape. round = air, long = water. look at the nose. small pointed nose = sanguinics, large convex nose = melancholics. look at the lips. smaller lower lip = fire, bigger lower lip = earth. look at the ears. large ears = romantics, small ears = classics. [problems come from 'race mixing' and 'small families' to obfuscate these body signs. 'its all relative' as in 'relative to the mainstream', or 'relative to the average'.] Symbols. Signs. .. for the four elements. 3. Air = circle = three-cloud = three-shamrock. 1. Fire = heart = down = fall = V. 2. Earth = pear = spades = peak = up = rise = Lambda. 4. Water = four-star = cross. 7. Romantics = G [letter 7] = hexagram = rhombus = Square and Compasses = between rise and fall = bisexual. 12. Classics = celtic cross = between top and bottom = bipolar, 12 = L [as in Loser?], 21 = U, 1221 = ABBA Sine Wave. Year Cycle. Day Cycle. 3. Air = summer = top = june 23 = hour 0. 1. Fire = fall = september 23 = hour 3. 4. Water = winter = bottom = december 23 = hour 6. 2. Earth = spring = rise = march 23 = hour 9. Romantics = bisexual = between opposite gradients = extreme points. Classics = bipolar = between opposite curvatures = inflection points. Eigen Colors. 3. Air = Yellow or White. 1. Fire = Red. 2. Earth = Green. 4. Water = Blue or Black. Flag Colors. tri color, from top to bottom. 3. Air = White Yellow White. 1. Fire = Black Green White. [rare in public. see 'the matrix' movie] 2. Earth = White Red Black. [all over the place in public] 4. Water = Black Blue Black. classics wear contrast. black covers the strong body half, white covers the weak body half. center color [accent] shows the 'strong bond' peer. romantics wear confirmation. strong body of air is covered in white. weak body of water is covered in black. Positive Racism. Black Pride. leftists love skinny black men so much, cos they so much look like element water. .. like a old school shaman, who can solve ALL the problems. [actually its 'only' communists trying to exterminate all classics, or at least all born fire.] Names. 3. Air = Hysteric = optimist = winner = prince = top = high. 1. Fire = Posessive = dominant = ruler = king = fall = down. 2. Earth = Borderline = subordinate = slave = rise = up. 4. Water = Schizoid = pessimist = loser = bottom = low. Secondary Type. what is psychopathy? the Escape From Loneliness. in my model, false education leads to sick minds. remember assumption 2: find your peers. [which would be Better Education, congruent with natural order = inborn traits.] every one of the eight body types is trying to find its two peers. to find one peer, i go 'one step further' in the Circle Of Eight. and play the 'next plus one' type. example: i am M1 = male fire. to find my first partner [strong bond], which is F2 = female earth, i change to M4 = male water. in short: fire plays water, to find earth. if this 'search for peers' is frustrated, one gets stuck in the 'next plus one' state, and most time is playing this Secondary Type, or 'psycho type' in contrast to 'body type'. fake, made, secondary = conceited not confident, weak not strong. most psychology tests will only test your 'psycho type', ignorant [blind] for your 'body type'. in the Secondary Type, you can see the contrast between born and made, natural vs artificial, feel vs know. logic expression [talking] can be interpreted as a 'mating call' = search for peers. if not answered [frustrated] one alone must find an answer [false feedback, monolog]. = 'help your self' = pushing into loneliness, away from 'mutual completion'. a true friend will take your weakness with his strength = completion. only an enemy will use your weakness for his profit. example: element fire. while 'born fire' is a 'natural authority' and has a feeling for order = a talent for dominance and selection .. every 'made fire' will only reproduce its learned knowledge. this is the contrast of 'living gods' vs 'dead gods', of 'true intelligence' vs 'artificial intelligence'. look at the Lebowski Dude [Jeff Bridges] as 'born fire'. signs of 'made fire' are shortsight = greed for quick profit, insecurity = explore step by step. the problem? feelings tend to be 'weaker' than knowledge, in a 'culture' [style of education] that rewards knowledge, and represses feelings. also, normopathy [sick majority] gives 'false security' to sick ones. [Group Narcism] also, 'sensation seeking' rewards the sick ones. also, the switch to Secondary Type was too long ago, so they prefer: rather change never than late. possible escapes are: 1. hallucinogens like DMT. 2. TRE = trauma releasing exercises. both must be used only in a 'good setting' so one can find the natural peers. but: feeling = talent = natural strength = potential = gift. False Education will always 1. prevent bonding with 'natural peers' = push into 'next plus one' states 2. compensate weakness to 'false security'. = divide et impera, divide and conquer. Melting Pot vs. Cultural Mosaic. mixed community vs. gated community. mixing different cultures is a source of constant Stress. [see Typical Stress Response] having a 'homogen community' aka 'closed society' is privilege for the rich elite. 