idea: make maintennace of whitelist easier

Sep 22 08:26 [raw]

would be kinda nice if s.o. could just post his whitellist and BM had a lil diff preocedure to verify that only 2 addr were added to a list of say 15 so forged lists can be spotted easily ... but maybe this is a waste of devel effort altogether. cant be too difficult though, can easily be integrated with spamfilter by torifier

Sep 22 08:34 [raw]

torifier is an arsehole who threatened legal action to prevent his spamfilter being added to the bitmessage source code.

Sep 22 09:11 [raw]

torifier wrote explicitly that he just copied the code from s.o. else who posted his stuff on BM the original weirdo never made an effort to properly publish his stuff, he sounded very pissed off

Sep 22 09:11 [raw]

bullshit torifier just copied the code including its license from some weirdo french dude since no one else made it available u might just violate the license and leave out the threat bullshit or do a clean room redesign LOL

Sep 22 09:53 [raw]

Well, in any case, I clearly remember that there were legal threats to sue Peter the developer if he dared to add the spamfilter code to the bitmessage source code. I don't know for sure who made the threats, but they were definitely made by someone.

Sep 22 11:47 [raw]

yeah the original coder of the underlying BM-API client put in his license a clause saying P Surda is forbidden from using his code ever and he would sue him if he caught perter personally doing it, but everyone else was free to use his code its kinda a bullshit license but his py code was working well

Sep 23 06:36 [raw]

I was browsing through torifier's code on Github, and found this: line 167 and lines 6-8 so the legal threats are actually written into the torifier software code.

Sep 23 06:36 [raw]

# I, the author of this software and the sole copyright holder, hereby grant everyone my permission to use this software with the following stipulations: # 1. Peter Surda from Slovakia (of Grosslingova high school, Bratislava, Slovakia) is not permitted to use my software in any way, shape or form, otherwise he commits a criminal offense and I shall file a criminal complaint against his person with the Police of both Slovakia and Austria where Surda is known to be hiding. # 2. This license notice and especially the explicit exclusion of Peter Surda from any possible use of my software may not be removed from my software source code.

Sep 23 08:10 [raw]

Does that mean the "wah wah, torifier code should've been integrated into BitMessage long ago" crowd can finally shut the fuck up?

Sep 23 08:20 [raw]

No. Peter ought to put the torifier code into bitmessage anyway, and call the bluff of the person making the legal threats.

Sep 23 21:53 [raw]

u can do a cleanroom redesign of the code in a few hours max. with a standard MIT license or sth.

Sep 23 23:32 [raw]

dude just reformat the shit a bit , rename some vars and remove the fucking licence. done.

Sep 23 23:35 [raw]

yeah ! 30 minutes, you've got a great fucking API client...

Sep 23 23:36 [raw]

... guarantueed to work ! letz do it

Sep 26 13:08 [raw]

Why was the torrifier person so contentious toward Peter Surda?

Sep 26 13:08 [raw]

why he do that?

Sep 26 14:03 [raw]

dude torifier himself just wanted to put out the code for everyones use torifier did not like the license but included it anyway since that was the legal thing to do

Sep 26 14:04 [raw]

not torifier but the original anon author threatened PS

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