Broadcast messages

May 15 11:41 [raw]

I've been experimenting with broadcasts. My first experiment was to subscribe to my personal BM address and send a broadcast to my subscribers. Why doesn't this work? I sent 2 messages and I'm subbed to myself but didn't receive anything.

May 15 13:15 [raw]

I think your test method is inaccurate as PyBitmessage takes some internal shortcuts when it detects messages to a self address. To test more accurately, try using two completely separate client instances (with different homedirs, see BITMESSAGE_HOME env var for details).

May 16 08:52 [raw]

It should be possible to receive your own broadcast by sending before subscribing (or unsubscribing then resubscribing if you sent while already subscribed) however due to the long standing "binary data stored as text" issue and incomplete fix, the tag of anything you send is stored as text while the tag of anything you receive from a peer is stored as blob and the "Display ? recent broadcasts" feature doesn't detect broadcasts where the tag stored is as text.

May 16 09:04 [raw]

Humour me.

May 16 09:25 [raw]

diff --git a/src/storage/ b/src/storage/ index 438cbdc..a1ba13e 100644 --- a/src/storage/ +++ b/src/storage/ @@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ class SqliteInventory(InventoryStorage): def by_type_and_tag(self, objectType, tag): with self.lock: values = [value for value in self._inventory.values() if value.type == objectType and value.tag == tag] - values += (InventoryItem(*value) for value in sqlQuery('SELECT objecttype, streamnumber, payload, expirestime, tag FROM inventory WHERE objecttype=? AND tag=?', objectType, sqlite3.Binary(tag))) + values += (InventoryItem(*value) for value in sqlQuery('SELECT objecttype, streamnumber, payload, expirestime, CAST(tag AS BLOB) AS btag FROM inventory WHERE objecttype=? AND btag=?', objectType, sqlite3.Binary(tag))) return values def unexpired_hashes_by_stream(self, stream): @@ -68,8 +68,8 @@ class SqliteInventory(InventoryStorage): def flush(self): with self.lock: # If you use both the inventoryLock and the sqlLock, always use the inventoryLock OUTSIDE of the sqlLock. with SqlBulkExecute() as sql: - for objectHash, value in self._inventory.items(): - sql.execute('INSERT INTO inventory VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)', sqlite3.Binary(objectHash), *value) + for objectHash, (objecttype, streamnumber, payload, expirestime, tag) in self._inventory.items(): + sql.execute('INSERT INTO inventory VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)', sqlite3.Binary(objectHash), objecttype, streamnumber, payload, expirestime, sqlite3.Binary(tag)) self._inventory.clear() def clean(self):

May 16 10:03 [raw]

Wow actually :) Is this on github yet?

May 16 11:40 [raw]

This doesn't work either. In fact when I send a broadcast from my BM address the broadcast count for the network does not increase.

May 16 12:27 [raw]

u must 2 compurters for it to work. or modify src

May 16 12:55 [raw]

No need. One computer, one copy of the software, two homedirs. BITMESSAGE_HOME=/tmp/bmtest01 & # this is client 1 BITMESSAGE_HOME=/tmp/bmtest02 & # this is client 2

May 16 13:21 [raw]

okay so u can easily try out the spamfilter too made in a fork by TORIFIER

May 16 18:18 [raw]


May 16 18:39 [raw]

fork by user "torifier"

May 16 21:54 [raw]

Nice. I'll give that I try.

May 17 06:47 [raw]

>>This doesn't work either You didn't delete the subscription then subscribe again ensuring the "Display the ? recent broadcasts from this address" checkbox is checked. All the patch does is make that checkbox work when you subscribe to yourself.

May 17 10:52 [raw]

OK it turns out I was sending out broadcasts since I just found them on beamstat. It's surprising that beamstat decoded them without originally knowing my address to subscribe to it.

May 17 11:04 [raw]

they say they record every bcast I mean broadcast does not really imply privacy , no ?

May 17 11:18 [raw]

From "To add your own broadcast, simply announce it on any channel listed on BeamStat. It doesn't matter what you write in the announcement, but it is important that you send the announcement from the broadcast address."

May 17 11:42 [raw]

so every b-cast shows up on beamstat , I take it

May 17 12:16 [raw]

Yeah except I didn't officially "announce" anything.

May 17 13:49 [raw]

so we need a chan like "NOT FOR BLOODY BEAMSTAT dont post to find-new-chan"

May 17 19:10 [raw]

no. for some unknown reason some broadcasts do not appear on beamstat.

May 17 19:45 [raw]

we need a simple Tutorial explaing what shit shows on bmstat and what shit does not man OK ?

May 17 22:53 [raw]

Hah. I was right. I created a new address and sent a broadcast from it, nothing on beamstat.

May 17 23:24 [raw]

Probably beamstat is automatically treating every BM address as a broadcast. So if you create a new BM address and only use it for broadcasts they'd never know.

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