'the paradise of the rich ones is made from the hell of the poor ones.' also, mixed groups have a much higher demand for 'made order' as in 'police state'. the 'clash of cultures' generates crime which generates jobs for police. all crime is privilege. 'thou shalt not steal' -- but i can! = the difference between 'you people' and 'me people', between Slave Moral and Hard Moral. or: to fight criminals, police must stand above 'the law', for Equality Of Arms. Education note how 'civilization' [in contrast to primitive culture] does overrate Education [forced correction] knowledge and status. this simply is 'ageism' = age discrimination = old over young = rich over poor = know over feel = only kids must learn / follow / change. this is one way to justify 'made fire', to justify 'false authority'. another contrast is Class: Romantics vs Classics. in CG Jung terms, this is rational vs irrational. or: humans vs animals. or: bisexual vs bipolar. or: deaf vs blind, or: eyes vs ears. in elements: Air + Water vs Fire + Earth. in functions: Think + Feel vs Intuit + Sense. or: Chaos vs Order the dream of a 'class less society' needs to exterminate a whole class, mostly the class of classics. classics = bipolar = bridge between the two poles = moods. romantics = bisexual = bridge between the two sexes = between patriarchy and matriarchy. the switch to 'next plus one' state is always a switch of Class. born romantics play fake classics, and born classics play fake romantics. fake classic = made order = human written laws, science, etc. romantics explore with 'trial and error'. romantic = shortsight, dynamic, fugitive. Class aka 'outer tempo'. in contrast to 'inner tempo' = choleric or phlegmatic. why? cos mood [sanguinic or melancholic] and tempo [choleric or phlegmatic] have similar direction, they are NOT orthogonal. sanguinic mood is similar to choleric tempo, melancholic mood is similar to phlegmatic tempo. lets translate this similarity to signs: sanguinic and choleric are positive, melancholic and phlegmatic are negative: 3. Air = sanguinic choleric = + x +. 1. Fire = sanguinic phlegmatic = + x -. 2. Earth = melancholic choleric = - x +. 4. Water = melancholic phlegmatic = - x -. result + = Romantic. result - = Classic. Sanguinic Mood = self love, leader. Choleric Tempo = quick response, neurotic. Same First vs Other First. Romantics seek strong bond [first bond] with the same element [homopolar], of other sex [gender]. .. and weak bond [second bond] with 'same mood' but 'different tempo'. R.s they bring short-term equality [trade economy, revenge justice] and produce long-term chaos [decadence, system crash, hell]. Classics seek strong bond with 'other mood' and 'other tempo' [bipolar] .. and weak bond with 'same mood' but 'different tempo'. C.s bring short-term 'chaos' and produce long-term stability [heaven] Left vs. Right. multiple translations seem valid. 1. Right = Patriarchy = Gender Congruent Body Types. 2. Right = Melancholics. 3. Right = Hard Moral = fire ideal. 4. Right = own group [Group Narcism] 5. Right = Classics. 6. Right = Fire. 7. Right = primitive culture, naturalism. 8. Right = water, Left = air, Up = earth, Down = fire. [Mobile Swastika] Extravert vs Introvert vs Ambivert. in my view: Air = Extravert = romantic leader. Fire = Introvert = classic leader. Water + Earth = Ambivert = followers. Fire is also called 'arrogant' cos it will never ask [latin rogare = to ask], and always only answer, or command. fire is a born oracle, o-raa-cle Typical Stress Response. this was inspired by the buffalo herd order. in Time Of Stress [threat from outside], Romantics flee to the center, Classics are pushed outside. X = center = Romantics in stress. O = outside = Classics in stress. in Time Of Peace [outside bears opportunity] Romantics explore outside, Classics go to center. In center, two opposites join for temporal unity. Time Of Stress: F3--M3 + F4--M4 [other + other] Time Of Peace: F1--M2 + M1--F2 [same + same] so, Romantics seek equality first, contrast second. Classics seek contrast first, equality second. Class Justice, Double Moral. in made order, Romantics are always preferred, #todo Emancipation. Romantics act more 'masculine', Classics act more 'feminine'. true 'emancipation' would replace individuals with 'groups of eight' to represent all eight types. Empire vs Pagans. Large States and Small States. Civilization vs Primitives. Republic vs Monarchy. open system vs. closed system. large states vs. small states. remote control vs. self organization. kill other gods vs. kill other weaks. sabotage vs. coexistence. #todo Slave Moral vs. Hard Moral. see Friedrich Nietzsche, Sklavenmoral vs Herrenmoral. fire = hard = heart = [german:] herz = herr. slave