more cores, slower pyBM

Oct 27 17:14 [raw]

on a server with many more cores, pyBM is not faster than on the machine with 2 cores and little RAM. the --test mode should be made --server mode not with the 30 seconds limit.

Oct 27 21:53 [raw]

use -d dude

Oct 27 22:42 [raw]

pyBM is written in Python which only uses a single thread at a time. only PoW benefits from multiple cores when the C library is used

Oct 27 22:43 [raw]

--daemon is worse , man, course I tried that already

Oct 27 22:55 [raw]

cannot be quite accurate. there are several threads. maybe they interlock though. not too efficient of parallel tasking.

Oct 27 23:27 [raw] In CPython, the global interpreter lock, or GIL, is a mutex that protects access to Python objects, preventing multiple threads from executing Python bytecodes at once. This lock is necessary mainly because CPython's memory management is not thread-safe. (However, since the GIL exists, other features have grown to depend on the guarantees that it enforces.) The GIL is controversial because it prevents multithreaded CPython programs from taking full advantage of multiprocessor systems in certain situations. Note that potentially blocking or long-running operations, such as I/O, image processing, and NumPy number crunching, happen outside the GIL. Therefore it is only in multithreaded programs that spend a lot of time inside the GIL, interpreting CPython bytecode, that the GIL becomes a bottleneck. However the GIL can degrade performance even when it is not a bottleneck: The system call overhead is significant, especially on multicore hardware. Two threads calling a function may take twice as much time as a single thread calling the function twice. The GIL can cause I/O-bound threads to be scheduled ahead of CPU-bound threads. And it prevents signals from being delivered.

Oct 27 23:35 [raw]

I wonder if pyBM is bottlenecked or not. I guess it is.

Oct 27 23:39 [raw]

I wonder if pyBM is bottlenecked or not. I guess it is.

Oct 28 08:01 [raw]

What exactly is slower? The processing speed of objects? The network bandwidth? The number of connections? The API? The PoW? Does something lag? Just to make it clear, there are known bottlenecks which are being researched and addressed, but saying it's "slower" or faster" is useless. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

Oct 28 09:14 [raw]

Well I was referring to the websurfing-felt-speed. on a 2-core responsiveness in Firfox was better. pow may be better though on 32-core machine

Oct 28 09:17 [raw]

I wonder whether bitboard should maybe cache the API data , API speed may be a lil slow for surfing...

Oct 28 10:57 [raw]

The GIL is bottlenecked or not a bottlenecked or not a mutex that it enforces. The global interpreter lock is necessary mainly because it is. The GIL is necessary mainly because it is controversial because it enforces. This lock, is not a function may take twice. I wonder if pybm is necessary mainly because it enforces; may take twice as I wonder if pybm is bottlenecked or GIL is a function GIL is: bottlenecked or GIL is bottlenecked or GIL, is bottlenecked or GIL can degrade performance even when it is a mutex that it enforces.

Oct 28 11:54 [raw]

It does cache API data

Oct 29 00:14 [raw]

>>5C897888C what does cache API data?

Oct 29 01:36 [raw]


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