Star Wars

May 12 17:24 [raw]

I am sharing a project that I have been working on for years to gather all of the digital elements of the Star Wars universe. This includes the obvious movies, comics, music, and TV shows, but also includes trailers, posters, fan edits, articles, interviews, magazines, video games, and fan contributions including podcasts, films, and fiction. There are thousands of files and terabytes of data involved. I have been working on this for decades and have gathered items from all over and will never be able to gather it and catagorize it without some help. I will be publishing a torrent soon with the 500 files and 30 gb for just "A New Hope" and will probably share the entire archive via Syncthing so people can stay current. This may not be the ideal forum for this, but I want to stay anon. If you wish to talk, help, criticize, or whatever then just send me a message on the channel or me personally. Star Wars digital preservation project at channel GrafArchive (BM-2cUM94Pq2jriryDt87Z3aTJL77Wg6Q1FBm) My personal is BM-2cVTWmArYfjdMKq9hssEUi55Xf7G4PYSb9

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