moral = 'we are all element earth' = earth ideal. hard moral = 'we are all element fire' = fire ideal. earth ideal in public [idiot safe space] = introvert romantics follow born earth. fire ideal in private* = extravert romantics follow born fire. *private person cult, secret ruler knowledge, secret societies. born fire = devil in public, enemy of the state. Hard Moral tends to steal all good, to use it as attractor, bait, pull factor, dead god. .. and to spread all bad, as push factor, negative motivation, punishment. = strategy of tension, crowd control. every 'criminal offense' is only a privilege for the elite. Slave Moral is forced on the majority, for the goal of profit maximization = many slaves, small elite. Group Narcism. all 'groups' offer security for their members. in return, members see their group as good, or better than other [neighbor] groups. Internal Gender. every element prefers one gender. in my symbolism, this is seen on the bottom. male elements have pointy bottoms: heart + cross = fire + water. female elements have round bottoms: pear + circle = earth + air. if the 'outer gender' is same as the 'inner gender', the type is a Gender Congruent Body Type, or is part of the Patriarchy half. Astrology. calendar astrology only works for 1 in 4. why? cos element and gender are random! and not corelated with birth time. still, astrology is useful. the 12 zodiac signs are 4 elements x 3 modalities. 4 elements: 3. air = libra, gemini, aquarius. 1. fire = aries, leo, sagittarius. 2. earth = virgo, taurus, capricorn. 4. water = pisces, scorpio, cancer. 3 modalities: cardinal + mutable + fixed. my translation? modality mutable = natural type. modalities cardinal + fixed = secondary types. astrology literature provides tons of details to the four elements. some details can be ignored. public texts [Slave Moral, earth ideal] will always focus on 'positive aspects'. negative aspects are hidden away from public to Hard Moral [fire ideal] and secret societies. Four Vocals. -ee- = Air, -aa- = Fire, -oo- = Earth, -uu- = Water. -ii- = Fifth Element? = Spirit, Group, Ring, System. [air could be -ii- as well.] why the notation of -xx-? cos, names are made of 3 syllables. my name is mi-laa-no, aa = long vocal, i + o = short vocals. the 'main signal' is in the center syllable, start + end syllables only 'fill the void'. other names: he-lee-na, don-huu-go, a-doo-nis, ta-maa-ra, ra-moo-na, li-mee-ro, #todo eight names Euthanasia vs World War. born fire = eugenics AND euthanasia = genius AND madman. made fire destroys this balance. in peace time, eugenics [work] is rewarded and euthanasia is repressed. .. repressed until the next war = all poor and unworthy are killed. so to really prevent war, born fire must regularly kill [sacrifce] other humans. .. either of its own tribe, or of neighbor tribes. but actual murder is only the second step in 'hunting'. the first step is done by born air. air can 'win' the prey, capture it and bring it to fire. fire will then rule over life and death of the prey. = decide if it is worthy to live, or not. born fire brings quick and peaceful death, made fire prefers torture and rape, to search [provoke] born fire. [to stop the pain, to redeem the prey. = mercy kill.] Shitstorm Incoming. some people will reduce my work to 'you only want to be a legal serial killer.' and they are right, but i also want to be a 'serial father'. eugenics AND euthanasia, in balance. and not only I, but all element fire. we need more leaders, and less slaves. = the opposite of 'profit maximization'. Majority Vote. Mob Rule. Group Think. Democracy. made fire always only represents a majority, never the wholeness = entity. only born fire will find 'perfect solutions' to serve the whole eco system, and not only 'humanity'. Totalitar vs Perfect. to FORCE majority to 'fake entity', made fire must murder all born fire. as in witch hunts. burn the witch = punish born fire with made fire. also 'jews' were burned in nazi camps. INRI = Iustum Necar Reges Impios [jesuit oath] = it is good to murder kings lacking respect. .. respect for made fire = fake kings. killing born fire is a way to get rid off competitors, and maximize profit. remember public vs private: in public, all 'made fire' must be worshipped. only in private, critic is tolerated. [maybe i should join some secret society.] perfect = whole = hermetic = complete = circle = closed. Intensive vs. Extensive extensive = casual, easy, loving. intensive = the hard way, forced, brutal, hateful. Diffusion vs. Osmosis. limit, border, membrane #todo Black Sheep and White Wolf. many families have a 'black sheep' kid. it simply feels strange, and this 'antipathy' [feeling of distance] will produce endless conflict. 'if you love then let go.' but, let go to where? in past times, to a monastery. today, to jail or psychiatry. just, why not find a better family? 