Yes it's obvious my BM private keys have been stolen....

Jun 27 15:03

You have no idea how many agencies rooted my machines that are connected to the internet. I prefer not to know how many indeed, it would be depressive. They have been playing with my nervs cyber spying me for 15 years... Don't ask me why I decided to spend time building a secure end-point for bitmessage huhu, I just got enough and decided the bullshit shall stop huhu

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 27 15:08

it's obvius... Not for us.

Jun 27 15:14

They find is so clever and fun to harras crypto-anarchists you know.

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 27 15:25

Some strange persecution complex maybe?

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 27 15:35

or a bad configuration of the services, change the default password and update your software

Jun 27 15:37

Nop. And in my personnal case, those same FEDS who pretend to be the top of morality has stolen one of my patents in 8 countries. It gives them the "right" to harass me digitaly all the time, at best, or to try to compromise or kill me physicaly, at worse That's the way crypto-anarchists are treated. I told you, they just find it fun and moral to user they powers to plunder little inventors patents or to harass crypto-anarchists. Those spies after are just simply mad. They should go in psychiatry, but their "supervisors" seems to envoy all the fuckery they are doing. Money my friend, for money & money, they'd sell their own mother. That's all. Indeed I feel pitty for them, and I hope they are gay and won't have children, because in the world they forged, there is no future for anybody. Dunno if they are conscious they are mentaly hill.

Jun 27 15:57

> And in my personnal case, those same FEDS who pretend to be the top > of morality has stolen one of my patents in 8 countries. I don't understand how an anarchist can complain about patent violations. Patents are a government granted monopoly and wouldn't exist without a government. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 27 16:00

+1 Nailed it!

Jun 27 16:16

Well Peter, I understand your point. But does it mean that by being anarchist you have not the right to be an inventor and to use the current rules the government created ? Does being an anarchist means you have currently no rights ? For your information Peter, this patent may be worth 1 billion dollar. It was deposited in 2001. Every time a parcel gets out of Amazon, for example, through the national postal parcel network of 8 countries, they use illegaly my patent. For your information, There was a time I was not anarchist, and I was thinking the system was working and that rules were respected. I changed of opinion. They simply destroyed my life and the life of my family with this patent case. And still for your information, in the year 2004, I tried to give for free this patent to Emmaus France and AIDES in France, conscious of its value, because I was fed up of persecutions against me. Those same spies threatened of death guys from those two ONG not to let me give them the patent. Here we are... Then don't be surprised why I turned Anarchist. I am now fully opposed to patents. And as you can see, I gave the trick to fix TOR anonymity regarding the fingerprinting family identification without depositing a new patent for the bit message secure station. Kind regards, Stman.

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 27 19:37

snotgobbler poppycock.

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 27 19:39

A messianic complex coupled with delusions of holy buggery.

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 27 19:41

What is the patent country and registration number?

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 30 08:49

Not necessarily. You have the right to enter or not enter into contracts with ppl for the work you do.

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 30 08:52

You have no rights. Rights is an illusion.

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 30 08:55


[chan] bitmessage
Jun 30 08:55

don't dox the poor guy

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 30 09:58

> Patents are a government granted monopoly and wouldn't exist without a government. You wouldn't exist without a government either. The turks and moors would have raped your grandmother to death 1400 years ago if it hadn't been for the government. The libertarian idea that we can exist without government is pure pipe puff. The government exists to protect people from a few things: hordes thieves robbers the market The market, unchecked, simply purchases a horde then uses the purchased horde to establish itself as a government. If a government based on law does not establish a police force then the rich men will establish a police force. We know where that leads. Remember ye the Pinkertons? How they machine gunned unionized protestors? Remember when the big coal kingpins murdered lots of coal miners? That was the free market at work. That was pure libertarianism. The idea of the market regulating everything is pure tyranny. If law is not sovereign then money will be. Is that the world you want? For you to take another man's invention and profit from it without supporting the creator has a word: theft. It's theft whether we have patent laws or not. The problem with patent laws is not their existence. The problem is that the market controls the enforcement; whereas the government abdicates to the market of big players with big money, who prey on the little players. The market is the enemy of humanity. Unchecked commerce produces oligarchies and Pinkerton massacres.

[chan] bitmessage
Jun 30 10:02

The problem with patents is their very basis. By our current patent laws, granted I was living under a stone for some years, I could think up a concept I legit haven't ever heard of before, flesh it out and put it to work using my own resources, and still being sued to hell and back, because apparently I stole an idea that belonged to another person, without ever having heard this idea or the person ever before. And given the hilarious amount of patents and also the hilarity of some patents themselves, this is not too unlikely.

