Helios is the god worshipped by astro-physicists

Sep 24 07:02 [raw]

*NOTE to all flat-earthers -- RE: Unsolicited Assault Against The Flat-Earth Community -- All of the Sodomite-loving little monkey-men who skulk around YouTube trolling the flat-earth comment pages have most-obviously failed to consider just precisely WHO "educated" them, and to what end, so they puff their chests out like the "proud parrots" they are, and go round acting as though they possess "REAL KNOWLEDGE"... so that when we, the good people of the flat-earth community begin questioning among ourselves these various asinine "THEORIES" in which THEY simply BELIEVE, just remember that their fever-pitched retorts are solely based upon absolutely NOTHING MORE than their "rote memorization" of the "Helios" (their sun-god) sun-cult inspired indoctrination into that which the Vatican/Jesuit/free-masonic/Zionist/NASA/NWO-Luciferian doctrine has achieved via its Pavlovian-induced manipulation of the servomechanism that controls this legion of seriously-unconscious drones, and which in turn causes said drones to reflexively regurgitate their sun-cult-indoctrinated responses in defense of such "heliocentric" absurdities, e.g. -- "there's this magical-and-all-powerful-but-unproven "farce" called "GRAVITY," that is sooooooooo strong that it holds all the "whirled's" oceans to the exterior of a 1,000-mph spinning ball, but yet weak enough to allow butterflies to effortlessly flutter about with the utmost of ease!" -- while they and all the other weak-minded NWO minions automatically and immediately fall into the servile ranks of oppressors (i.e., absolutely NO ONE has invited nor wants them here), by way of inflicting upon the rest of us their futile efforts at desperately and viciously defending their frail egos, and are therefor irrationally compelled by their psychotic attempts at silencing and suppressing anyone and everyone around them who has broken free from such mental slavery, because they have LITERALLY hung the sun, moon and stars, not to mention their "all-important" REPUTATIONS, on such absolutely-ridiculous absurdities... so, ladies and gentlemen, if you don't mind me saying -- WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONIC LOSERS THEY ARE! Therefore, my humble advice to all you good, loving-and-generous men, women and children of the flat-earth community is -- for the sake of all concerned, please, become VERY selective to whom you respond, thereby saving your pearls of wisdom for those who are most deserving, while at the same time discouraging the aforementioned blight that has come upon us! Sincerely, your friend and neighbor ~ Chas. P.S. -- The above scenario can best be illustrated by the enlightened Chinese Zen master -- Lao Tzu, who wrote (in his book "The Secret Of The Golden Flower") before he died -- "There are four kinds of people -- (1) those who know, but don't know that they know... awaken them (that WAS us, and we HAVE awakened!); (2) those who don't know, and know that they don't know... teach them; (3) those who know, and know that they know... follow them; and, (4) those who don't know, but don't know that they don't know... avoid them (and we all know who they are... i.e. -- "globe-terds")." -- Lao Tzu´╗┐

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