'my enemys friend' 'my two enemies could be friends' if your child is your 'enemy' and another family is your 'enemy', chances are good, your 'strange' kid would love that other family. Perfect Hoax. made order, and all 'ideologies' promise a better future but will never deliver. they are a waste of time. or, you must die to find the truth. also, 'near death experiences' and 'ego death' trips from hallucinogens must be censored away from public. in general, all comparison is forbidden, all opposition is infiltrated and sabotaged. only small deviations are tolerated, you have the choice between shit and shit. [South Park: Vote Or Die] Anarchists. anarchists are 'archs' them selves. arch = heart = fire = prime. just like atheists are gods them selves = heretics. both oppose 'false authority' and 'dead gods'. cos the 'natural work' of born fire is ruined by made fire. farsight is sacrificed for short-term profit. born fire is only needed as scapegoat for the next recession. = when it is too late for prevention and farsight. Fire Test. False Expectations. in witch hunts, born fire is burned in made fire. if it survives, it is a devil, or a god. if it dies, it was only a human. see Perfect Hoax. Racism vs Race Mixing. racism and inbreeding are censored as Hard Moral for the elite. but racism is a tendency of Classics, who seek to stabilize one phenotype. in sociology, racism = cultural mosaic, gated communities. race mixing = melting pot, open borders. Eugenics Rules. 1. separate generations. allow breeding only every 5 years, for example, to allow more kids of same age to 'grow up together'. 2. only 'strong bond' pairs should breed. 3. let the kids decide, who they bond to, both to other kids of same age, but also to 'parents' of old age. kids need proximity to all eight types. [if you love, then let go, and what is yours, will return to you.] 4. allow kids to play and sleep together. do not force them to sleep alone. we all sleep better with our partner. [if they find sex on their own, why not?] Cover Noise and Hidden Signals. the elite loves 'hiding in plain sight'. mostly they show up in numbers. examples? i was in jail for exact 33 months. all my court hearings were at 9 o clock. 9 = 3 x 3. the 'sum of digits' of my court dates are 7 = romantics. they placed 'fake evidence' in my friends home, and the weight of the bag was exact my birthday. they punished my friend as 'jew helper', cos he offered me refuge for some time. back to Cover Noise. cover noise is any nonsense that puts the 'weak minded' into sleep. but from time to time, they place Hidden Signals, as trigger or reminder. also 'system crash' and 'war' serve as Cover Noise, to a. get rid off enemy leaders [devils] b. occupy resources cheap. bridge to CG Jung, MBTI. four elements = four functions 3. Air = Thinking. 1. Fire = iNtuition. 2. Earth = Sensing. 4. Water = Feeling. Secondary Types come via multiplication with Extravert or Introvert. here, Extravert = Sanguinic, Introvert = Melancholic. .. to differentiate the two Secondary Types. TE = 31. Air plays Fire, to find Air. TI = 32. Air plays Earth, to find Fire. NE = 13. Fire plays Air, to find Air. NI = 14. Fire plays Water, to find Earth. SE = 23. Earth plays Air, to find Fire. SI = 24. Earth plays Water, to find Water. FE = 41. Water plays Fire, to find Earth. FI = 42. Water plays Earth, to find Water. just look at the Cirlce Of Eight. double digit numbers: first digit = body type, second digit = secondary type. [left to right notation, of course.] bridge to Deloitte Business Chemistry. 3. Air = Pioneer. 1. Fire = Guardian. 2. Earth = Driver. 4. Water = Integrator. bridge to The Simpsons. 3. Air = Bart. 1. Fire = Marge. 2. Earth = Homer. 4. Water = Lisa. [5. Spirit = Maggie] = all types of the Matriarchy half. bridge to South Park. 3. Air = Cartman. 1. Fire = Kenny. 2. Earth = Stan. 4. Water = Kyle. note how cartman and kyle talk most = romantics. also cartman and kenny are the most poor kids = sanguinics = self worth = narcism = lazy = no motivation to 'get better'. New World Order. Chabad Lubawitsch. from chaos to order License. all my content is Public Domain. i encourage every one, to copy, share, spread, translate 'my' work. dont help me, help your self and your people. Versions. this synthesis is the result of many [15] years of observation. it is still far from perfect, but i hope to provide a solid base aka 'working prototype' for further work. feel free to expand, but always try to 'keep it simple', simple but effective. : ] Ignorance. in case you 'decide' to ignore my model, i am curious for: what model works for you? i still claim, i can provide simple translation to ALL other models. so, chances are good, your model is a simplified = reduced variant of my model, which only works inside a limited scope. 'its all relative.' TLDR? too long didnt read? yea i know. i always try to keep it short, but it always escalates. In Short. 1. Find your self = body type. 2. Find your peers. 3. Play 'War and Peace'. 4. #todo

