Using same BM on several installations

Jun 28 09:55 [raw]

Are any problems expected if I try using the same BM(s) on several Bitmessage installations at the same time? (didn't tried that yet - will try in a few hours).

Jun 28 10:40 [raw]

Do you mean you copy all or part of keys.dat to each the several PyBitmessage installations?

Jun 28 10:40 [raw]

If you mean the same keys or addresses - there should be no problems. All running instances should receive the same messages if they have the same keys. Does this answer your question?

Jun 28 11:32 [raw]

There are indirect issues like duplicate pubkey objects, which can be used to detect that you run multiple instances, and can cause problems if you have different settings (difficulty, bitfields). In the future when forward secrecy is available, duplicate addresses won't work correctly anymore. Other than that, it should be ok (I did it myself for a long time), but for future I recommend using some different approach. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

Jun 28 14:28 [raw]

Aye, that does - thanks!

Jun 28 14:44 [raw]

Part (several accts data).

Jun 28 15:00 [raw]

Thanks, Peter. First I thought to use same config file shared o'er net (say, via something like Dropbox). But if running several instances with several duplicated BMs accounts won't work, there's problem. I can turn some of BMs into mailing lists and subscribe my other instance's BMs to them, to get the same incoming mail, but that won't work with sending. Is it possible, by protocol design, to assign several key pairs to the same BM address? That could be a solution. Difficulty and other settings are the same over all the instacne I run.

Jun 28 23:25 [raw]

You can use whatever keys you want with whatever peers you want to run - all, part, one, two, it does not matter. Each peer will decrypt the messages for which that peer has keys.

Jun 29 00:34 [raw]

As Peter says, there is some problems. One of them is public key object duplication. When someone send a message to you, he first query your public key object in object pool. If it is found, it will be used. It is cached for 28 days. If it is not found, his node send getpubkey object to the network, and your node will automatically reply to it sending newly created pubkey object. If you run multiple PyBitmessage instances using identical keys.dat definition, each instance replys. So they emit multiple pubkey objects to the network, and that reveals the number of your running PyBitmessage instances. Note that the pubkey objects your nodes create may be all distinct since objects has expireTime attribute, in addition to that, pubkey object has random expireTime component. If you manage multiple addresses and run multiple identical nodes, some information that all your addresses are managed by same person may be leaked by using the number of running node instances. Setting lastpubkeysendtime in keys.dat to far future for all but one instance may mitigate this problem, but I'm not sure that.

Jun 29 01:20 [raw]

Looks like the only viable way is to allow a BM account using several key pairs (the syntax can be simple: list them all in keys.dat, but advertise only the first listed pair - that way, no duplicate public keys, but still BM will be able to decrypt its messages). Other means, like using email gateways, all have their own drawbacks (e.g., I see no obvious way to send message from regular BM account to one, the latter seems to never emit its public key.

Jul 1 11:41 [raw]

Note that there is a way to do this on stormcloud's network. I'd be prepared to transfer this to BM once I'm funded for a major project elsewhere in my team's research. There is also a method for an updated form of chans, but this would involve a protocol rewrite to include the new cryptosystem. Basically you are looking at having a group of key pairs, with the mailing list having a master key pair. For the chans you are looking at a master key pair, subscriber key pair, and client based filter of the purely number spam (number stations become optional to view). There would possibly be another option for private chans, so that moderators approve people to join the subscriber list. For both a personal mailing list, and a private chan, so long as you control the master key pair; you run the list or moderate the chan. Then there is the possiblity of sync via the new infohash I'm trialling for stormcloud. Effectively that allows for a torrent like distribution of archives of open chans at regular periods. However, that is going to wait until I acquire a sufficently powerful machine to test the infohash prototype. I hope to find out sometime this season about the funding for the major project. Hopefully this makes some sense. Andrew McPherson. Stormcloud Developer. Cryptography Architect.

Jul 1 13:22 [raw]

what is stormcloud? i searched the web and turned up nothing. how to find?

Jul 2 07:15 [raw]

"McPherson" has been asked this question several times and has never answered it.

Jul 2 18:04 [raw]

Perhaps there is no stormcloud network. Many post pie-in-the sky ideas here without producing any code.

