the dirty jews occupying palestine to rape, plunder and exploit the world and the area...

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Aug 9 14:02 [raw]

I hate them, see how they film those mini toys rockets? and when they use little munition on the people of gaza? for them it's like bowling, they don't see humans, only them are humans... I think that 200 100kt mini nukes dispersed over israel would calm them a little before the second wave of 20k 100ktn... ohh yes... we are making a "chanel" to the dead sea... Israel should be treated like a golf course, aka a partice and reconciliation terrain for the shia and sunni faction... 100 shia rocket... time for the sunnis to raise... whaaaooo... your turn, please... and on and on until the scaling is done and no children worldwide is threaten by those filthy parasitic pedophile jewish supremacists. ohhhh btw their goal in bringing only the filth from the muslims world, yes they are still rapists in the muslims world, was done intentionnally to western nations for various reason : 1. to hide their own crimes, so that when the jew and their servants and slaves rape and kill children in little st. james, they can hide those death in the background noise. 2. to make all muslims appears as savage raping etc. 3. to destroy the non jewish justice system, they seek to impose their servants and slaves, for them to have the impunity and for us to lose hope in a consensual solution. and I am sure there are many more, but I am equally sure that none is benefiting others than their own tribe.... supremacists pedo jews... they always seek to expand their covert regime, because making part of it fight each other isn't enough for them to stay hidden... maybe it goes like this in the real american native tribes... what is the great spirit doing to the white men? maybe taking revenge for what was done to us... and all of that to be taken over by jews... the so called chosen people of god... what they are saying to thunder beaver is that him, all his family, ancestors and other tribes are shit, not even human, just good to provide girls for the jew to rape... or organ harvest depending of what their elders need... the real jew behind their fancy words, clothes or what ever scientifical discovery they may use to deceit... but nothing changed. They are themselves very attach to it... they would kill the christ again... and they are even really proud of it and consider it their heritage and personal pride... so from there, raping children before sacrificing them in burn pit in private island is quite mundane.

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Aug 9 16:54 [raw]

"... for what judgement ye measure out shall be meted back to you again ..." "... if you sow to the wind, you will reap the whirlwind ..." The Jews will reap what they have sown. God will not be mocked.

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Aug 9 18:27 [raw]

no one has ever succeded in fighting the tao...

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