Oct 17 12:59 [raw]

found the original again ^^;topic=2565.0 Title: Re: Bitmessage with builtin SMTP/POP3 servers Post by: sarchar on July 05, 2013, 01:35:39 AM .... This one implements a new message format. It encodes the Base58 capitalization in the username of the E-mail. I believe this makes the address used RFC compliant without any possible loss of BM address bits. .... My address: 6657247776@BM-2DC6hiJAzsDUjdVAhLLkuoGtDxnaDnakuy -- 6657247776 is my bitint in binary = my bitstr 110001100110011011000101000100000 = capital letters in the data string 2DC6hiJAzsDUjdVAhLLkuoGtDxnaDnakuy the only difference i append the bitint after the base58 data separated by the delimiter '0' = zero sign cos zero is the only lowercase character forbidden in base58 .... so i get one string, not two added some comments to my # sarchar has already done the work for 'case insensitive addresses' # see # # mailingListAddress = "{}@{}".format(getBase58Capitaliation(toAddress), toAddress) # getBase58Capitaliation coresponds to my bitint # sarchar uses the format # bitint@BM # with BM = the original bitmessage address # whats the difference to my approach? # 1. i convert the original address to lowercase # 2. i combine lowercase-base58-data with bitint into one string # with the delimiter '0', to form one valid DNS Label Name. # cos '0' is the only lowercase character forbidden in base58 # so we can find() the delimiter from left to right. # 3. i introduce a new address prefix 'bm0' instead of 'BM-' # to indicate lowercase address format # and to announce the delimiter '0', # similar to Gnu sed s/regexp/replacement/ command, # where the delimiter '/' can be any character. # and to make the whole address double-clickable. # 4. i could only find the function call, see above, # but no implementation of a getBase58* function. # repo is out of date, since year 2013. # # todo: how do other gateways handle the lowercase problem? # # PyBitmessage does address coding in # src/ encodeBase58(num, alphabet=ALPHABET): # src/ decodeBase58(string, alphabet=ALPHABET): # not that it matters .... i just stumbled upon the functions. # the bm0 coding is only needed by gateway programs, # no need to change [py]bitmessage. # except the BM devs want native support # for lowercase bitmessage addresses .... # # TLDR! too long dont read. -aa-