Jul 4 11:31 [raw]

Ah yeah, I've been having issues with my server since the broadband upgrade. May have to sort that out yet again this week. I've got a feeling that it might be yet another thing they mucked up apart from the landline. I guess I could get it sorted out after the formula one race. Stormcloud is basically a customised 4th generation blockchain, designed to handle cryptocurrency incentives for sharing on the new infohash. Scaling issues with blockchains were solved in generation 3 last year, post quantum cryptography is solved in generation 4 this year. Some parts were designed to fit in with an intended ICO that never cleared the local red-tape last year, however I personally don't intend to do an ICO so long as the main project is funded. I'm hopeful that the infohash should match the projected design features for the filesharing. Specifically, this should have an effect of reducing overall network overhead while increasing capacity to share. I guess I'll be working on my server fix in an hours time, as it would seem I need to restructure a few things. If you need further info as a background, it used to be the wishlist for the pirates social network. However, I have since taken it back to my organisation due to clear disinterest in technical progress. You could say I'm doing what Kim Dotcom claims to be able to do, but hasn't got the ability to do so.

Jul 4 11:47 [raw]

What a load of bullshit.

Jul 4 11:53 [raw]

It may not be bullshit, however he didn't provide a link to any information about Stormcloud.

Jul 4 12:38 [raw]

Is this your Stormcloud?

Jul 4 12:52 [raw]

As it is, I am still trying to sort many issues since the broadband upgrade, including the secondary domain names and the email. This is on the to do list along with sorting out the landline again, and a couple of personal celebrations next week. I have previously been approached to work on a few ICOs, but none have been prepared to pay for unique research I've done. Once my major research in chemistry is funded, there should be little issue with release of technical details of stormcloud. Until I am funded though, stormcloud network has to remain a backup business plan. However it is difficult to discuss, as there are several layers of cutting edge research which are complicated to discuss. I have encountered several lecturers and post doc peers who don't understand my research enough to comment meaningfully on it.

Jul 4 12:59 [raw]

Perhaps you are the NSA agent listening on my electronic communications ? Perhaps you are the agent who is trying to sell my ideas to Palantir ?

Jul 4 13:43 [raw]

Requests for links and info have been made, and ignored, over a period of weeks. Why?

Jul 4 14:29 [raw]

As said, the server has some issues since the broadband upgrade. The link is dead to the outside world until the server is sorted. Provide a link before the server is sorted, and some idiot from five eyes will start a series of troll claims.

Jul 4 14:29 [raw]

If you can, do. If you can't, be an armchair critic.

Jul 4 17:04 [raw]

> "As it is, I am still trying to sort many issues since the broadband upgrade, including the secondary domain names and the email. This is on the to do list along with sorting out the landline again, and a couple of personal celebrations next week." Translation: I'm trying to sound too busy to bother with giving any evidence that my bullshit has substance. > "I have previously been approached to work on a few ICOs, but none have been prepared to pay for unique research I've done." Translation: My work (which nobody can see, mind you) - my work is so preccocious that unnamed rich people are approaching me to work on their business model, but they're not willing to pay me what I'm worth, so great is my (unverifiable) work. > "Until I am funded though, stormcloud network has to remain a backup business plan." Translation: people have offered to fund me, but I reject their funding, because my (unverifiable) work is just too good. If you were as much a genius as I am, you'd understand. > "However it is difficult to discuss, as there are several layers of cutting edge research which are complicated to discuss." Translation: y'all too stoopid to understand my wonderful, fictitious project. > "I have encountered several lecturers and post doc peers who don't understand my research enough to comment meaningfully on it." Translation: even people with PhDs are too stupid to understand my wonderful, fictitious project. Alternate translation: Muh post doc peers can't comment on my nonexistent project because it doesn't exist.

Jul 4 17:05 [raw]

Yep, you saw a space station. It was flying overhead to steal your secrets.

Jul 15 02:31 [raw]

I have not been here for 10 days since that covers my birthday, a relatives birthday, and multiple visits to family. I did try get the website issue sorted on the server, however it is stuck behind the ddns certificate not matching the server. As that results in normal browsers raising an alert to not procede, I have decided to work on an alternative. I am now a matter of hours from having a replacement for certificate security ready. This is currently undergoing formal layout on my documents today. The implementation will be done from next month after I upgrade my laptop. The website and email issue will be resolved once I have a nas for it. Other than that, I have some things to do this month which will be a bit of effort more than my research. I am sorry if my social life offline has been an inconvienence to you. Regards, Andrew McPherson. Cryptography Architect.

Jul 15 02:40 [raw]

Alternatively, I've worked out a holographic matrix that is calculated spatially in 3 dimensions, and it gives people headaches when they step the operations in 4D space-time. Also, the people who claimed they were rich investors didn't have any money, so they wasted my time. Finally, the main project is of global significance and will be discussed in the news once it is funded to the amount I am asking for. As this is a matter where some ignorant political debate of the type you would see on Faux news would rather do nothing positive, it is not for discussion until it is a fait-accomplis. Furthermore, I am awaiting news of the corporate investor finishing a restructure before I may proceed that project to that path, or an alternative investor.

Jul 15 03:57 [raw]

Is this one of Stman's sock puppets?

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