many people say that jew have high iq...

Aug 9 17:02 [raw]

just lol... why were they all bailed out and used this money to hide their pedo rape islands? to feed their servants and slaves and worst stupid enough to be exposed in their covert war again the people liberation armies of china, it's millenial state security apparatus and as stupid declare war to the mighty polar bears... those fucking pedo jewo supremacists and their slaves and servants will not understand what will hit them... ahhh and be engaged in the treason of the prophet of islam (pbuh) before the split, meaning against Both... is quite interesting, for high iqs ... dumb as shit.

Aug 9 17:15 [raw]

ahhh and I forget the mightly peaceful (for now) imperial catholic church... the shadows of the vatican is wide... and older than most nations or language on earth... they hate the christ so much, they try to associate his words to a jewish book... what a shame. he said something like this, before me there is nothing and only through me from now on... aka the conversion of the roman world, but still, as if what predate was gone... they call themselves protestants? they just wanted to lent at interests, the rest is raw pure bullshit to cover and cloak their alliances... and that explain their obsession with what is sometime called the old testament... one sec... this is what a basic query returns : Which Old Testament Book Did Jesus Quote Most? - Biblia blog as you see the pedo jewo supremacists have skweed the result... because the aglo know what I asked... it was which are the scripture about the split and the end for those followers of the legacy of their forefathers (rape, sacrifices, interdiction, rabbi rules etc)? I guess someone has them... anyway what would 孔子 say on those issues?... hmmmm.... that fighting the pedo jewo supramacists worldwide is among the highest military issues of the people republic of china... a sovereign state not ruled by the pedo jewo supremacists facists... I think we understand what the texan want for his masters... he hope to get scraps... chill mode... breathing... no worry... but safety. it's gonna be fun where their "militias" will discover pla... but first, the rest. all of china vs jewhatan... I guess 孫子, would say it's a fair fight :), at least as we see it.... ahahahha.

Aug 9 17:35 [raw]

The Liberated People of China with the leadership of the Xi admin building on the work of all previous admins will defeat the pedo jewo supracist regime, its servants and slaves. I think it should be extra violent, to teach all other nation and tribes of the known world for at least the next thousand of years what happen when something mess with the People of China and its protectors... panda is strong but panda is wise, he knows... poor jews, they try to destroy icbc... among others... it's ALL cities, town and houses of China... I told you so... and some eat in 2000 years old procelaine... Ignorance will cost the enemies of the people of china so much.... just the affront, the injute the total lack of any trace of intelligence, an arrogance... anyway... let's wait the final scoring. :). a little shout up to the invisible cleaning crews of the forbidden city... and all the others... and question timing... ahaha... /serioussness following the japanese incidents... I think a moment of silence, so that it shall never again, who ever they are. the fighting spirit of an united china... doomed those who didn't understood and always are. to use an american slang expression, they seek suicide by china... collective and massively... as if it changed something... poor noobs.

Aug 9 18:09 [raw]

maybe it comes from having successfully raped europe in world war having raped russia two times with the second being a quick exit and the entire non jew people of the world, to the point most have so called stockholm syndrome... ahh those pharaonic priests are skilled... will see how much, but i don't think wort the she fus of china... it's madness... or an excess of cocaine... who knows.... but the pedo jewo supremacists regime slave and servants are fucked. the total doom...

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