tor socks access issues continue (0.6dEV pYbm code @ 20170706)

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Jul 8 14:21

Original Subject :: Peer "Ratings" Looks great, and now well on the way to having features to observe peer networking performance and connections like the most mature of torrent applications. Tempted once again to deploy a number of the new 0.6 (Dev track) github codebases using this. Just to see it in operation. But I rarely use direct clearnet conventional DNS access platforms to make connections that are obviously related to privacy ( and presumed piracy file sharing peer encrypted networks ) That interesting looking new status screen remains forever blank :-( Links to screenshots and newbie handholding setup suggestions to operate with (tor) socks please. I need references from known good not too hostile networks. From a Nation in the free world that doesnt use deceptive technical practices to limit access to the internet because it cannot publish laws openly to do so. And targets those law-abiding citizens technically capable of contributing without warrant for "special treatment" and observation. I am having terrible difficulties getting this to even connect behind any stock VM implementations using tor ( such as Whonix ). It just stubbornly refuses to startup within a sensible, safe timeframe : ( less than 20 - odd minutes ). My "best of breed" non asyncore earlier versions work just fine. On Public "Well managed" WiFi here, overt tor entries are rapidly funnelled down to one or two entry points that have been carefully selected. Depending on the traffic put through it at startup, to a small extent. The fantastic improvements in the older networking code around 3-4 months ago means that tor connection is usually achieved within 5mins of startup. Especially if other conventional - harder to deny - http traffic is running in parallel over the same tor connection. Thus a full many days absence sync of a BM client can come in well under the radar of a NOC that regards all encrypted peer connections as either undesirable - or to be network teleported to agencies equipped to defeat anonymity of those using them. Yes, I am aware that such behaviour may be seen as "leeching" and not contributing to the community benefit. But it is a legitimate need for a minority of well-intentioned lawful users asserting their human rights. Comments Please People. Honest operational data for comparison. Some recent commits to the asyncore default 0.6 codebases were supposed to bring limited socks capability. But I have no idea how to implement workarounds for issues as I have no clue about the low level operational coding tricks that have been employed. Case examples, and tutorials, would be extremely useful in gaining a wider tester base using PyBitmessage over tor networks. I run many variations of recent tordev codebases in addition to stable releases, examining network behavioural differences carefully. I raise the movie quote of a hard-pressed Brand New Technology Starship engaged in early battle before commissioning. From the Admiral present on the Bridge, used to the older, "just works" integration in combat situations... I'm sure that you know it. Trying to stay focussed on the core broader mission of network profiling; I cannot afford too many diversions into low level network programming detail in unfamiliar languages. Earlier scenarios suggest that it is always the pioneers that retire early: staggering out of the woods with arrows in their back. I have that feeling at a third attempt at using asyncore on anything other than clearnet. github 0.6 codebase as at end 20170706 It is unreasonable to tie down fast paced development with anal rules to document thoroughly every last reason for a commit. But maybe the coredevs need to find a documention guru former codedev happy to take on that role. Right now I'm SOL on figuring out why five attempts have all failed. Even tried a (recent) torsocks run in quiet desperation. After nearly every socks4a and socks5 configuration failed. Debug logs from PyBM and other logging is not helping much. Please save me from pcap dissection analysis. i just dont have the time for that. [ Snippage - removed link ]

Jul 8 14:24

The development code is still being worked on and may not work for you at this moment. Have a nice day, Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

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Jul 8 23:10

Aye. Just discovered that applying previous advice to force non-asyncore network operation is equally futile. Pretty funky Critical errors. Sets, and pcaps for 20min sessions both socks5 (functions fine w/snapshot 20170325) - or socks4a. Standard Whonix workstation setting. Three different gateways used with different tordev and one stable stable tried. Forgetting to revert the knownnodes.dat file going back will, of course fail the original pre asyncore codebase also ( any chance of sanity checks to fail gracefully? ) An entry for the snapshot date / last git commit etc migh be useful in event of mixing up the data files accidentally..

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