Jun 30 12:05

Which has nothing to do with patents, as those apply to people who you don't have a contract with. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 08:46

A perception of paranoia delusions by some is always amusing. Good to be light-hearted about it in general discussion. Sadly it is a necessary survival condition: When they actually ARE out to getcha. Even less funny being on the receiving end, then. Funny becomes Dangerous when: Real mental disorders and life quality reductions result in people pushed over the edge: by fascist wolves wearing the sheepskin camoflage provided in a liberal democracy. Offset that by Vigilance. And DOING something, politically, with others. To effect change. Without Fear of persecution. Fight back when it happens. Go away and read about the GW Bush TIA programme (start with wikipedia) And convenient "lone wolf" extensions to opaque National Security legislation that permit the open hacking and persecution of privacy network users. That has be eliminated at source, anf then in other Nations that copied it. Or maybe extended it for their own political power consolidation.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 08:52

Can you really still call it paranoia at this point, though? After history has told us that goverments are willing without a doubt to spy on their citizens? After Snowden and others showed us that NSA and others actually keep exploits in software or help them put there (DUAL_EC_PRNG) to be able to access any system anytime? After leaks contained a bunch of software for this exact purpose? After Some goverments actively experiment with writing their own virii for this exact purpose (Bundestrojaner #Germany)? At this point, I'd rather think it's naive to assume that your machines aren't hijacked, or atleast hijack-able.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 09:19

You guys are talking about hiding the deck chairs on the titanic so thieves won't steal them. Repent and seek the Son of God. Realize your need to be cleansed of lawlessness within yourself.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 09:20

The son of what now?

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 09:49

A former Psych Nurse partner of mine in charge of some of the most dangerous patients used to be superb at mimicking the behaviours for training staff. One of the saddest Tells is religious fervour / mania and compulsions to convert others to their cause.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 09:53

The Son of God and God incarnate. God came to us in the form of his own son clothed in flesh. He allowed himself to be killed, and took the punishment for our rebellion against His righteousness. If we confess we are lawless and ask him to forgive that lawlessness, in the Name of Jesus Christ, he will forgive all who ask. Those who believe in him will be immediately raised up to his presence upon death, then will eventually receive an immortal body. Those who reject him will go into the metaphorical lake of fire, and be burned up, no longer existing. Oblivion.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 09:59

Oooooh, you mean your imaginary friend that you share with a shitton of people. Right. Also, you confuse "lawlessness" with "insisting that goverments abide to their own laws". How can we have our law-given right to privacy and private communication if we can be sure that everything we use effectively rats us out to spy agencies?

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 09:59

Occams Razor suggests to me that you urgently need to check your Meds. And disregard any voices / compulsions to NOT take them as a warning sign

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 10:12

It will be a short time in hellfire before the lights go out for you permanently.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 10:12

When god sends armies to invade your nation and slit your throat, you will remember that you mocked him, and that if you cry to him then, he won't hear you. You think you are safe. You'll learn the hard way, arrogant infidel. It is righteousness that saves a people. Not politics. Not computers. Righteousness. You have wicked anti-christs running your government. Ever do you wonder why?

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 10:15

"when god sends[...]". Sure, let him do that. That'd be the first time HE actually did anything, not just people claiming they are doing something for him. ISIS also claims they are doing it in their god's name. Please, get help, you direly need it.

Jul 1 11:14

I had enough of some trolls here, and I was thinking about destroying another sex toy and transforming it into a condom, my favorit sport. If everything goes right, the feds, very angry, should be after the trolls, because it's the trolls who provocated me to destroying a new sex toyz as a revenge. #think about the consequences, troll. Can you handle it ?

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 14:54

Better than living a lie my entire life, believing I'm doing good by telling people they'll go to an imaginary place when they die, if they refuse to share my imaginary friend.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 1 16:05

We're already in that "imaginary" place. It's called the Kingdom of God and it is here on this earth, not just in heaven. It's a present reality that only the redeemed can see.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 4 22:20

Bill Nye is your messiah.. He's a queer Jew, but I repeat myself.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 29 00:40

I like nurses with religious mania.

[chan] bitmessage
Jul 29 19:50

A Blast for the Past ( both chan message ans person) Lovely Twist of interpretation there. Nets, Cuckoo, Flight::One

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