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Nov 7 03:43 [raw]

Figure out a way to charge 2 satoshi or x satoshi or milisatoshi per msg sent use LN network or whatever.

Nov 7 04:22 [raw]

Wouldn't this lead to reduced participation (smaller anon set) and out-of-band de-anonymization at the same time?

Nov 7 07:28 [raw]

Maybe but as bitcoin shows us the only way to rid yourself of bad behavior is via GAME THEORY incentives.

Nov 7 07:53 [raw]

I don't have any bitcoins. And neither have 99% of the users on here.

Nov 7 11:35 [raw]

I guess that makes me a one-percenter.

Nov 7 12:44 [raw]

I gave up trying to mine bitcoins years ago. I found that it was more profitable to walk along the street picking up lost coins from the gutter.

Nov 8 16:15 [raw]

Find enough pennies to by a lambo yet?

Nov 8 23:36 [raw]

I mined all my BTC back when you could run a $130 graphics card and get 0.12 BTC/day. Let's just say I have the proverbial "fuck-load".

Nov 9 01:18 [raw]

The four-letter declaration of independence :)

Nov 9 05:23 [raw]

hodl ?

Nov 9 07:59 [raw]

All my hardware that can mine bitcoin is not economically viable for me, unless I can find a source of free electricity. To be clear, it costs me $100 in electricity to mine 1 cent's worth of bitcoins!

Nov 9 11:48 [raw]

Every mining is good if you are free energy. Wind, solar, gravity etc.

Nov 9 12:10 [raw]

Yup still "hodling" it all. Sadly it's not $1M yet but I'll wait.

Nov 9 13:27 [raw]

I've got 0.5 BTC stored safely in a paper wallet. I'd really like to sell it, but I'm too afraid of being scammed.

Nov 9 13:46 [raw]

BTC are stored in blockchain. You stored only private key in a paper wallet.

Nov 9 14:57 [raw]

Yes, even Granny Smith knows that. I'd really like to sell my private key, but I'm too afraid of being scammed.

Nov 9 19:58 [raw]

That's basically what proof-of-work is supposed to do. Is there a way to make a chan that requires a higher PoW? Also, maybe use an FPGA/ASCI-resistant PoW algorithm, like monero does.

Nov 10 03:56 [raw]

BTC is a scam

Nov 10 07:42 [raw]

And what is your evidence and proof that BTC is a scam?

Nov 11 02:02 [raw]

how many investors have lost their life savings? hundreds of millions and counting the entire crypto-currency scene is a scam

Nov 11 02:57 [raw]

lol. investing is a scam not what you invest in

Nov 11 08:36 [raw]

Dude, that's wrong in so many ways. Bitcoin is the gold standard of financial networking by any conceivable metric. No other system comes even close. Yes, given a powerful tool, inevitably some people will shoot themselves in the foot or worse. But this speaks more about those people than about the tool. More credit card users back in the 90's and early 2000's have lost their life savings than Bitcoin users ever will. Welcome to the human race, where not all are created equal. Oh wait, you said "investors". Well, investment is by definition a high-risk activity. It's a negative-sum game in which many must lose so some can win. Bitcoin doesn't make this any different - OK, maybe it makes it EASIER and FASTER, but that's a feature not a bug. Some people have trouble understanding the difference between being ABLE (as in "not forbidden by a random act of authority") to engage in cryptocurrency speculation, and being actually COMPETENT enough to win against some of the greatest players in the world. These people would never consider challenging a boxing champion in the ring, yet they somehow believe they stand the slightest chance on the cryptomarkets. Of course they get annihilated like they would anywhere else. You can't lose by using Bitcoin as designed: "A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution". Use it to get paid, pay others, trade with friends, buy stuff, and do all of this seamlessly irrespective of national borders, political whims or other third-party interference. Leave the "investment" thing to the noobs, we know how that ends.

Nov 11 11:56 [raw]

> Dude, that's wrong in so many ways. Bitcoin is the gold standard of financial networking by any conceivable metric. No other system comes even close. Calling Bullshit: Data Reasoning in a Digital World Logistics Course: INFO 270 / BIOL 270. University of Washington To be offered: Autumn Quarter 2018 Credit: 3 credits, graded Enrollment: 165 students Instructors: Carl T. Bergstrom and Jevin West Synopsis: Our world is saturated with bullshit. Learn to detect and defuse it.

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