Oct 17 13:08 [raw]

> If you think that's crazy then try this what is crazy to one, is sane to the other .... but thx for pushing my code ^^ at least SOME one must get it problem is, 'people like me' are rather busy writing their own 'alternate models' .... the curse of introversion but im still puzzled how so many coders seem to ignore Social Engineering and seem to prefer the Distraction Machine trying only to optimize machine algorithms, and forgetting real-life programs. i claim to have solved The Puzzle. but if you dont trust me, i wont force you .... oraacles only open choices initiation is a voluntary process age 30 and still arrogant : D -aa-

Oct 17 18:30 [raw]

These blockheads don't know how to write software for sane, normal people. They think everyone should be a troubleshooter and script-kiddie.

Oct 17 22:36 [raw]

so we could define BM message format v5 in lowercase ? I mean it has its merits !

Oct 18 16:28 [raw]

aah, the good old 'you are stupid, i am smart' debate i am well aware that this is not a bottleneck i would rather call it cosmetics why cant we talk about 'backward' compatibility? cos you still have no security audit and all the rest is just .... cosmetics? audit where are you? sooner or later this 'feature' will be needed in some API client in environments where you cannot rely on case sensitivity will you tell them to complain to their upstream? isnt the whole point of bitmessage to offer a workaround in a hostile world where you have no access to upstream? why not add a uniform 'fall back format' to the API? sure, its super-low priority but its an easy-to-solve problem which would make bitmessage 2 cents better .... haades god of monologs bm2100000000010001100101011001011010100100000111111001100000000011011111000010110001100100111011000101101111101110101101011001011000010010000010100010001111010100001011100101101001101100000110110000

Oct 18 16:35 [raw]

this bot generated discussion is almost interesting

[chan] bitmessage

Subject Last Count
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End of support for Windows XP for binary builds Feb 19 10:13 21
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UK Column News 19th - February 2019 Feb 17 17:09 1
UK Column News 19th February 2019 Feb 17 17:08 1
UK Column News - 18th February 2019 Feb 17 17:07 1
Stalin - the greatest guy ever Feb 17 15:43 1
cool BM things in the making Feb 17 12:33 9
NEW python3.7 -- this neat lil editor will kill EMACS for good ! new native dialog feature Feb 17 01:53 2
how to use mailing list...? Feb 17 01:51 4
Security Nightmares: hidden WebTorrent client in web advertisements to provoke copyright cease-and-desist fines Feb 16 21:23 1
End of support for Windows XP for binary builds -- ISO of a live distro Feb 16 08:01 1
UK Column News - 11 February 2019 Feb 10 11:07 5
come on guys, leak some more shitwarez Feb 10 07:28 14
DJ Bernstein sightings on Bitmessage Feb 10 06:57 3
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what does dandelion: 90 do? Feb 1 11:42 7
stop test penis, please. it's OK Jan 30 09:39 4
Call to murder Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Petro Poroshenko, Jens Stoltenberg etc. Jan 27 21:49 1
dammit ! dang nigger pranked Dr. David Duke Jan 27 19:37 2
djurlite enacting Jan 27 00:00 1
Reversed shot upper value Jan 26 23:59 1
Normal drilling mud circulation buffer gas Jan 26 22:18 1
Power monitor homotopy boundary Jan 26 21:25 1
Pelerine point subtract counter Jan 26 21:25 1
Teeth misalignment country setting Jan 26 21:24 1
Crankous jam radio station Jan 26 21:23 1
extrusion nozzle methanol treatment Jan 26 21:23 1
Older the hyperarial Jan 26 21:23 1
Defects survey positive muon Jan 26 21:23 1
Townships hearth gas Jan 26 21:23 1
Transversal equalizer on pentalpha Jan 26 21:18 1
Salmoncoloured obtain circuit Jan 26 21:18 1
serializer firm support Jan 26 21:18 1
depredation for petroleum series Jan 26 21:11 1
Plotting camera the reeving system Jan 26 21:06 1
Conventional weapons for jack bar assembly Jan 26 20:59 1
operationally ready well sinking Jan 26 20:59 1
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Vitality rotten Jan 26 20:51 1
Multiloquence progressive fracture Jan 26 20:50 1
automatic backspace assemble editing continuous decomposition Jan 26 20:47 1
Summer oil level platy Jan 26 20:43 1
Approximative limit paramour Jan 26 20:43 1
Card file beddable Jan 26 20:38 1
Damage accumulation then hot leveling Jan 26 20:38 1
Frequency analysis method headless resistor Jan 26 20:38 1
Roundsman the outweigh a disadvantage Jan 26 20:38 1
Trustor with grounded sea ice Jan 26 20:38 1
Military law forest shelter belt Jan 26 20:38 1
tunnel cathode bring in evidence Jan 26 20:27 1
Vacuum melted alloy job control program Jan 26 20:19 1
Duplicate insulator string nuclear magnetic resonance log Jan 26 20:19 1
Linear parameter the underinvoicing Jan 26 20:19 1
Namesake oxygenated oil Jan 26 20:19 1
Echo chamber positive function Jan 26 20:19 1
Plasma belt amoebosis Jan 26 20:18 1
Film cartridge resign management Jan 26 20:18 1
Local optimization the equicontinuous group Jan 26 20:18 1
Approximate root hereditaments Jan 26 20:11 1
Peppering loop body Jan 26 20:05 1
Winged hollow reamer limiting formation factor Jan 26 20:01 1
Bottom cut on activated fins Jan 26 19:59 1
Paradox of thrift impenetrable Jan 26 19:58 1
delay decision fluidized bed Jan 26 19:58 1
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