I really don't get this war on drug...

Nov 4 22:36 [raw]

what annoys me, is that it create disturbances in the pan american trade complex. it generate hostilities toward plants who could too easily grow in the northern hemisphere (I guess, there is a place "like" mirroring). And what really shocks me, is that I am not speaking of some chemical compound discovered using lot of things, but coca leaves... I mean... the extract... it would be like taking raw theophylline... and declararing a war on tea. no one forces anyone to drink tea. want to make an age limit for children? But who is too young to drive a skydoo? or old enough to decide it's time snow? that's just it... so much ressources liberated for way for purposeful endaevor. the pax panamaericana first? and would jesus said about those shewers or sniffers or what not? war? and the founders of america? I mean aren't they grown up enough? a king for a nanny state? what did they say, wrote and fought for? you have seen mud huts? you have not seen america unleashed... and they try.... prohibition of that... and that... and then that... it's not serious. i don't see how someone chewing coca leaves (or what ever non threatened plants for the matter) is matter of public policy or law and order. specially as I don't believe that the chewing is the cause of others problems that those individuals may cause... ie I am against victim mentality (tm), mendiencity culture, and restricting others liberty as their time on earth is unknown... Personnally I am proud of a civilization that is so peaceful, free safe and secure that it's possible for the militarly comoditization of opiod (it's an old pain killer and long sleep providers, apparently) because ultimately I am big believer in taste and the resulting boringness and ultimate reduction of the field of experience that any non natural life generate. However, I still believe that the best way to handle such a spread is not through a repressive or what ever, but simply a factual analysis adapted and digestible by the interested prospects. is the safety of the whombs simply an illusion or a reality? A reality because any breaches men death. and as such those false beliefs resulting in... you better see than me. in a sense it's an absence of fear, why shall I fear people using on themselves plants of the creation? they will not turn in to gods :) :D, or demons, I mean it's just fucking plants, and if they don't die from it, they may be mostly fine... I mean it's giant salad, diplodocus eat all. all. but don't worry they are many trexes and those small vermins, they can eat everything left over... if there is a pound, and there are coca plants around, and they lose leaves who go in the pound, do the fish swim faster? it's ridiculous... and without this drug war? can you imagine this world? please don't immediatly succumb to hordes of pedophile zombies on Captagon rampaging and roaming at the full moon looking for plundering, rampage and chaos... think more pan american liberty... exchange, trade prosperity... i mean if it is easy to move coca leaves and extract up and south, jalapendos too... and it's just the beginning. and this is why the insecurity climate that the law enforcement generate in the drug trade permits and allows if not even disguise terrible environemental crimes profiting large mega corps specialized in certain specific fields, saldy, coca, as spread... the spread. I guess, there was a lot of tiredness in the empire, and that's why it was such a hit, and rather than take over violently the trade ala bitmain, and lower the cost to make it cheap and vulgar another path won, with all it's past consequences. tread lightly on plants, agreed the trex and the diplodocus... and don't shade too much... there are a lot of saurians nearby... for the little mamals, it was "just" giant chickuns ! it would be so f cool to solve that transition in just peace for an intergal pan american peace, aka the old native dream :), I guess, among many... step by step :). inch by inch, leaf by leaf. cell by cell, dust by dust to dust :).

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