suggestion : "private DML"

Jan 13 12:39 [raw]

"creator of the private DML" and D like "distributed" are mutually exclusive. calling this a true DML is false advertising. ______________ It would be interesting to have "private DML" where new folks wishing to have access to the private DML should first send a request to all current members, that would vote, exactly the same way a multi-signature wallet does, to allow or not a new participant to the private DML. Same thing to exclude a member (A troll) from the private DML. This means managing a kind of multi-signature thing, dynamically, where the "creator of the private DML" just chose the name of his chan, and the threshold of members necessary to approve / eject member from the list : For example, one could chose a ratio of 2/3 of the member to accept a new member, and a ratio of 3/4 to exclude one. These things would be attached to the chan and could not be modified later on.

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